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Physical Health
by J LD
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Why is it so important to first learn to balance out your spiritual health? Well, it's a domino effect process.. If your heart is right, then it's much easier to get your mind and body right and to better direct your emotions. If the soul is not right, then most likely, your mind will not be able to make wise decisions and you will not know the way to utilize your emotions for its intended purpose. Emotions have two purposes: to motivate and to keep still. Unless your soul to knows the way to direct your emotions appropriately, you can find yourself either stagnated or driven to do bad things. 

For example: in the bible, Jacob was so in love with Rachel, he directed his emotions to drive him to work hard for 14 years because he wanted her to become his wife. And no matter how much he desired her, he wanted to make her his wife, the right way and used this drive to give him the strength to work hard for a very long time. However, some people do not know the way to properly direct these type of emotions, especially if their soul is not right. Amnon, Absalom's half brother, was so in love with his sister Tamar, he allowed his emotions to make him extremely impatient and he did things that no man with a righteous heart, would do. 

There really is no such thing as a good or a bad emotion when it comes to the urges of the physical body; but the actions that result from these emotions are the very things that are determined to be either good or bad and it's these type of responses people give, that also determines the level of their spiritual health. "If the eyes are good, then it will give light to your entire body. If your eyes are unhealthy, then it is full of darkness..." Matt 6:23. Therefore, it is better to first "bind up the strong man, before attempting to take over the house" Mark 3:27. Meaning, get a grip on your spiritual health, before attempting to get the rest of your body in order. Spiritual stress is the most difficult obstacle to overcome, but if you can accomplish that, then everything else (mental, emotional and physical challenges) will be easier for you to dominate. 

Now that I've been able to balance out my heart, I've been able to control the thoughts that come and go in my mind and also direct my emotions to drive me to do beneficial things. My emotions no longer imprison me to become stagnant; instead, it's been motivating me to get my physical health right, while pushing me to remain positive in my thoughts. However, when it came to my physical health, I really didn't know where to start and so, I got to learn a lot within the past week about how to overcome physical pain and to balance out my physical health. 

I came to understand that a person's physical diet can easily become vitally harmful based on the over abundance of two things: calorie and sodium. These two factors play a major role in the way our physical body becomes balanced through a diet and it also affects the way nutrients, such as vitamins, are absorbed into the body. The saying, "Mene, mene, tekel upharsin" also applies to the physical health as well as the spiritual (as I said before, not even the atom can escape this law of life). 

First, the overabundance of calories: Calories are units of measurement for the energy in the foods we consume. The physical body has two main sources for energy, carbs and fat- which is why we need to eat in order for our body to function. The overabundance of both causes different health issues. Excess carbs prevents the body from ridding of excess fat, since carbs are usually the body's primary choice for energy and the more you have, the less likely your fat will burn. And if you eat abundance of both carbs and fat, not only will your body accumulate more fat, but it will also slow down in burning carbs. When the body cannot burn all of the energy you consume, it will store it, in case it needs it for later. This causes the body to gain weight and the more energy you store, the slower your metabolism gets. If your metabolism is constantly working overtime because of the overabundance of energy you feed into your system, like a computer, it will slow down in its working process because of the overload. 

Second, the over abundance of sodium: Sodium causes our bodies to hold water and when our bodies consume an over abundance of sodium, it literally causes the body to hold more water (more than what we need), in order to match our measure of sodium intake. This is my biggest vice. You might have heard the saying that more than half of the human body is made of water. In reality, it's not just water, it's actually "salt water" and our tears, sweat and blood literally tastes just like it. If the earth was a human body, then consider the land as it's flesh and the seawater as its blood. In healthy oceans, there are living organisms residing within it, just like in healthy blood, the physical body sustains healthy cells. If the body consumes too much sodium and not enough water to balance it out, your body will go into a "Dead Sea" effect.

The Dead Sea is a sea that literally has an over abundance of salt- so much, no fish can survive within it. When the physical body holds too much salt, it begins to suffocate and destroy the body's cells. And the worst thing anyone can do with over excess sodium in their body, is drink more water and lie down. The combination of too much salt and water causes bloating, sometimes to the point of pulsating the over abundance of salt water through two of our body's major vital organs: our brain and our heart. Bloating is extremely painful and it can cause damages to your heart (heart attack) and also to your brain (stroke) if it becomes severe. Signs of severe bloating are heart palpitations, pulsating headaches and dizziness and tingling. For those who eat over abundance of salt, I tell you, it is better to remain standing or sitting up until the severe bloat feeling begins to dissipate to a bearable stage and then, you can attempt to start to flush out the salt water through drinking more water and most importantly, exercise.

If anything, a person should immediately start exercising the moment they begin to feel bloating instead of waiting until the bloating becomes severe. This will slow down the bloating process and most likely, reverse the effect or prevent further bloating.  Exercise is the quickest way to help the body to "sweat out the salt". After you've finished exercising, your lips will begin to feel shriveled as if you've been swimming in the ocean and your face will end up feeling a bit sandy- that sandy feeling is the remaining salt that's left, after the moisture from your sweat, dries out. I have had plenty of experience eating that much sodium, to the point of sweating salt crystals, so, I know that the exercise remedy works, above all else. You will know when the excess sodium is gone when drinking water no longer makes you feel bloated but rather causes you to make frequent trips to the restroom.

Some experts say that potassium helps to counteract the excess sodium intake effect; but since I can only testify to the things I've experienced and to the things I've put to the test in order to find out for myself what is true, I will admit that potassium intake doesn't work for me. Rather, eating a banana prolonged the effect of bloating, and I found it more difficult for me to sweat out the salt when I tried to resort to exercise after the pain in my legs became unbearable. So, I guess it might depend on the person's body when it comes to foods that are suggested to decrease sodium. But if all else fails, exercise works for everyone, and the faster you sweat, the quicker the bloating will dissipate. However, like I said, if the bloating already reached to the level of severity, do not drink more water and do not exercise, as doing one of the two might cause brain (stroke) or heart damage (heart attack). If anything, when the bloating has already become severe (when you feel dizzy, or have heart palpitations, tingling, or pulsating headaches), I will share with you the only thing that worked for me: FASTING AND PRAYER.

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