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I Do; Now Get Into The Ring
by Mark Bradley
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I Do, Now Get Into The Ring

Marriage; by any definition in any dictionary printed outside of New York and California, is the union of a man and a woman. Did you catch that? If not, I’ll break it down scientifically for you. “A”, meaning one. “Man”, meaning a gender designation given to those who possess the reproductive capabilities required for fertilization of an egg. “And”, meaning that the previously mentioned individual will be joined to and by another. “A”, again meaning only one. “Woman”, meaning a gender designation given to those who possess the reproductive capabilities required for carrying and giving birth to a live child and nourish the child for the first few months of the child’s existence.”
Any questions? Good. I knew I had a smart bunch in class today. Now, let me tell you what that definition does not include. It does not include the union of two people that possess the same reproductive capabilities. It does not include more than one of each gender designation to be included in the union. It does not include anyone that has altered their “look” to try and become the opposite of the gender designation that they were born.
The definition of marriage is narrow for a reason. It is based on what has been ordained by God Himself. When God snapped His fingers and caused the Earth and all that resides on it to come into existence, He said it was Good. But, when it came time to make Man, God created. It is a different word in the Bible for a reason. It means He took a little more time into how we were designed. He used the clay from the Earth to design the frame and breathed from His nostrils to give us life. We were created by design, in His image, for a specific purpose. We were created with abilities that were not given to any other creature on this world. We were created with a soul and a consciousness that was not given to any other creation.
Now, when it came time to create Woman, God did not start from scratch as He did with Man. He started with a rib from the Man and formed Woman from it. Why? Did He need a head start? Was He tired and didn’t feel like starting all over? No, I don’t think so. This was done to show that we are incomplete without each other. We are joined in Marriage, which is where we get the Phrase “two shall become one.” Man is not complete until he has “the” woman. Ask any doctor how many ribs you have. I don’t think that we started out with only thirty-three. I think we started out with an even number, but maybe that is just the symmetry of my brain.
Now, what else do we see? Well, we see that it started out as Adam and Eve; not Adam and Steve or Amy and Eve. Get the point? The plan since creation has been one man and one woman. No homosexuals. No lesbians. No divorce. No open marriage. No swinging from both sides of the plate. In this game, you either hit from the right side of the plate or the left. If you try to hit from the other side, you are out. Yes, I have a very narrow view of this subject. You’ll find that I have a very narrow view of a few other things, as well. You know what? God sees things very narrowly. “Wide is the gate and broad is the way that leads to destruction.”
I bring this up to prepare you. Marriage is under attack like no other time in our lives. It seems that not only do we need to guard our selves and constantly work on our relationship. We must now guard ourselves from the world’s ideas concerning how many and what kind of people get to be married. There are actually people who will tell you that it is natural for a man to want another man, or a woman to know how to please another woman better. If you hear this from anyone you know, run as fast as you can and declare yourself unavailable for life. I’m not sure who started this idea, but they will find that it is very hot when they meet the one that gave it to them.
There are those who so desperately need to be elected into office that they will actually try to get laws passed that state the definition, the legal definition, of marriage has been changed to include those that are in same sex unions and those that have altered themselves to trade teams. Why go through this hassle? Money. These “couples” want to be able to claim benefits that are not open to them as partners. They want to be able to claim each other on insurance forms, living heir forms and be able to receive the tax breaks that come from being married. At least, that is what they tell you.
The secret to this is written all over them. They want you to have to accept them as people who are just different. In reality, they are pushing their agenda down your throat so that you will have no choice but to bow down to their wishes. It is incredible to think that there is United Nations resolution set to declare them as a specific group that is being persecuted. Are they a religion? Are they a race? No, they are just different. Here’s the kicker. They are different by choice.
If I have to listen to one more misinformed individual talk about how they were “born gay”, I may shoot my TV. It is ridiculous to think that you are born with a genetic disposition to love one gender or another. Let’s get this point in stone now. NO ONE IS BORN GAY. You are gay because you are too scared to admit that you don’t want to live as God intended you to. You are scared and lonely. Instead of trying to live as you should, you take the easy way out. Yes, I said easy. It is far too easy to be gay in this world than it ought to be. Gay people should not be harassed, but they should not be accepted as any other person. They have chosen their path. Now they want me to say it’s all right. Problem here is, I don’t think it’s okay. It is wrong. Black and white; no middle ground.
Gay people should not be persecuted, same as Christians should not be persecuted. You have to separate the person from the act. Not easy by any stretch. Ever hear that God hates the sin but loves the sinner? Same thing here. You have to show a fair amount of disdain for the act they are willfully committing and yet still show the love of God for the person committing the act. I have worked in places that hired gay men. I have worked right next to a gay man. He and I talked quite a bit. The four of us in the pod of desks were okay with each other. There was the gay man, another straight man, a woman, and I. From time to time the subject of God and homosexuality would come up. He knew how I felt about it, and I would tell him that I was not trying to offend him, but that he would suffer for this choice in eternity. I told him that he could save himself by correcting it. He would want proof, and I would show him passages in the Bible, which he said he believed, and demonstrate the effects it will have on his life. Want to know His answer? He said he didn’t believe those parts of the Bible. I have only one answer for that mind frame. The Bible is either all true, or all wrong. There is no middle ground.
Look, there are going to be attacks from all sides. These people are out to change the world. They see themselves as visionaries, intellectuals, and all around good people. God does not agree. Arm yourselves, my married and soon to be married counterparts. Lawmakers are out to change the law. Activists are out to make it look like you are the ones that are not normal. People are losing the shock value of knowing a gay couple. Be shocked. Know that it is wrong and that there is something you can do about it. Tell them you are wrong, and be ready to be called closed-minded. Tell them they are in sin and need to repent, and be ready to be called a radical. Be ready to teach your children far earlier than you wanted to, or be ready to answer the questions when they get home from school. The lion is out there. He has a lot of friends. But we have the One that has overcome the world. Call on Him, and he will defend you. Put on the whole armor of God, and be ready to resist the slings and arrows that will come. Arm yourself with the knowledge of God’s principles, and be ready. There is a war going on out there. Whose side are you on? And remember, if you want to send me hate mail, spell my name right. Class dismissed.

Mark A. Bradley

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