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An Atonement
by J LD
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I woke up from a dream this morning and it was about aliens.. I think.. The story I was told by the dream was as followed: There was a young woman who crossed paths with a man who tried to violate her and she somehow escaped him and ran to an older man who was accompanied by a young man. In the dream, it was revealed that these two men (the older man who was with the young man) were strangers that came from above and they were thought to have come down and help mankind- or so mankind thought. When the young woman saw them, she was relieved and ran to them and told them what happened. It came to her shock (and mine as well, as I was watching this happen, as if I was watching a movie), that after these men were informed of what happened to her, they decided to try to do the same to her, instead of doing what the girl thought they would do- which was to bring justice.

As the girl seemed trapped from both sides, with having both mankind and visitors from above trying to violate her, a woman appeared out of nowhere and she was an older woman. The older woman came to the older man who was accompanied by the young man, and knew they had become influenced by mankind's ways and helped the young woman by enticing the men to herself. It came as an even bigger shock, when the older woman revealed to the two men that she too was an alien like them. This greatly caused the two men to lose interest over the young human female, immediately, and they pursued the woman who was also from above. The woman incited them to return "home" and that she would go with them, promising them that she would let them do to her whatever they had intended to do to the young woman. When she led them through the waters of the atmosphere, which only came up to their waist, she turned around and told the older man to find a pen she had lost, for, she didn't want to leave it behind. The man was willing to do anything for her because he desired her so much, however, the woman did this to lose them because she only wanted to distract them long enough to let the young woman get away. And the woman who appeared to saved the young woman, was named Lilly.

In the dream, the two aliens were shocked when she revealed herself as being an alien like them because of how well she disguised herself. And the only ones she revealed it to, were the two aliens, since she didn't want to expose herself to anyone else. The two aliens were not like her at all because they had no disguises- they didn't have the capability to mask their true form, like Lilly. And in the dream, Lilly had been overseeing earth for a very long time and even kept watch over the visitors that arrived there throughout the generations and I sensed that was her only purpose. The woman had very human like features and she blended in so well with mankind, that not even other aliens could tell the difference. Lilly was not like the other aliens that came down to earth. I sensed that she was placed there, as a guard, not to oversee the deeds of mankind, but to make sure those who were not of the earth, didn't succeed in committing the same crimes of humans, against humans. She knew almost all visitors were easily influenced by their curiosity to follow mankind's deeds- they had no sense of right and wrong, since they only knew of their own world's sense of right and wrong and so, she was appointed from ancient days to oversee the deeds of non-earth beings that came to earth.

Lilly was also known as a conqueror. In the dream, she was renown for casting out aggressive aliens, especially those that pursued the daughters of men. In the ancient days, when the more aggressive aliens came down from heaven, she slaughtered them and even, drank their blood. And this was why the more aggressive aliens would never step foot on earth again. The two visitors in the dream were not aggressive, which was why she resorted to deception. She never lashed out nor took action against mankind. Even when she saw men harming their own daughters, she never took action against them, for, her only purpose was to protect mankind from those who were not of the earth.

It wasn't because Lilly didn't want to help the women of the earth that she didn't save them from the attack of men from the earth. It was because Lilly didn't have the ability to sense anyone was in trouble whenever it came to mankind harming another mankind. She was only able to sense those from above, about to do harm to humans, that she would come just in time, to save mankind. It was both a good and sad dream, really. I rejoiced at Lilly's success in rescuing the girl from aliens, but then mourned when she found out the young woman was attacked by another human being and I watched her feeling like a failure. I wanted to be able to tell her, "Hey, you did what was required of you and that's all that God cares about."  The young woman blamed her anyway and Lilly carried the undeserved blame and guilt and moved on. I thought about how selfish the young woman was, even though I also understood her pain and anguish, but I didn't think it was Just for her to use Lilly as a scapegoat and pour misdirected anger and blame on her.

I thought about this dream today.. And it very much applied to the recent tribulations I was going through. I had been going through two types of tribulations throughout the recent weeks and only one has managed to burden my heart. Troubles brought on by fate are not as difficult to overcome compared to the troubles brought on by the choices we make. Though we do everything we can to try to help people, sometimes, I forget that it can result in causing us to become a scapegoat and like Lilly, most of us end up carrying guilt and blame that is not of our own. I know this is why God gave me the dream. He gave it to me, to show me I shouldn't feel bad for doing what was required of me. I don't know why people expect so much from helpers.. Like Lilly, I cannot rescue people from all of their problems, I can only do my best by taking away a few of their burdens. But when they require more of me, they assume I didn't try at all and that's what makes me feel bad all the time. And what's worse, when I tried to take away some of the burdens from both my coworkers and my manager, they felt like I betrayed them and let them down.

In the end, I ended up carrying guilt for the things "I should have done but failed to do" and that hurts a lot. After having this dream, I now understand God is telling me, "You did all you could do" and to continue to do the things required of me to avoid accumulating Justified guilt. I know now that tribulations involving troubles brought on by the choices we make can only be overcome if the guilt we accumulate is undeserved. And I guess that's another way that Love covers over all wrongs. The intent is all that God concerns Himself with and we can only do what God requires of us, not what mankind requires of us- that's the difference I failed to understand, until now. I thank God, after punishing myself for over a week, He has given me the atonement I needed to clear my guilt.

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