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How I Fight Fever
by Caroline Alderson
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First, to be efficient in the ability of fighting fever, sickness, disease, and pain, and getting it to leave, you need to put the word on healing into your spirit. Meditate on the scriptures where Jesus healed people. Read Acts, where the disciples were healing people. Find and mediate on the verses that promise you healing. My favorite that I beat sickness over the head with over and over and over and Ö is "by the stripes of Jesus I AM healed." I'm not going to BE healed. I Am healed, and the no good for nothing devil who comes to steal kill and destroy, wants to steal my health from me. (John 10:10)

1 Peter 2:24 says Jesus bore my sins on his own body on the tree (cross) and by His wounds or stripes you HAVE been healed. See that "have"? That's a past tense word. It means the sneaky devil is trying to STEAL your health. Legally, he has no right to touch you or me. That's right. He has no right touching my body! Why? Because my body is the property of God! I belong to God. I am OWNED by God. Since when does the devil have any right to mess with God's property?? None! None, mr. Devil! You can't touch me! Don't touch me. You could lose your fingers. I belong to God! You can't touch me! Am I bold enough to tell the devil this? Are you kidding? You better believe it. Why should I put up with sickness?? I don't have to be sick! Ever! Not ever! I have the right to say no to sickness.

Example: The other day, the devil, and yes it was so the devil. Where do you think sickness comes from? Oh germs, you say? And where do all bad germs come from? Yup, the devil, that's where. Anyway, I woke up one morning, with fever. I was like, huh?? I haven't had fever in at least 8 or 9 years. I thought maybe I was just feeling weird or something. I don't even own a thermometer, so I went next door to borrow one of them old timey ones. I took my temp, and it was 100.3. Then, I hear the devil say, "Oh, I'm going to make that go to 104, just like I used to do." I laughed at him, and said, Oh sure, you can try, but you won't win. I know my rights now, thief.

I immediately turned on Gloria Copeland and one of her healing schools. I picked the Branson one. I listened to like 10 hours of all kinds of preaching, with preachers who believe in healing. Every time some verse came up in my spirit, boy I went to work on the enemy fighting. Eagle Mountain Church a couple of Sundays ago had the youth church's worship band in there, and they post it on demand for a week. It was soooo good, and sooo anointed, and I had listened to it already several times. Well I put that early morning service one on, because it was the most anointed, and I began to sing loud, and started worshiping God.

The devil would say, "ohh you're getting weak. You better go lay down."

Yeah' in your dreams! Healed people don't go to bed. Forget it! Healed people worship God, and I began to worship Him. Every now and then, I would feel a little woozy, but I just kept saying I was healed by the stripes of Jesus and worshipping God. I was either standing, or sitting on the floor, but I kept it up.

The anointing was so strong, I started pacing my living room floor and shouting the word of God to the atmosphere, and preaching about healing. I would say, I don't care what my body says. I don't care what that thermometer says! God's Word says I'm healed. I'm believing God's word, and nothing else. After a while I noticed I started feeling like I was okay, but yet the temp thing said at this point I had 101.3. So??? I felt fine. It was wild!! My body in the natural had fever, and the temp said I had fever, but I could no longer feel it, and I knew I was healed, and I knew and was saying this out loud, that my body was going to catch up to what I was now feeling in the spirit realm. The spirit realm was becoming more real to me than what the natural realm was saying.

Finally, I knew the fever was gone, and the temp would agree. At this point I didn't have any fever for real, natural real. Total time from the start of the fever was about 14 hours. At one point, it went down to 99.4, and then it would go to 100.7, and then down to 100.3 and it peaked at 101.3, but that high temp only lasted a couple of hours. Now, you have to understand with me, when I used to get fever, it would go to at least 102, and stay there for at least 3 days, and three different times, it went to 104, and I almost died. The first time I had a almost death experience, but that's another story. I have never been one of these people who only got sick for one day. When I got sick, I got sick bad. But, now I never get sick. I haven't been attacked with any kind of sickness for 8 or 9 years until that fever attacked, and that was nothing compared to how it used to be.

Oh, another thing, the enemy will tell you to watch that temp thing, because it will keep going UP. Don't let him do that to you. This time when he did that, I heard God say, "Start speaking to that temp and say, "You're coming down, in Jesus name!" That will keep you from "watching and expecting" it to go up, and defeat what your mind is trying to tell you. You will instead be expecting your fever to come down, and for your temp to become normal.

The hardest part you will find in fighting the enemy off your body, is your thoughts. You have to train the mind, train your thoughts, and train your mouth, if you expect to win. God is moved by faith. Faith is simply believing, and agreeing, agreeing, I said, agreeing with God, and what He has already said, and declared in His word. If you disagree with the word, you are in essence calling God a liar, and are in the opposite of faith. What is the opposite of faith? Fear is the opposite of faith. Fear brings torment. You don't want torment. Sickness is torment. No believer has to put up with sickness, fever, colds, runny noses, stopped up noses, sore throats, the vocal chords going hoarse. You donít have to live with that stuff.

Well, everyone gets it! Who is everyone?? The world? We aren't of the world, beloved. We are of Heaven's realm. We don't have to have the worlds garbage. And sickness is garbage. God does not get glory when you are on your back sick. You donít care about anyone but yourself when you are sick. Where is the glory God is getting in that? He wants you well. You can't do nothing for Him if you're sick. You can't do nothing for Him, if you're kids are sick, because then you are all worrying about them. He wants your kids well. He doesn't want you spending your days in worry. Worry is fear. Fear brings torment. Worry knots up the stomach. That's because worry is fear, and fear brings torment. Then, depression comes. Depressed people get sick, because when your emotions and your mind is upset and depressed, it messes up your bodies ability to protect itself from sickness, and it's a vicious cycle.

If any feelings from darkness come, I have to right then and there deal with it, because other junk will follow if I don't. If I am angry at someone, then un-forgiveness tries to come. Then I have to get off by myself and say, "mind, we aren't going to be angry at this person. I don't care what they did. Anger will mess us up. So stop it! I am peaceful. I walk in love." I don't get angry, or at least I don't stay angry. I don't let un-forgiveness take over my emotions. I walk in love. Sometimes it may be tough love, but it's love, or God will get on me. You know what? Anger feels nasty. Really nasty. --Shudders-- I don't like the way it feels at all. The more you hang out with God and His word, the more you can tell when something is from darkness. And the more I want no part of it.

If we can get our thoughts, and our emotions trained, and train what we say with our tongues, we can get all sickness, disease, pain, fear, depression, and lack off of us. It's all about training. If you are afraid of discipline, or are too lazy to be bothered with training, then you will stay sick, and depressed. But, me, discipline is Heaven to me, because it means I don't have to live with the attacks everyone else has to live with. Believe me, the training you will go through will be worth more than you can ever understand. You get to be freeeeee from everything bad. No more getting sick. NO more. No more getting depressed. I used to wake up and be depressed, for no reason. None. Never again do I have to live with depression. I learned the secret to being free, and staying free.

The Holy Spirit is our Coach. He's our Counselor. He will train our minds, train us how to think like God thinks. He will train us how to speak like God speaks. He will train us how to feel only how God feels. He will train us to do those things that please the Father. Let God be your Coach, and your entire life, every part of it will go through a wonderful change. You will be changed from a caterpillar, to a beautiful butterfly. (not literally of course lol)

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