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Vitruvian Wisdom
by J LD
Not For Sale


I woke up from a dream seeing the word "Vitruvian" and then, the word "Vitru". I searched for the definition of the word "Vitru", which means "glass", but the meaning of the name "Vitruvius" and its origin couldn't be located. I tried searching online for as much information I could find on the term, "Vitruvian", and it keeps referring to the "Vitruvian Man". When I did further research, I learned that Vitruvius was a Roman writer, architect and engineer on whom Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" artwork was based. I questioned myself as to why God would give me a dream leading to this and it was when I discovered a familiar quote that he was famous for, that I began to wonder if this was why He chose this as my next venture.

Vitruvius wrote a book in which he states that every architectural structure should possess these three main qualities: firmness, commodity and delight. Although this is not exact, God taught me a similar phrase concerning the structure of mankind; for, when God created man, He based the worthiness of their creation on these three qualities: strength, usefulness and pleasure. But the structures that do not possess these three qualities are like buildings that cannot and will not last. Perhaps, da Vinci understood this. Perhaps, he too understood that the wisdom given to Vitruvius originated from God's wisdom, since I have seen for myself that it is Universal and he knew it referred to the structure of man and not some building made of stone and bricks.

Wisdom does not change, it might evolve but it does not change. No one can comprehend the latter unless they have first, understood the former; and so, it is how everyone who seeks, learns. And when they learn things that might appear to be "Wisdom of old", they must understand that it is not old knowledge they are learning, for, everyone must be taught the former before the latter. Knowledge doesn't age, it just becomes forgotten throughout the generations and the new pupils must receive the same education as those did in ancient days. That's just the way God's education works. If mankind had lived up to their useful service of rearing their children with the right type of education, maybe, those called by God wouldn't have to learn from the beginning all over again, only to discover that what they learned wasn't new in the world. If I was taught the education that was passed down to mankind from God, maybe I wouldn't be learning all of this repetitive Wisdom that were taught to ancient people and maybe, new Wisdom or Wisdom that hadn't yet been revealed, would be taught to me by now. But it is true, that God repairs broken knowledge by teaching His students the correct Wisdom before continuing from where it last left off.. I just wished people would stop distorting His Word for their own selfish purpose or gain.

The word "Vitru" might indeed be translated into the word "glass", but the name "Vitruvius" (which, no one seems to know the definition of), means "the way of transparency". This nick name was given to Marcus Pollio because of his architectural writings. He had a way of making things that seemed too confusing or complicated and simplified them in order to "clarify knowledge" or instruction, so that it would be difficult to misinterpret or misunderstand. A man who brought clarity was known as a Vitruvian and the nick name they were given was "Vitruvius". So, knowing that, I hope to have you bear with me as to why I dreamed of this word.

The rediscovery and continuation of Pollio's work was through Leonardo da Vinci (which, I struggle with conflicted beliefs that it was da Vinci's actual thoughts and work and not anyone else's), and it was supposedly da Vinci that transformed the Wisdom back to its original reference- the creation of life. When people are given Wisdom by God, they tend to turn it into their own thing.. Pollio took God's three main qualities of a life structure revealed to him, and changed it into the three main qualities of building structures. It was this way, he was able to use God's wisdom to discover the scheme of architecture and give a clearer guidance on how to build better structures.

Pollio isn't the only one who took God's wisdom and applied it in a way that would make them wealthy, notable and successful. There are a lot of people who have proved to be irresponsible and used God's Wisdom for everything BUT its intended purpose. If I gave a cook a knife to chop up vegetables and yet, the cook decides to use it to chop up something else, wouldn't that be considered a violation or a betrayal? But that's what most people do.. They're unfaithful, unreliable and untrustworthy, and it's our job to make these repairs, to clarify Wisdom's intended purpose.

Why is it important to undo the distortion of God's word? Well, particularly in this case, if you don't know you are an architectural structure of God, then you will never know how to live up to your true purpose if you don't know what that is. God says that His architectural work (that includes His creation of mankind) should meet these three requirements: Strength, Usefulness and Pleasure. A man's purpose is to show strength by accepting God's Word; show they are useful through heed and obedience to God's Word; and please God through faithfulness to His Word- this is God's only pleasure. These three qualities sums up the worthiness of God's creation to remain existent- they will never be blotted out or cut off from Life. Suppose Pollio delivered God's Word the way it was delivered to him, wouldn't his knowledge be mentioned by Christ?? Yet, Christ cannot quote distorted Wisdom. He can only repeat Truths that have been delivered by responsible messengers that came before him- those that kept truth "as is", the same way it was given to them.

I want you to understand what the Holy Spirit does: When a Carpenter finishes His work, He brings in painters to refine the house He built. A painter repairs and beautifies a house to make it presentable or acceptable to live in- and that's the purpose for Christ sending the Holy Spirit, so that the house can be up-kept. I often wonder just how many people were driven by an unknown desire to become a painting contractor.. Yet, if I had not experienced working this trade, perhaps, I never would have understood the purpose for the Holy Spirit. People are like houses and the Holy Spirit searches for a place to refine- like a doctor healing the sick or finding those who are lost. The person who has already received carpentry work, only needs a painter. The Holy Spirit makes the final preparations for a person to be acceptable to God, just like the way Esther's eunich prepared her for the king. And do you think without the eunich's knowledge of the king's likes and dislikes would have helped Esther find the way to win the king's heart? The Holy Spirit knows God better than anyone because He is a Portion of God and I help to do His work as long as He continues to work in me.

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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