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Pineal Gland Function
by J LD
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I've decided that my theory makes clear sense the more I think about it. The pineal gland produces melatonin to help us fall asleep so that the most important organs in our body, such as the heart, can rest. There are many things that can trick or deceive the pineal gland to produce more melatonin and I theorize that it is caused by one or more of our internal organs not resting when we are sleeping. There are several factors that might cause one or more of our internal organs to continue working while we are sleeping and one factor is eating before going to bed. 

Eating foods that turn into pure energy, such as carbs, I assume, is probably one of the main things that might make our heart pump faster. I know that sometimes when I eat chips or pasta before bed, I tend to get moments when my heart beats faster and I start to sweat as if I'm running a marathon while laying in my bed, trying to sleep. It may not cause the pineal gland to produce an overabundance of melatonin all the time when I do this, but I have experienced a few nights when I had dreams of death overwhelming me with a very heavy sleepy feeling while trying to drag me away after having gone to bed after eating a full plate of pasta. One personal note I always made to myself after experiencing death trying to take me in my dreams with food in my stomach- never eat heavy pasta right before sleep, even if I'm taking a nap. I found that fruits and other snacks don't cause me to experience heavy sleepy spells in my dreams. Also, I learned not to watch anything on TV that might cause me to fear in my sleep because I know fear also triggers the heart to speed up while the body is sleeping. This is the reason why, when God or angels appears to some people in dreams, they always tell the dreamer, "Do not be afraid", for, if the dreamer's heart rate increased, it would potentially cause their pineal gland to produce lethal doses of melatonin and kill them in their sleep. Such is my theory..

This also brings me to question certain things, now that I think about it. If certain foods affects our sleep to the point of threatening our lives, could this be the reason why God told His people not to eat certain foods He labeled as "unclean foods"?? Perhaps, there are multiple reasons why diet was important to people back in the ancient days.. Maybe ancient people died from eating certain foods that people in the modern world aren't affected by.. Just a thought..

The artwork of the Anunanaki holding a pine cone to the tree of life is also symbolic for meditation. Isaiah, Abraham's son, used to go out in the fields to meditate (probably on God's Word or knowledge of God that his father passed down to him), and I believe that mediation helps the pineal gland produce balanced melatonin. Speaking of melatonin- as far as I know, it is the hormone that causes us to fall asleep but not sure if it is what actually causes us to dream. Dreams do come from God but are they triggered by a hormone or the pineal organ? Here is the thing: Because of my experience with both dreams and hallucinations, I know that dreams can occur even when we are not asleep, and can come when we are wide awake.. so this gives me the impression that melatonin has nothing to do with causing dreams, only that it causes us to become very sleepy. 

However, I do know that the pineal gland itself is the reason why we dream because of the bread crumbs the ancients left for us. I theorize that though our eyes capture images, the pineal gland is able to project images, whether or not our eyes are open or closed. I truly believe that the pineal gland is not a "third eye", as most spiritual people assume it to be. Rather, it is like a film projector, not like a camera or a video recorder that captures images or videos. Scientifically, I believe the pineal gland takes images captured by our eyes and re-arranges them like a film editor and projects these images back out, that we call "Dreams". I am not saying that all dreams are only images that have already been captured by the human eye, I am only saying that they are images produced by the pineal gland and some images may have been taken from memory that our eyes captured in our waking life. I believe that the pineal gland is what helps the person know what they are looking at, so that it is in uniform with what another person sees, so that when one person sees an apple, another person does not see it as a banana, but also an apple. 

Jesus healed a blind man, who saw people that looked like trees walking around. Obviously, the images had nothing to do with blurred or slight vision but the fact that his eyes could not capture the image correctly, had a lot to do with the way these images were processed in his brain. So, theoretically, I believe that it is the pineal gland that helps the eyes capture images the way they are supposed to be seen, by editing the images and projecting them back out so that the brain can process the image correctly. 

It is not the actual eyes that Christ says shines light. It is the "projector" that shines light from our eyes. I also theorize that the shadow figure I dreamed trying to take my life by dragging me away while overwhelming me with a heavy sleepy spell, was not a figure at all, but the overabundance of melatonin hormone seeping out from the pineal gland that our literal eyes can see when they roll to the back of our eyes when we are sleeping. Just because we close our eyes, doesn't mean our eyes are asleep. Our eyes capture images, mostly either from the projected images from our pineal gland (also known as dreams) when we are asleep OR when we look at things when we are awake. Our eyes are organs that also rest but they never shut down, just like the heart and lungs never shut down, but continue to work while at rest. Otherwise, everyone would suffer blindness during their sleep only to regain sight when it's time to wake up- which is not so and it wouldn't even make any sense for God to engineer our body like that. 

So, that's my theory concerning the pineal gland and its function and why people might be dying in their sleep. When an overabundance of melatonin seeps out, it obviously causes other parts of the body to slow down dramatically too, to the point of threatening our life. It can effect our heart, our breathing and everything else that need to continue to function when we are sleeping. This is why I understand now, that when God taught me to overcome fear, I was calm and at peace and my heart rate slowed down to a resting pulse rate and it's when the shadow would disappear. And I am assuming when the feeling of death disappears, it means that the pineal gland received signals that the organs are finally at rest and sends the left over melatonin into our waste bin (our intestines). I am assuming our intestines is the only part of our body that doesn't speed up nor slow down, which is why the overabundance of melatonins are no longer a threat to us once it is sent there. Perhaps.. 

So, with all that said, I theorize that the pineal gland does not have the same function as our eyes. It does the opposite of what our eyes do. Our eyes capture images but the pineal gland projects images.. and maybe when the Anunanaki held out the pineal gland in the artwork, the pine cone projected the image of the tree of life- and they are ready to fill their bucket with loads of information revealed from that image.

God has called me from my youth and has taught me many things. One way or another, I am going to stop my enemy from destroying others before their time. And now that I exposed it, I truly hope people will learn to dominate it instead of being dominated by it, like the way it was witnessed in the orphanage. Try not to eat right before bed, fight the sleepiness in the dream if it happens anyway and calm your heart rate by not being afraid and you will be fine. I have avoided being taken by death by following these lessons taught to me by God, and on an occasion God sent angels to help me, so I guess it's also important to have faith in God for when the sleepiness is too powerful for you to overcome. Those are my only advice for now..

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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