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My Daily Bread
by J LD
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I had a dream several days ago that a bird, who lived near the sea or traveled over sea, went to a certain woman who's name was Elizabeth and she was barren. She was dressed in a bright red outfit and sat in the back seat of a red Citroen Avant traction vehicle but it was a stretch limo. The bird traveled more inland and found her in the moving car. He turned into a man when he got into the car after he made it come to a halt. But he still had a bird's beak as his mouth and it remained open. He took authority away from the woman over the limo driver and told the driver to change course. She tried to stop him but his voice was more loud and more powerful, the driver could only hear the man's voice. He then spoke to the woman through his open beak and told her she was unable to escape her fate. And I sensed the woman used to be a wayward woman and struggled to change her ways. But as the man cursed her, she repented in her heart, hoping for another chance but she knew in her heart she had gone too far to even believe that she could be forgiven of her debt and as I watched all of this, I wanted her to see through her punishment because I felt it was Just.

I watched them converse, as if I was watching a movie on the big screen with a woman named Hannah sitting right beside me. We were watching the car swerve in all kinds of ways as the man spoke to her and it became a very bumpy ride as the look of concern worsened on the woman's face. The woman remained silent as he kept telling her about what she was going to face in the future and she was distressed because he told her she was cursed or going to be cursed. Out of nowhere, she began to suffer as if she was going into labor. Next thing I knew, the man who was talking to her, seemed surprised that she gave birth and by the look on their faces, neither of them knew she was pregnant and just now, had a child out of nowhere. I could tell she was full of bewilderment, but she also seemed pleased in a surprised way and she knew she was going to be okay. The man seemed disappointed because he was convinced he knew about everything that would happen in her life but he obviously didn't see this one coming.

He turned his interest onto the child and planned to take the baby from her. I was keeping my eye on the time throughout all this and saw that the time reach 10 o'clock and then the minutes began passing quickly. I saw the car they were riding in, come to a dead end. The car was forced to stop and the man got out of the car to cast a spell; and I sensed it was because he had to, in order to take the child away from her. But before he could speak, an enemy of his came along to fight against him. This enemy had no knowledge of the woman and he didn't even know the man's interest in her child because he came with his own agenda. The man who still had an open beak wasn't able to cast the spell because his enemy that came, came with fire and destroyed him, wasting no time- not even a minute. The fire consumed him and the entire place but by then, the car and the woman had already gone.

When I woke up, I knew God was recounting the past to me. The Avant traction vehicle, which was also a stretch limo, represented a time in the past, since the word avant translates to the word "before", so God was basically telling me, "A long time ago, there was a.."..

The woman dressed in red, that sat in the back seat of the vehicle, represented a nation of the past. She was dressed in red, the same color as the vehicle because the color red from this dream symbolized God's favor. Her name was Elizabeth because she symbolized a nation that was given a promise from God- since Elizabeth means "Oath bound by God." The bird who traveled by sea or lived by the sea and turning into a man with an open beak meant two different things. The bird flying meant angels and when it landed and turned into a man with an open beak, it symbolized prophets speaking a prophecy delivered to them by angels. It was interesting to see that when the man told the woman of her future fate, full of hardship, the car swerving symbolized the prophecies coming true. And the man bringing the car to a halt and getting into the car also symbolized a prophecy that was happening.

The part of the dream that really threw me off was that, after I looked over to Hannah, (because the movie we were watching on the big screen had gotten so intense), the woman in red began to suffer as if she was in labor and quickly gave birth to a child. Not only was I shocked, but so also, was the woman and the man- obviously, not even the prophets saw this one was coming, because the man speaking the prophecies became baffled and speechless at the same time (I seriously thought he'd never shut up, but he finally did).

The spontaneous childbirth symbolized a new beginning which was how I understood why the car all of a sudden came to a dead end. Apparently, God put a "stick in the mud" to spoil the plans of those who wanted the woman to meet her unfortunate fate. He changed her life and saved her by giving her a child, for, she was no longer a part of a prophecy that was meant for a barren woman. The name Hannah means, "God hears" and so, God heard the distress of this woman's heart. When I thought about the dream, I came to conclude that this dream had to be about Israel and Rome. And if I'm right (which I believe I am), then this means that no matter what people say the prophets of the OT, God testified to me, that NO ONE, NOT EVEN ANGELS, KNEW what He was going to do, only that, they knew He would deliver them in some way.

So basically, the dream was God's voice telling me, "Long ago, angels would go and tell mankind of the future things to come and they in turn, would go and prophecy to their people. When I saw prophets speaking many prophecies against a certain nation, I knew it would come to pass. And because of how numerous the prophecies against her had accumulated, I knew she would not survive it to the end. There was a distant nation that captured my people. They took over authority and made her adopt their ways. When I saw how distressed she was, I remembered the promise I made to her. I gave her my oath that if she repented in her heart, I would save her. So, I delivered her from punishment the moment I heard her heart's plea for forgiveness and spared her from serving her maximum sentence and lifted her curse. When the prophets saw this, they refused to accept that I had changed her fate and attempted to form new prophecies against her in order to undo what I've done. So, I caused them to burn- all those zealous prophets who remained on the side of the enemy. And I burned them all to the ground.

This was a really great story and I pitied the prophets who still held onto the anger against their own people for destroying and persecuting countless prophets that came before them. Sometimes, when messengers are sent to deliver God's warning, like Job, they are so angry, they want to see it happen, even if the people repent. But God always prefers Mercy over Justice and I know He gave me this dream because sometimes, even I have a very hard time preferring mercy over justice. I need to let go of resentment; for, when God forgives, we must too. No one can take His forgiveness away from a person and this was also His way of saying, "If you try to condemn someone else for the sins I already forgave them, then I'll send someone to condemn you for the sins I did not forgive."

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