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Is Dominionism Biblical?
by Carlton Pruitt 
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The purpose of this writing is not to go in depth by scriptural analysis seeking to prove my believe on this topic but rather to make some general comments and statements about what I basically believe about the gospel and the present and future in relation to Dominionism and Christian Reconstructionism.

Approximately 30 years ago I was caught up in the error of Dominionism or what might be known as Christian Reconstructionism but I never fully embraced Postmillennialism which is the eschatology that usually goes hand in hand with such false teachings. I was told by others of this persuasion to take dominion and that it was the task of the church to exercise dominion over every area of life. While it is true that we are to be a true witness of what Jesus Christ has done in our lives and obey the Lord Jesus in whatever field of calling or occupation we are in but this is not the same as the Dominion mandate or Christian Reconstruction Movement. As a result of this teaching I felt moved to pursue the area of acting and entertainment for the Lord. This was a foolish notion which sounded so good at the time. I was accepted at Bob Jones University after visiting three different Christian colleges but decided on BJU and then I decided not to finish my BA degree and opted instead for an acting career. I knew that I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my bachelor's degree without at least trying to make a success of acting.

The Task of the Believer

It is true we are called to be a witness of what Jesus Christ has done in us and we are called ambassadors of Christ but this Dominionist or Christian Reconstructionist ideology is a very different idea than simply being a witness for the Lord. The mistaken and gross teaching that we can defeat Satan by voting out of office certain political candidates or that we can create a Christian world that embraces Christ's teachings on a large scale before Christ returns is nowhere taught in holy scripture but many today believe it nevertheless and it has gained ground in many denominations such as the Charismatics and even Reformed churches.

As one man asked:

Do the scriptures teach that the Christians have been promised GLOBAL VICTORY on a grand scale, in this present age before Christ's Second Coming? THE BIBLICAL ANSWER? NO!

2. Does the Bible teach that the people of God will take over communities, political systems, international banking, armaments, all social structures and so on. Are there instructions by God to do so in this age? THE BIBLICAL ANSWER? NO!

3. Are God's people promised the POWER to take the world - with a POLITICAL and SPIRITUAL POWER which will destroy the armies of Satan on this earth, in the days before Christ returns? THE BIBLICAL ANSWER? NO!

4. Do Christians virtually have a divinely ordained duty to defeat Satan's forces in history, in order to prove that CHRIST IS NOT A LOSER IN HISTORY? THE BIBLICAL ANSWER? NO!

All false teaching has implications and every error in doctrine manifests itself in wrong behaviors or sinful living. I moved to Hollywood in 1996 to pursue what I felt was my calling but was really only my personal and mistakenly vain ambition to reach the masses after I became famous. I thought if I because famous through acting I could tell my story to the world and gain their ears. It never happened and gratefully so for my life was not right with God. Fame destroys it's thousands and pride it's ten thousand.

Most actors, I've discovered, like most models, are both vain and proud and confused about who they are. Pretending to be different people is not healthy and was the error of the Scribes and Pharisees whom our Lord called hypocrites. I was never that good at acting (although I did create a good character once in a local play)but I did enjoy the pursuit and envied the lifestyle of the rich and famous. I was falling away from Christ in my heart while maintaining a semblance of Christian profession. I thought I was saved but showed little evidence.

Why Dominionism is Wrong

I said all the above to say that I believe the historic Amil position is correct. The world to a large degree has already heard the gospel and nations that were once incluenced by the Christian faith has rejected their Christian heritage and now we see what I believe is the final apostasy culminating in great tribulation, suffering, persecution before the return of Jesus.
There will be no secret rapture and true believers will suffer persecution while many professing Christians who think they are saved will deny the faith when they discover they love their life more than they love Jesus. The wheat and tares grow side by side. The true Christian is a witness in a hostile world. He will never be popular if true to Biblical convictions but hated by the world. Such will not be earthly minded but such will set his affections on things above if he be truly risen with Christ. Col. 3:1-2

Many people get obsessed with prophetic teachings and begin setting dates on when they think Christ will return. This was the error of the late Harold Camping who, while he wrote and taught many important Biblical truths, went too far beyond scripture by saying judgment day is coming on May 21, 2011 and then adding "The Bible Guarantees It." Well, judgment day is coming but Mr. Camping was wrong on his date setting and timing. Because so many people like to follow men instead of the Bible Mr. Campings many followers went astray in their cult like following of a man whose integrity and credibility were very high in the Christian community (unfortunately this fact doesn't make one infallible). See my video Conspiracy: Things Are Worse Than You Think and

If we honestly examine the health of the church today and all that Scripture teaches I believe we can conclude that Satan has indeed been loosed for a short season to deceive the nations. While Mr. Camping taught this it did not originate with him. It was taught by many other theologians in the past. See William Henriksen's work "More Than Conquerers.

Rev. 20 describes not a literal thousand years as so many churches and pastors falsely teach but rather an indefinite period of time between the crucifixion of Jesus when Satan was bound and when Christ will return for His bride the church.

The gospel has been victorious wherever it has been faithfully proclaimed. It went throughout the world these last 2,000 years and changed cultures, politics, economics, family values etc but none of this is equated with salvation necessarily. A person can be reformed on the outside and conform to the moral law externally but have no internal change of heart and so remain unregenerate with God's wrath and condemnation still abiding on him because of a lack of repentance and faith in JESUS. Presently Satan has perverted the gospel and many local congregations are not being faithful to the gospel
and so the churches are over run with tares and few if any wheat. Nevertheless, the gospel still goes forth seeking out the remaining elect during these perilous times. When the last of God's elect are brought into the Kingdom then the end will come.

Matthew 24 describes a great tribulation such as never existed before. Christians have been and will continue to be persecuted right up to the second advent and then when Christ returns that will be judgment day. When Christ returns will He find faith on the earth? Yes, but their number will be few just like in the days of Noah. Perhaps most Christians will have been martyred or the true believers will simply have died off without being replaced with true converts but the number will be few according to the Bible. Today the number is appears to be few in light of the world population and when we consider that so many today who claim to be saved are not likely saved at all. The evidence is lacking in so many ways.

Jesus said "But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be." Matthew 24:37 During Noah's days only eight souls were saved in a world of perhaps several million which is a drop in the bucket. The world that then existed was overflowed with water (universal not local flood). Everybody perished but Noah and his family. When the Lord comes the next time He will destroy the world by fire and all the wicked will be burned up like chaff. The righteous few will be caught up to be with the Lord after the dead in Christ are resurrected. Oh, what a glorious future for the saints to know that no matter how bad things get in a world governed by wicked men under the influence and power of Satan God's dear children will be faithful unto death because God has so willed it: "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death." Rev. 12:11

Carlton Pruitt ministers the gospel to the Los Angeles area.
Formerly a Hollywood actor (SAG member) and junk removal expert he now spends most of his time studying the scriptures, writing articles, hymns and poems and doing street preaching.

See all his videos on https://www.YouTube.com/user/LAStreetPreacher

CONTACT at Carlton2061@gmail.com

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