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Life of Faith and Inspiration
by Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
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LIFE of Faith and Inspiration

READ Joshua 1:8, Psalm 1:2, 119:15-16
Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS, DD
Poems of Faith

Copyright © 2014 by Rev. Samuel Mack

Thank you for reading this Artical. You are welcome to share it with your friends. All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means without the prior written permission of the publishers and or author, except by a reviewer who may quote a passage in a review to be printed in a newspaper, magazine or journal.
Your support and respect for the property of this author is appreciated. This book is about what God wants from us as I have learned from my studies and guidance of the Lord. What we must learn that we are all sinners and in order to give that up we must be willing to read the Bible daily,
Listen to God speak to us to do His will.
Spiritual Reading and help Material

I dedicate this Artical to all People of all Nations
But mostly to my wife Esta, and my sister Linda for their conversation of faith and devotion in helping me finish, To my Brother H. Richard Hall and the United Christian Church for their continued support and information also to Rick Warren, author of ďThe Purpose Driven Life,Ē and Erik Rees, author of ďOnly You Can Be You,Ē and Iíed like to thank
Richard (Rick) Davis Data Analyst / Data Scientist at Ipsos It is an honor to recommend Rev. Samuel Mack. His poetry is not only internationally recognized, but is thought provoking, so well crafted and heartfelt. His blogs demonstrate strong interdisciplinary mastery including, but not limited to Christianity, Eastern modalities and practical theology. I recommend Rev. Mack without reservation.
Also Dr. Derek Lamar Director, Q.M.I. Quantum Metaphysics Institute - California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico Rev. Samuel Mack, OMS and I are both working to help people discover the Christ within them and to understand the incredible Teaching that Jesus brought to humanity. We must all come to understand the Oneness which comes with realizing that "The Kingdom of Heaven is Within". And all The other authorís of Christian books that are too many to name.
Your impact on my life is influencing thousands in the world.
God Bless you all
Lovingly in Christ our Lord,
for my wife for reminding me that
We are born, and then we die
Lovingly in Christ our Lord
I hope you enjoy this book as much as Iíve enjoyed writing it for us all
The Indians have long believed that a child was born with two wolfs one good and one evil, and whichever one you feed the most is the one that stands for life. Which one will we feed the most? Or are we slipping and not feeding him or her enough to be good or has evil taken over before our eyes! I only tell you this because we have a human side and a spiritual side which one will we feed for the right live of faith, Love, understanding we need to make life good for us as God wants us to have A good life.

When we received the Lord Jesus into our life, he is the Seed of life, and like a seed planted in the ground he is the seed of life planted in us, and like a seed we nurture it and cultivate it, and give it time to grow and do all we can to help it grow to produce fruit. This is the same way when we accept Jesus into our life, we nurture it cultivate it, and allow it time to grow. This is done on our part of the way we live, think and of things we do. We do our part and God will make it grow. God has given us everything we need to do it, and he is with us every step of the way! Eph.3:16-21 2Peter 1:3-4 Trust God and let the root of Jesus grow deep in our soul, and like using insecticide to ward off the bugs that invade our garden, we use the armor of God to ward off the evil that invades our lifeís. Eph.6:10-18
Christ (God) was revealed in human form and (made pure, justified) by the Spirit, He was seen by angels and announced to the nations (opened the way for all people) He was believed in throughout the world and was taken to heaven
About My Belief
As a minister of Jesus Christ, and have pledged to work for the SPIRITUAL welfare of all People of all Nations Preaching and sharing the Gospel of the Bible and teaching of Jesus Christ our Brother and God our Father and as I walk through L.I.F.E. {Really means Living In Faith Ever} I have discovered that the modern day general Christianity lacks The true Spiritually needed to set the world to working in the lives of our Brothers and Sisters, the Bible teaches and {show that there was and is a more refreshing, honest, open, spiritual, loving, and exciting way to be a Christian, Over the voices of those called general Christianity, not only prevailed, but has continued ever since to define Christianity, foremost, as a belief system}, that our faith is free, open, and creative. One does not have to be told how to act, or what to believe. We have the ability to think for yourself and read the Bible as it also teaches,
1Corinthians 2:14
But the natural man does not receive the things of the Spirit of God, for they are foolishness to him; neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.
Us that we should seek to God through Jesus Christ our Brother {Jesus answered, "I am the way the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me." John 14:6} it is very important for the good of our lives {L.I.F.E. Means: Living In Faith Ever}; we seek God in love, and belief. My website is {http://paladinnews1.blogspot.com} The Paladin News {of the Twelve 'the twelve disciples' to keep the Faith and protect the innocent} therefore isn't about accepting mine or anybody else beliefs but its purpose is to share an early and widespread style of Christian faith that can deepen, transform, and affirm the way many are indeed as true Christians today. Until the discovery of the other Gospels, the way to be Christian was simply "to believe." This Orthodox or Fundamentalist's interpretation of Christ made Christianity another religion-- to oppose others. "Believe in Christ or go to hell." "Believe literally in their chosen books as the only way to know God." "Obey the rule of their authoritarian church." In doing so, you would receive the gift of salvation. This was the message from the teacherís {of the day} to be a "believer," as it appears the way they're teaching Christians today. Throughout Jesusí and the Discipleís time they were ridiculed for denying "reality," {humanism} as being absolute. Now, there is a new story about their {Jesus and the Disciples} strong Spiritual Faith and belief in the real Jesus, the Gospels and writings can now speak for themselves, they raised questions, which have the potential to free Christianity for centuries of simple answers, and for many, unacceptable positions and beliefs, allowing all truth to be a part of the process of faith, to get the kind of spiritual Christian Jesus was teaching us to be and what we need in our
L.I.F.E. {Living In Faith Ever}.
"Christ's Way Was A Spiritual Journey"
Yes ours can also be a Spiritual Journey if
We would just follow the teaching of the Bible,
And we too will be in the Spiritual L.I.F.E. {Living In Faith Ever}
And only then we will, begin to,
See the Invisible, Believe the Incredible, and Receive the Impossible
Then and only Then will we be true SPIRITUAL CHRISTIANS

A Different Way To Be a true Spiritual Christian.
The true Christian is an asker, seeker, and finder of the one true God, and is open to the
true knowledge, of faith, love, and understanding, and is not fixated on the past but does trust
totally in the "Living God." and only then will we begin to See the Invisible, Believe the Incredible,
and Receive the Impossible as is God's will.

I Am A Survivor for God

LIFE has taken me on many turns,
LIFE has lead me to may different places,
I have come to realizes that LIFE had tread me good,
But when I got cancer in 2007 {I got it again in 2013} I was at a loss,
I had to be strong for my family and friends,
I could not see beyond the cancer it all looked grim,
But when I looked at you Lord I found convert in your words,
I realized that you would be with me and my family and friends,
I know†Instantly†that the doctors had you to work with them in healing me,
As you have said so many time to the people of your time,
Come to me for I will heal you so I said a pray to you,
Dear God; Save me from wanting that which is not mine,
Protect me from my own jealousies, ans desiring that of another,
Let me trust in you enough to believe that what is,
Meant yo be mine will come to me,
Let me trust in you enough to be satisfied,
With all that I have is enough today,
In Jesus name
Jesus has redeemed me from the curse of the law,
Jesus has redeemed me from poverty,
Jesus has redeemed me from sickness,
Jesus has redeemed me from spiritual death,
Thank you Lord as you have given me the strength to go on,
Thank you Lord you have given me the courage to fight this,
Thank you Lord you have given me the Faith and hope to know,
That your will be done and I have the excepted that,
LIFE is but a wisper and I am a survivor for you Lord.

He Gave His LIFE

My tired old eyes lit up bright.
A thankful tear, I could not hide.
A sweet sences of peace fills my heart;
because He gave His LIFE for us.
Living at home with my wife;
having only a few family left, He is.
Today, with a smile, on his face with a glow;
because He gave His LIFE for us.
He brings him often to his kneews.
Today, one extra for his brother and sister.
Talking, on to the Lord he goes on;
because He gave His LIFE for us.
He asked his wife to read a verse.
By his chair the gift he placed.
Happy and peaceful then he dozes;
because He gave His LIFE for us.
His final breath tonight was peaceful.
His family missed him, but to meet again.
His last day was joyful, all of heaven now knows;
because He gave His LIFE for us.

"I See The World with the Eyes Of Children"

I see the world
With the eyes of children
What a wonderful world this is for us
There is no trouble nor fights
Just a wonderfully happy
Life we would have
With Jesus in our hearts
I see right, not wrong
I see good, not bad
I see all the good things
In life we've never had
I can see the world
With the eyes of children
What a wonderfully happy
Life we would have
With Jesus in our hearts
I see the world
With the eyes of children
Smiling faces are greeting me all the time
Like a beautiful work of art
You would warm my weary heart
As see with the eyes of children
With Jesus in our hearts
I Can See

I can see what you're looking to for in your LIFE

The light in my LIFE
The peace in my LIFE I have
The love, understanding I have
I sear what I have
To the People from my ministry
WE are a part of heaven's plan
I talks to to the people of Gods love
I shear Gods word to all my brothers and sisters
With the inspiration of God I do His will
We are all part of heaven's plan
If we chose God's hand to lead us
Now it's all I can do is to tell you of Gods love for you
So the lord has sent me to shear God's message
It's to save the people and little children of the world
Not just those in poor country
I want you to have an everlasting LIFE
I want you to catch the ride all the way to paradise
I got my my ride to heaven, I want you to come to
The good lord will and does provide
I believe He will
So come along and take the ride with me
They're tuning to the Lord all across the land
To hear Him speak of the wonderful things the'll have

I Am

I am not a perfect person,
My heir doesn't stay in place,
I spill things a lot,
I seem pretty clumsy,
I sometimes fight,
Some days nothing seems to go right,
But when I think of you Lord,
And take a step back,
I remember how amazing my LIFE is,
I just start to see that maybe,
I would be better off imperfect,
As how else would I learn...

Through My LIFE

I'll go through my LIFE loving you Lord
I give all my LIFE to you Lord
I've been saved by you by you Lord
And I know I'll live again with you Lord
Even then I know it will never end
For I'll go through my LIFE loving you Lord.
Oh, to take my place with you Lord forever
There's nothing I wouldn't give to help you Lord
I'd prove to myself daily what you really mean to me
I'll lay down my life for you Lord
I'll work day and night to show everybody what†
you can do for all of them
when you call me home I'll be ready
For I'll go to you Lord when you call me
I'll go through my LIFE with you Lord

God is in all Things

Apprehend {Understand/Perceive} That God is in all Things
For life cannot be without God within
Every single thing in life has God within
For God is the life force of all things
For God teaches us to
See the Invisible, Believe the Incredible, and Receive the Impossible
So Apprehend the fact that God is in all Things even you and I
LIFE is Living In Faith Ever

The Bible
ē As I have and do read through the Bible
ē I find that God and Jesus is teaching
ē His church is His People
ē His classroom is the good Earth
ē His tools are Love, Faith, and Understanding
ē His word is from God, and Prayer
ē His People are the poor in spirit,
ē The lame to life, the Blind of life,
ē The misunderstood of life's ways
ē He opens the ears with God's word, with Truth
ē He opens Hearts with God's word, with Love
ē He is gentle and humble
ē He is full of forgiveness
ē His teachings are of God's gift of everlasting life
ē God's Heart brings Heaven to earth
ē With Love and Understanding to mankind.

ē Is there any greater Book then the one that teaches us not only how to live but how to be with our God, ourselves, our Brothers and Sisters as well, so let's take from this great example's of Jesus and do what is right always not just once in a while or year lets truly work to make not only our lives great but our Brothers and Sisters as well. "Living In Faith Ever" as God intended.

To The Glory of God

For we are Crucified to the cross...
And saved by His resurrection...
Where He give His LIFE...
Then He was raised from death...
On the third day the angel came...
The huge rock rolled away...
An angel who told them...
Where the LORD lay no more...
For they saw an empty tomb...
He was raised from the dead...
As the prophets had for told...
As JESUS had said...
It was all as was written...
The scriptures were fulfilled...
Jesus was raised from the dead..
As his father told of it...
He met once again the disciples...
With the faithful twelve...
After blessing them all...
He ascended to heaven...
He sits now His thrown...
His physiognomy does shine...
He died for us all...
For your sins and mine...

Jesus Loves You

Jesus loves you children
He'll help you through your LIFE
He's always there to make you right
When tears come poring down your face
And you can't find your way
It's hard to believe He's their
To help you through your LIFE
When you're feeling like
You'll never see mornings light
Come to Jesus
He'll see you through your LIFE
Jesus loves you children
He'll help you through your LIFE
He's always there to make you right
When you think the whole
world has passed you by
You keep on trying
Cause you really know
He's their helping you through
Children when you need a smile
To help the evil go away
Come to Jesus
He'll see you through your LIFE

I'm Calling on Jesus

I need a sign to let me know you are here
All of these lines are being crossed across Heavens
I need to know that things are going to look up
'Cause I feel I am drowning in a dark sea spilled on me
When there is no place safe and no safe place to put my head

When you feel the world shake from the words that are said
I'm calling on Jesus, please
I'm calling on Jesus, please
I won't give up if you don't give up
I need a sign to let me know you are here
'Because the LIFE around just keeps it all from being clear
I would like a reason for the way things are around me
I need a hand to help build up some kind of hope inside of me

When children have to play inside so they don't disappear
While private eyes pear on us while lies cause us not to talk for years

And world leaders are threatening to destroy the world
and losing sight of having dreams of Heaven
In a world that we want is only what we want until it's lost
Until we have nothing left to loss
Except our soul's
I'm calling on Jesus, please

An Ode to LIFE

As I lay my head down and start to fall asleep I see myself being carried off to a place
and time the place of our Lords birth in Bethlehem of Judea
As in the Bible tells the story of His life and how he lived and died in that human seance
and rose on the day He told of
I do not remember being here but I remember the story I was taught so many years
As I walk through the streets of Bethlehem I see each scene and hear every word as I
am learning the story they telling is true
The writer writes of a jealous King and his way of dealing with his people and of Mary
and Joseph who came to Bethlehem to have a child
The story tells of the three wise men who saw a star in the north and heard of a child
who was born to be the King of the Jews and come to see and bring Him gifts
An angel from the Heavens above came to Mary and Joseph in a dream and told them
they had to leave Bethlehem or King Herod would have their son killed
So they left Bethlehem and went to Egypt and there they lived until King Herod no
longer ruled
As I follow along in my dream I see each scene and hear every word as I am puzzled
by the fact I understand each
I donít understand why Iím going through this time but I know I must continue on this
As I am pulling through a time where I reach the place of Jesusí in Nazareth of Galilee
As I watched Him grow and work in His father's shop I could see the thing in Him that
were with me
As I walk along the streets and look around I hear the people talk of a child that speaks
of wondrous love thatís all forgiving and of a Father in Heaven thatís loving and true

We Are the Fountain

Yes we are the fountain
For those who need Christ
Yes we must let our fountain flow
With the faith, love, understanding,and unity
Yeas were the fountain of Christ
To spread and share His message
With all People of all Nations
Yes we are the fountain
To ever flow with Godís word

My Children

Say you know me,
I'm here with all People,
I am the breeze,
I am the light.
I am the sea,
I am the life,
I am the beginning and the end,
I know your pains,
I know your sorrows,
I know your joy
I know your happiness,
I am everywhere,
Although you canít see or touch me,
Although you donít realize it,
Because I am part of all People everywhere,
If you want me in your heart,
Iím knocking at your door ask me in,
For all People I am here.

Will we know Him

if He stood in front of us?
If He walked by us on the street?
Will we know Him?
If we have a chance to meet Him in our lifetime?
In that split second that we meet Him?
Our eyes met for the first time?
Will we know Him?
Yes reading the moment we stood side by side?
Our smiles are very clear
Our heart jumps around
Yes we do know Him?
That look, and that feeling
When we know we've found our home
Yes we do know Him
Yes we know what to say to Him
As we walk away together
Yes we know Him as He knows us His children
We are finally together

A Thought for our LIFE

I would say a good,
LIFE is when you,
Assume Nothing,
Do More,
Need Less,
Smile Often,
Dream Big,
Laugh A lot,
Realize how Blessed,
We really are,
For God is with,
Us Always.


Jesus, Jesus where do you go?
Jesus far,far from home,
With the word of God comes the man named Jesus,
He travels with Godís armor and lives in this ungodly land,
And His words of God come like the calling wind, setting men free,
A soldier in Godís army is the man named Jesus,
Jesus, Jesus where will you go,
Jesus far, from home,
He goes where He is lead,
The Word of God is His trust,
As the Word of God is pronounced,
The ungodly fear the man named Jesus.


Before US were thought of or time had started,
God put US in His Sonís name..
And each time we pray, you'll see its true,
You can't spell Jesus without including US.
We're a pretty big part of His wonderful name,
For US, He was born; that's why He came.
And His great love for US is the reason He died.
Isn't it thrilling and splendidly grand
He rose from the dead, with US in His plan?
The stones split away, the gold trumpet blew,
And His resurrection was for US.
As JesUS left the earth with His upward ascension,
He felt there was one thing He just had to mention.
"Go into the world and tell them it's true
That I love them all - Just like I love you."
So many people are Christian brothers and sisters,
Don't all the others have a right to know JesUS too?
It all depends on what we do,
He'd like them all to know,
But it all starts with US.

ďHello Itís Jesus"

Iím 6í 2í and 220lb man and He brought me to his knees,
Yes it was Jesus
I wasnít the kind of man who would follow anyone,
I did follow Jesus
But when Jesus touched my heart and blessed me and I fell to my
knees and I cried,
I believe and love Jesus
You canít see Him or touch Him, Heís like a breeze that covers our
Yes its Jesus
Strong enough to rule the heart of any person,
Yes to Jesus
Heíll lift you up and youíll see all around as He turns your life inside
Yes thatís Jesus
Most people are like me and they struggle day in and day out, with
Cause by satan
Too busy with having fun and playing games to care about the love
and care He can give them, or
To listen to Jesus
When I see children with their mother I thank God our Father for our
Brother, Jesus

"I Do Believe"

The purpose of LIFE is to {Living In Faith Ever}
to enrich God within us
to an optimum level
so that We as Humans
can be guided by God
to fuel out brothers and sisters
with the same driving force
to connect with the living God,
to His existence and
to See the Invisible,
Believe the Incredible, and
to Receive the Impossible
to our everlasting journey
to Heaven.

God Gives Us Wisdom In Small Doses

Sad is the People of the lost hope
LIFE is often a long drive nowhere
Golden is the song joy brings
Deep is love that truly lives
Dark are troubles that they ware
Lost are hopes never to see
Young is the ones of youth
God is the stand of truth
They rarely ever yields fruit
Some are waiting for there fate
Death is the heart that hates
Sadness never ever repairs
The heart that hats or judges
As they seek to stop their time
They think their LIFE can turn on a dime
Surrender to Jesus and win
Lies often destroys friends and Family
God helps us mend and live again.

My Time Has Come

My time is over here in this body
I am being called home as my work is done here
I hear my Lords voice calling me home
Although I know I will miss this old world
With all the I have seen and done
All the People I have met and talked to
My body can go on no more for it has reached itís time

"Iím Going Home"

Lord thank you for this life,
As I have lived a full life,
It was not always as I would have liked,
But I lived it to the best of what I could,
Iím going home; Home to the place I want to be,
Iím going home to Jesus where He waits for me,
I have been a long weary believer,
As Iíve been away too long,
I now know what Iíve been searching for,
As He's been there with me all along,
Iím going home; Home is the place I want to be,
Iím going home to Jesus where He waits for me,
Now I yearn for familiar faces in familiar places,
I hear familiar voices calling me to come home,
I see familiar faces looking at me,
Iím going home; Home is the place I want to be,
Iím going home to Jesus where He waits for me,
My time is near, the hour I know not,
I have been and seen lots of places in lifeís journey,
I see Jesus' face across the Heavenís,
I hear His soft sweet voice calling me home,
I canít wait for my real life to begin,
Iím going home; Home is the place I want to be,
Iím going home to Jesus where He waits for me.

I Will

If a kiss were a drop of water,
I will send you a shower,
If a huge were a second,
I will send you an hour,
If a smile were the sun,
I will capture it for you,
If you ever need love,
I will be there for you,
Always and forever...

To My Wonderful Wife

Honey do you know how much you mean to me
You give of yourself so unselfishly
You care, share and are always there
I just wanted you to know
What a wonderful wife you are to me
I thank God every day for how wonderful you are
Yet I know it is the only way you are
I Love and Respect you so greatly
For being the Greatest Wife in the world in every way
I will always Love you no matter what
Love always

This Artical will raised the consciousness of sin and self awareness. It's always wise to practice what the Holy Spirit teaches according to the Word of God. We must submit and accept His leading by the spirit and walk in total obedience of the Word of God for spiritual growth and healing. This book is a great tool keep saints on the right path to live a holy and crucified. It's rich with understanding of revelation knowledg of hidden treasures that emphasize God precepts and statutes. It's may prayer that this teaching reached Nations. May the man of God be truly blessed for His labour of Love and sharing these awesome teachings, Rev. Sheila Frazier-Payton WW4C Prayer Ministry!?

Faith is eternal Hi Faith speaks a million languages. We live by our faith, not by our sight. Faith without actions is still not yielding. Faith in Jesus is enough to have a life on earth. He gave His life in order that we may have life abundantly. From The author of 'Seed of 3 goals, 1vision'?

Dear Reverend Samuel, possessed of the thorough perspicacity of your biblical namesake, you've crafted what will go down the long lanes of history as an unputdownable masterpiece. You remind me of Charles Wesley. May the A lmighty Ruler of the universe bless you abundantly!?

Nice writing... There are people walking around never knowing to whom they belong. They are bound by satan's lies that they are beyond forgiveness when they need to realize that forgiveness is theirs for only acknowledging Christ's gift of salvation . Jon?

08/16/2012 I love your poems, book and how it speaks the truth. Thank you so much for the comment on my poem too "The Seed Of The Soul." GOD BLESS U. In the name of Jesus. You have a blessed life..... Fran?

08/22/2012 It's always comforting to see such faith displayed. The knowledge of who we are, in Him, is meant to encourage us to speak courageously, with certainty. You have written well and I'm sure God calls you for a purpose .... Jake?

The site and book is one of the better for truly spiritual L.I.F.E. and teaches use the proper guide needed to Living In Faith Ever a true believer in Jesus Christ?

This site and book are a treasure and tribute to the teaching of Jesus Christ and the true guide to Living In Faith Ever L.I.F.E. a complet spiritual guide.?

blqsand1 has saved ""The Other Side of L.I.F.E. 'Living In Faith Ever'" to her favorites On November 8th 2011?


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Therefore, my friends, I want you to know that through Jesus the forgiveness of sins is proclaimed to you. Acts 13:38


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