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The Union Of Californian Socialist Republics
by Mark Bradley
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The Union of Californian Socialist Republics

No, I did not misspell the name. No, I’m not trying to make a joke. The joke has already been made, and its name is the state of California. The fact that it is still called a state and has not been transformed into Californslovakia is a wonderment to me. The only thing that might keep the status of statehood for this region is the fact that it has professional football.
For the last 40 years, there has been no greater example of the Liberal experiment than in California. The Liberals have transformed this once great state into a proving ground for every leftist wacko theory they can come up with. The environmentalists have taken over the state for the sake of the wildlife. The anti war crowd have closed about every base that they could get their hands on.
Remember the news from the day that showed the Hippies demonstrating and rioting on college campuses across the nation? Where do you think those people have gone? They figured out that if they wanted to get something done on a political level, then they would have to become politicians. They still want to change the world. You are just paying them to do it now.
I am speaking as of right now, in the year of our Lord 2003, that the experiment is officially classified as a failure. Boys, you tried your best, and it just is not going to work. Your liberal ideas have turned a great state into the laughing stock of the nation. Want proof? Ever see someone that looks like they’ve had a little too much to smoke? The first thing most will ask is if he comes from California. The surfer mentality, the valley girl, the gang-banger; all products of California. Are any of these things of use to society?
Let’s get a little more serious. Over the past six months, with the increasing pressure of the political scene in this “state”, unemployment has held a steady incline. What does that mean? It means that people that had a job no longer do. Last month alone, 22,000 people lost their job. Not terrible numbers until you see that California was responsible for half the unemployment in the country. That’s right; California by itself put as many people out of work as the rest of the country did.
Turn on the news channels and listen to the Liberals talk about how the country is in a recession because of the jobless rate of the nation. Look at who is saying these things. By every one of their names you will see a “D” by the state they represent. That means they are a democrat. Boys and girls of the Socialist (uh, Democrat) Party, if your experiment was not so flawed in its ideals, then we could conceivably cut that rate in half.
It is the fault of years of liberal leading that has caused that state to fall so hard on its face. The Liberals have thrown money and not answers at every problem and special interest project that came down the pike, and now they are bankrupt with rolling black outs. They get on TV news and Cspan and cry about how they need to change the leadership in the White House to solve the economic woes of the nation. You guys have totally screwed up one state and now think that if you could just get your hands on more tax money that you could solve the problem.
Translation; you haven’t learned didley squat. Money is not the answer to the problem. Higher taxes are not the answer to the problem. As of right now, the people of California are paying $2.25 for a gallon of gas, and the first $.75 goes for the taxes that have been imposed. Your state leads the nation in high-energy bills and not enough power too much else except shoot movies. You whine to the federal government about the health benefits that you have to provide to your citizens and haven’t learned that it’s the illegal aliens that are sucking your state treasury dry. The border to Baja California has been steadily moving up to about halfway up the state. I hear the Mexican President is planning on a new home in Sacramento in 2010.
The ills of the state are clearly the doing of the liberal ideal logy. They have stripped the state of any use for the rest of the nation, except for football. The truth is, California is a dead stick in the political ocean of this country. Anybody seen the joke that is the recall election in the state for governor? Name me one other state that would even dare to have a washed up childhood TV star, a porn star, the owner of Hustler magazine and the former commissioner of baseball all running for governor of the state. Arnold doesn’t seem like such a bad choice now.
Need I remind anyone that the 9th district court of appeals resides in California? Anyone care to risk a guess as to why they are so important? They are the brains that decided that the pledge of allegiance was a prayer because it said “Under God”, and therefore violated the Separation of Church and State. Go get a copy of the constitution. Nowhere will you find the term “Separation of Church and State.” I know why it is being used. And I have every intent to start school as soon as possible. Stay tuned for more on that subject.
Look, there is nothing wrong with most of the population of the “state” of California. Most folks there simply cannot escape the place. They want out. They just can’t see from all the smog.
What needs to happen is a general realization that the state is in more trouble than the liberals want you to know. They need to understand that they are going to have to follow the rules like the rest of us. The idea that they get to do as they see fit and the rest of us are going to excuse it because they lead the entertainment industry is an idea that needs to be ground into dust.
The big question that I have is this; “Why is anyone surprised that this didn’t work?” The look of shock is almost laughable. The Liberals actually thought that if they could just take one state at a time and rule over it the way that they wanted, then they could prove to the world that they were right and that their system would work.
Well, it didn’t. It didn’t just fail; it crashed horribly. And it is not the first time that the experiment has been tried with same results. Allow me to refresh your memory. Anybody ever heard of the U.S.S.R.? Yeah, that worked out well. How about China? Next. Cuba comes to mind. What a shining example of prosperity that is.
I do not want to give the impression that all Liberals are Communists. I am stating that the Liberal ideal system is solely based on the basic principles of communism. Yes, I can prove it. When was the last time anyone actually studied what a communist was? They don’t anymore. It would expose too much from the Liberal playbook and foil the attempts of the “party” to educate your children their way. And the Teacher’s Union can’t have that. Want to guess who controls the Teacher’s Union?
I am giving you all fair warning that there will be some serious study material coming your way. Take notes. Compare the political climate of now with what the Communists planned to do 50 years ago. It will scare you. Take cover and get ready.

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