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God's Forgiveness
by J LD
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I had a dream that I stood on a the cleanest shore, full of evenly colored sand of light tan and it was Day. The sky was so beautiful and everything seemed so peaceful, I felt like I was in paradise. There was not a blemish on the shore that I could see. The shore was a peninsula that looked like a broad sidewalk, with open seas to the left and the right of it and the oceans were crystal clear and bluer than the Caribbean seas. The shore wasn't endless like a path but ended with the two seas merging at the end and the other end led up to a mountain, where a mansion was built on it. I began heading toward the mountain and I came across a tent pitched along the shore. It looked like a camper's tent and it was set up near to the sea to my right. As I came to it, I knew it didn't belong there, as if the clear bright sand wasn't supposed to have anything settled on it. 

When I looked around for the owner to tell them to take the tent down, I came across two women and a young girl. Both women seemed like they were in a hurry to get somewhere and told me I had to run to a safe place because "he" was coming. I had no clue what they were talking about but their fear alarmed me and I wasn't sure whether or not to take their advice. When I asked them who or what it was that was coming, a snake that was about 3 or 4 feet in length and 6 inches wide jumped up out of the sand. Along its sides, were a few sets of 3 or 4 whiskers or centipede-like legs and it dove back into the sand when the women and the young girl immediately turned into a carrot and dove into the sand, with the little girl diving in first. 

Horrified, I quickly turned around to run toward the mountain and I bumped into a familiar face. He was called "Yah's son" and he held me asking me what was wrong. I looked around and saw that the snake was gone because I knew that the snake would not go near him. He walked me to the border where the shore turned into ground that went up the mountain and he told me that the snake could not pass beyond that point. So, we stood on safe ground and then he took me by my hand and led me back out along the shore, and we stood at a familiar point with the two large seas on each side of us. It was familiar place because I remembered I was there before but I was by myself the last time I was there and the shore I stood on, was made of rocks, not sand. 

As I stood there with the man called "Yah's Son", I had a clear flashback to the last time I was there. I realized I stood in the same place where the two oceans on each side of me turned into a great tide and these giant walls of waves came and crashed over me, wiping me completely off the shore. When I remembered this, I felt this sense of fear and worry, as if I expected it to happen again, but it was then, Yah's Son told me that he wouldn't let it happen again, because things were different this time around. I always knew God was angry with me for a while. The flashback I had during this dream, was surprisingly a memory from a past dream I had over 6 years ago. At first, I was hesitant at taking Yah's Son at his word because I wasn't sure if God truly forgave me. So, Yah's Son kept insisting that I was forgiven and all of a sudden, he kissed me on my lips. I don't know why, but in the dream, I automatically knew that a kiss on the lips meant "absence of deceit", as if it was common knowledge to know that sort of thing. And after he kissed me, there was no doubt left within me that he told me the truth and I felt this great sense of relief.

Afterward, I ran up the mountain and went into the mansion that was built on it. It was like a castle. When I went inside, I found myself on the third floor and I flew down the stairs to the first floor. I saw Yah's Son sitting at a dining room table with two others, with him sitting at the head of the table. His chair was slightly turned toward the stairs I came down on and I flew over him. When he saw me flying, he touched the tip of my foot and the touching of the feet symbolized a sign of affection between two loved ones (like a husband and wife, not like a brother or sister nor between two close friends). Don't ask me how I came to know this, other than the fact that this too was another understanding that came to me automatically, as if it was common knowledge. 

When felt him touch the tip of my foot, I felt like he wasn't ashamed of loving me at all, as I assumed he would. I honestly thought, he would love me in secret, because of how others saw me as a disgraceful person and I didn't want him to be humiliated or be ashamed on my account. I expected the people around us to become appalled and ask him, "Why are you in love with a woman like that?" But no one became appalled and no one asked him any questions. I realized Yah's Son acknowledged his love for me in front of everyone as if to let me know he was not embarrassed of me at all and it made me feel even more humbled.

When I woke up from this dream, I understood that the love told in the story of "the Prodigal Son", goes much deeper than what it seems. When the man returned home to his father, he didn't just come home ashamed, he came home knowing his disgrace had become well known among everyone in his home town. He was aware that he not only brought shame to himself, but also to his family and it damaged his father's reputation and family name. So, he understood if they wouldn't acknowledge him as a family member ever again, just as long as they allowed him to work in their house so that he could off his debts. However, when his father saw him, he was not embarrassed to greet him. Even when he knew that the entire town was not ignorant of his son's actions, he welcomed him home and acknowledged him, and boasted of his love for his son in front of everyone. 

I know I haven't exactly lived my life to be that one person who never brings shame to their Maker. The day I was born, I was represented as finished product of my Creator. When I was six years old, I became aware of the spectators that were carefully watching me and following my every move, deed and word, as if I was their only form of entertainment. These spectators are real and everyone is under their careful watch. There is not a single human being that escapes the observation of the "towns people in Heaven"- it's as if everyone has their own reality show. 

All of us are a finished product of God's work. The wrongs we do, causes the spectators to complain to our Maker the way the townspeople would complain to the prodigal son's father, and that's shameful. I am not a parent.. But I know there are many parents out there that have become so ashamed of their children's actions, that, even if their children repented, their resentment for their children shaming their reputation and name causes them to withhold forgiveness because sometimes, reputation cannot be mended. However, it's not the way God loves mankind.. His reputation is greater than anyone else's and no matter how many times people damage His reputation by doing things they weren't created to do, God will never be remained ashamed of them as long as they have a change of heart and begin doing the right thing.

The story of God's love told through my dream, revolves around His unwillingness to allow other people's judgments of our past wrongs to keep us from receiving the fullness of God's forgiveness. For, how can God complete His forgiveness in you if He forgets your sins but not your shame? Therefore, He wipes away the shame along with sin, by boasting of His love for you and promises He will never be ashamed of you again. And this is another thing I learned from the dream: If God doesn't condemn you, then no one will. That's my testimony of True Forgiveness as I have witnessed it for myself and the greatest testimonies are the ones told through first hand experience. I pray you will get to experience God's forgiveness too, if you haven't already.

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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