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Purpose for Ministers
by J LD
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I used to go to high mass church listening to the tune of the "Our Father" and it used to be the same tune God sang to me, until it was changed. I don't know why they changed it, nor when, but it doesn't sound quite the same anymore. I still love high mass though. I know it is better to sing a prayer than to say it.

You can always tell the difference between the "chosen" from the "called", and it IS humorous because you can sometimes get a sense of their annoyance of having to be there. The priest who performed the high mass yesterday morning was a "chosen" because I could always sense he wished he was somewhere else- but they always start out that way until it's time for them to tell a story. Then the spirit of God enters into them and it changes their attitude. But they're the best ones, you know.. Because when it comes to the message of the day after a reading of the Gospel, they go straight to the point and they keep it simple.

You can always tell the ones who were called.. it's pretty obvious they love being there. They love to talk about God and they go on and on, that, it takes them a long time to pass on just one simple message God has to give to the people that day. The priest that did the mass yesterday, revealed not one message, but several messages in equal or lesser time. Though many are called but the chosen are few, God utilizes the chosen because they are better vessels for the mustard seed audience. Because He knows the hearts of most people are impatient because by nature, their attention span is as small as a mustard seed, He uses the chosen to get His point across quickly. He cannot do that with those who were called- they tend to do their own thing and they often magnify the message or exaggerate it because they think by doing so, it will help get God's point across to the people. They just don't understand the power of His Wisdom- it is often kept simple and short for a reason.. It is not supposed to be elongated, complicated nor repetitive. However, I know that God utilizes those who were called for the sole reason that they are repetitive. Sometimes, a man needs to be told the same thing over and over in different ways in order to finally get the message imprinted in their mind and heart. 

Yesterday, in the middle of a story, the priest went off topic for a brief moment to tell another story, and I knew it was God addressing me on my own issues with work. I could tell some people were confused because God was delivering two different messages at the same time through him, but somehow, they were able to understand the message God had for them, even though they didn't understand the other message because I knew that one, was for me. 

I had been struggling with issues at work and the priest talked about the various conflicts at the workplace and about endurance among those who gossip, or don't help out with work duties or other things. He listed everything I had been going through that's weighed me down very heavily throughout the most recent weeks and it was a very sentimental moment to me, because God knew I needed it desperately. Gossip that causes people to neglect their duties or work drives me to an extreme measure of an uncontrollable rage. So also, plots of rebellion or betrayal. The nurses in the orphanage found gossip more important than doing their job which was to tend to our needs and my siblings would always retaliate by plotting rebellion, which didn't fix anything but made things worse. As an adult, having to go through these similar situations again at a work place, obviously drives a familiar pang in me that I can't endure. 

I have endured many evil things: sexual assault, physical abuse, bullying, prejudice, theft, and other sorts of violence that almost took my life, but nothing disturbs me more than the issues that remind me of the orphanage and I don't know why that is. Not even my memory of a having gun pointed at my head is able to disturb me as much as the familiar ways of the orphanage have disturbed me.  So, yesterday, you can pretty much understand why it was important for God to stop in the middle of one story to tell a completely different one. I lose all sorts of control when it comes to going through familiar orphanage struggles and it truly frightens me and I needed God yesterday to help calm me down.

With that said, I see why there is a need for ministers. Sometimes, there are forms of Counseling we need that we cannot obtain from a professional psychiatrist or a licensed therapist. For myself, I can only find peace if I know the counseling comes from God and if a minister is able to speak of an issue without me ever having to tell them what it is, then I know that the advice they give concerning my issues is not their own, but comes from the one who knows me best- my Creator. King Nebuchadnezzar had this same distrust toward his advisors that I have toward mankind's counsel. He had a dream that disturbed him greatly, that, instead of telling them the dream that bothered him- out of fear that they might only tell him what he wants to hear, he demanded that they they use their psychic ability to tell them what he dreamed in order to be sure that the interpretation that they gave afterward, was the truth. It is easy for a person to give advice or counseling if they know what the problem is, EVEN IF THAT ADVICE OR COUNSEL IS WRONG. But only God already knows what you're going through and is able to give the right advice and counsel.

There is no other greater form of counseling I have ever experienced, other than God's Counseling. When Daniel told the king his dream, the king knew Daniel was chosen by God because of his accuracy. In the same way, this is how I know when a minister has been called or chosen by God too- when they know my problem in detail without me having to tell them. And like Daniel, not only do they identify or pinpoint the problem, they also provide the solution and you can't get a more confidential form of Counseling other than through attending church or other forms of fellowship. For, when God speaks through a minister to an audience, that minister will never know who God is addressing and that's true anonymity. God is the most confidential Counselor you will ever meet and you never have to make an appointment either. When you need His counsel, He will provide it- even if He has to cause the minister to go off track from the main point for a moment and risk losing the audience's attention to address you on your concerns. That's what Christ meant by God going off to find that one sheep, even if it means leaving the rest of the flock for a moment. That's how sentimental His love is. I am a witness and I verify His Word as I continue to live to see the Truth as I experience it for myself. And this is just another testimony.

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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