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Exorcism for Stress
by J LD
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What is stress? Stress is a form of weights that cannot be seen nor heard. It is a mental, emotional and spiritual burden that inevitably affects the physical body, and can cause some serious damages to our health, overall, if it is not properly addressed. Stress is unavoidable because it is ultimately, the cause as to why life becomes responsive. "To every action, there is a reaction"- stress is a force of nature that tend to move us along in life, like a ball in a pinball machine. Emotionally, it comes in a form of fear, anxiety, happiness, sadness, joy, anger and more; mentally, it comes in the form of memories, imaginations, unspoken thoughts and so forth; and spiritually, it comes in the form of a desire, longing or urge. 

The fate of our lives are sometimes determined by the level of stress we have; and if the bad stress becomes too much, like the saying, "Your weights are too many to count; it will split you, so it can parcel out.", then it is certain your days will come to an end. (Dan 5:25). Stress is an impulse that is designed to make something weaker or stronger and depending on how we react to each provocation, it causes us to bear certain fruits or deeds and it can either prolong or shorten, the days of our lives. The over abundance of good stress can also cause a man to die, but only so that they can live again (John 12:24). In the end, you will see that this saying, (which is what the modern day people know as "Mene, mene, tekel upharsin"), is very true in all aspects, whether it's in a positive or a negative way, especially in physics- all the way down to the atom. Not even the atom can escape these Laws of Life, in which God set for the manifested world. 

People often make the mistake of absorbing bad stress. Meaning, they carry the burdens that wasn't meant to be carried. Temptations are a common form of stress that impacts mankind's overall health, if not dealt with and people often deal with it in a way that accumulates more bad stress (stress that shortens the length of your life). Detoxing your soul from these accumulated things requires "good stress"- stress that helps to prolong your life. Spiritual exercise is not easy, but the concept of exorcism is for that sole purpose: to drive the bad, out, to save you from the "Mene, mene, tekel upharsin" fate.

Now, I know when people hear or see the word "exorcism", they automatically refer to the type that was performed on Linda Blair from the movie, "The Exorcist". Although, it is not as dramatic, stress can indeed, have a very heavy effect on a person's overall health when it occupies their body, to the point of becoming unbearable mentally, emotionally and physically. Spiritually, it makes the soul sick, and without a healthy "pilot driving the plane, that plane will crash", sort of speak. Not sure if you understood this analogy. (It is your spirit that occupies the physical body and makes it mobile, not the other way around. And if the spirit is sick, it cannot carry the body.)

Just as Moses used poison to battle against poison when people were struck by poisonous snakes, so also, God has taught me to battle against stress, with stress. But too much of either or (good or bad stress), can cause a person to lose their spiritual balance. So, learn from Ecclesiastes' wisdom: there is a time for everything (Eccles 3:1-8). When a person is unwilling to let go of unhealthy stress, you cannot hold them down and force them to, like the way the priests tried to cast out the demon from the girl in the movie ("the Exorcist"). The traditional method of exorcism is more effective through proper counseling, as Christ sat multitudes of people down and counseled them and gave them knowledge. Even the victim, in which the movie was based on, finally found peace when he was counseled by the angel Michael, in a dream. Michael, gave the boy knowledge and counseled him on how to overpower the "stronghold". And that's precisely what stress is, "a great stronghold". 

Christ never counseled anyone who didn't want healing- not even the "possessed" (those who had overabundance of negative stress that caused the rest of their health to malfunction and lose control). He healed only those who wanted to get well and set free only those who wanted freedom. And it's the same way God helps people. Those who want to get well, will find healing; those who don't, will be given warnings of their fate. It is better to be in the stronghold of God than the stronghold of other things. God's stronghold is freedom and His Counsel (Word) produces abundance of positive stress, strong enough to drive the bad, out and keep it out for good!

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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