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A New Heartbeat
by Margery Wolfe
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A New Heartbeat
Only God Satisfies

Psalm 81:8-16:
St. John 15:1-10

Four things we need to do to acquire a heartbeat after God
1. Hear the Word of God, accept it as God, and believe what it says. Jesus said he is the true vine, we are cleansed through the Word; abide in me and I in you. Ask what you will and it shall be done unto you.

2. Testify to God and of God; confess that Jesus is come in the flesh, He is the Son of God, He died and was raise again the third day, and confess your sins that God will heal us. We then tell of Godís goodness and mercy toward us. Bring forth fruit as Christ has done in us through the Testimony of who He is.

3. Hearken unto God; obey what the Word says. Obey the leading of the Holy Ghost. Keep my Commandments and abide in my Love. As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you Jesus said; continue in my love.

4. Do not listen to strange gods; for no strange gods will we worship. It is with God that we can live, move and have our being; but without him we can do nothing. If we worship strange gods God will give us up to uncleanness (Romans 1:24) through the lusts of our own hearts, to dishonor our own bodies. He will give us over to the hardness of our hearts and imaginations.

We are to open our mouths wide, speak of Him and He will fill it with what need to be spoken as He directs by his Holy Spirit.

Do we (like Israel) not want the Lord? We go to and fro searching for something but itís not there.

A man was walking along and looked down. There lay a dollar on the ground. He picked up the dollar, said thank you Jesus and proceeded to look for more. Why? Man is never satisfied so they always look for more that they find satisfaction. The same way with God; we have to search Him out that He may be found. Only God satisfies. Because we donít search God out and obey Him He gives us up to our own heart lusts to do what we want and we find no satisfaction in it. We walk in our own counsels and find no satisfaction. We need a new heartbeat; where God is; is where we want to be.

Deuteronomy 5:29 oh that there were such an heart in them that they would fear me and keep all my commandments always, that it might be well with them, and with their children forever. We need to forsake our ways; hearken to God, give ear; hear. Hearken means to give careful attention, give heed, listen carefully, hear today; walk with a new heartbeat.

Deuteronomy 5:32-33 observe to do as the Lord your God has commanded us, donít turn to the left or right but walk in all his ways that we may live and that it may be will with us and prolong our lives. He said if we walk in this new heartbeat after him he would give us peace as a river and our righteousness will be as waves of the sea (Isaiah 48:18).

God will subdue our enemies. The first enemy is the one within us; me. We have to bring in subjection our way, our unrighteousness, disobedience which is an enemy to our soul. He will conquer the battle we have going on in our minds. He will control what happens in our walk where we will overcome and be victorious in life.

Our Father God, our Creator will make even our haters to be at peace with us. He will feed them of his Word. The Word is alive, living, and it satisfies manís hungry soul.

We need a new heartbeat; a beat that moves with the Father; He is the one that satisfies. Only God the Father can satisfy manís emptiness. Only God the Father can fulfill manís hunger and thirst over and over again.

Man is never satisfied in this earth no matter what he has acquired in this world. His satisfaction comes only through the Father when he has acquired the heartbeat of Christ. We need a new heartbeat! Christ heartbeat is after the Father, to do his Will and to keep his Word.

To walk with a new heartbeat means we no longer live life in the flesh but in the Spirit. I means we are more subjected to the Word than the world.

Deuteronomy 6:25 and it shall be our righteousness if we observe to do all these Commandments before the Lord our God as He has commanded. As who have commanded? The Lord God! What will we do? Observe to do all the Commandments! Observe means to adhere to, follow, keep, or abide by the law, custom, duty, or rule. It also means to notice, perceive or pay special attention to; examine or study; have discernment.

This world has presented lifestyles to us that are not acceptable to God and want us to comply to their licentious laws. Man making laws that goes against the Laws of God is guilty of the sin of licentiousness. Licentious means disregarding accepted rules and standards, morally unrestrained especially in sexual activity; lascivious. Lasciviousness is a sin practiced by one that is characterized by or expressing lust or lewdness, wanton, tending to excite lustful desires.

Jeremiah 17:9 the heart is deceitful above all things; and desperately wicked.

Ecclesiastes 5:6 suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin.

We have a choice; what are we going to do? Act to the circumstances presented or move in a favorable position toward God? In doing the right things we show forth we have a new heartbeat; for we walk with God. We walk upright, work righteously, speak the truth and not backbite. We have to be careful for we could follow the world and will miss God.

Jeremiah 8:20 says the harvest (we are the harvest period now) is past, the summer is ended, and we are not saved. Accept we walk after a new heartbeat in Christ we will lose out with Christ because we must endure to the end to be saved (Matthew 24:13). We can start and not finish.

We have to take every opportunity to lift Jesus that Christ continues to arise in our lives that we are given. We can do the right things according to the Word; the heartbeat of Christ.

In Jeremiahís day the people missed the opportunity to know God in that more significant way. Significant means having or expressing a meaning; full of meaning; important, momentous, having or conveying a special or hidden meaning, suggestive. Of or pertaining to an observed departure from a hypothesis too large to be reasonably attributed to chance

But now that Jesus has come in the flesh, we are without excuse; we can know God through Christ, the Word of life, the Word lived, the light of the world, the Truth, the hope of Glory, He is the manifested life in us; we have his heartbeat. Jesus sought to please the Father, do his Will and walk in Godís Ways. At the Day of Pentecost Christ Jesus Spirit came on the inside of man to dwell in their hearts. He was no longer walking with them in the flesh. When He showed up they had a heart attack, a spiritual revival of the heart; back toward God. They died to the flesh and arose in the Spirit as Jesus did. If we are to walk with Christ we need a new heartbeat; the heartbeat of God.

We must die to the ďIĒ that lives on the inside of us; the ďIĒ of pride, the ďIĒ of lust, the ďIĒ that rules the flesh

When the heart of God, His Spirit and Word lives in us we walk to please God, we are very careful not to hurt the heart of God. We are mindful of the ďthou shall notĒ of all the Commandments. We walking to please God will make us to hear a different heartbeat in us. Itís the heartbeat of Christ in us; the hope of glory. The Disciples walked with Jesus in the flesh but we walk with Christ by faith. In Him we live, move, and have our being and we can be in Him and walk with Him. Jesus is the Word lived. He is the hope of Glory and wants to come in our hearts. He doesnít want to just linger around us as with the Disciples.

No man comes to the Father except by Him. All that receives Him and choose to live godly in this life takes on his heartbeat. We have a promised eternal life in Heaven. Jesus has given us a new heartbeat to walk by. When we walk by his beat we are planted, rooted, and established in Godís Will. He is our very step, we hear him, accept Him, believe and confess Him, ingest the Word daily, let it take root in our heart and grow in us that we walk the walk of Christ to God.

The Word will push out the weeds and entrapments sin brings and produces Godís righteousness in us. One Christ righteous seed is planted it will produce righteous fruit unto Eternal Life that can only come by receiving Christ in the fullness. We walk by another heartbeat that come through developing a heartfelt relationship between the Word planted, confessed as Truth, believe and receiving the more of Him that His Spirit comes not just on us but in us to dwell (live).

As we walk this walk of faith; this new heartbeat will cause us to have as Jesus hand; a passion for souls. It is developed in us as we learn of Him. Passion means we have a collective emotion for something, extreme, compelling emotion, intense emotional drive or excitement, enthusiasm or fondness for, a strong love or affection for, desire, a lust for. Because Jesus had such a strong passion for souls he suffered for the cause; from the beginning he suffered agony in the garden of Gethesemane and continued to his death on the Cross. He had an overpowering effect on the life of man because of his passion for souls that overcame all reason. We are encouraged today to love the souls of men; invite them to Christ.

When we have a passion for something we will show or have strong feelings for. We will go after it with some fervency; vehemently. We will have a violent emotion for whatever it is where we will die to get it done even if it called for a rage that is rooted deep. Our passion will be deeply and sincerely felt. It is a fury or glowing feeling of eagerness, enthusiasm and devotion. The feeling is of a fever pitch level, fervent with a burning desire.

We need the heartbeat of Jesus that died to win souls at any cost. We need to be keen in our desire where we are anxious to do the work. We must have an interest and a spirited readiness to achieve the call to win souls to the Lord. There should be an; anxiousness in our walk to bring someone else along.

We are to be supernaturally inspired, possessing an ecstasy for souls. How can we be satisfied to walk alone in this way? Jesus walked with an intense eager interest or zeal to give us reason to please God; he loved mankind. We need his heartbeat in this walk that we please God. We need Godís heartbeat as we walk this walk and talk the talk; be entire, whole, complete, totally sold out to the cause of Christ; soul winning, being saved, be sanctified, Holy, Love! Keep Godís Commandments and let God use us to his fullness in his strength. Be one in Christ with a new heartbeat!

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