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Universal Language in the Pyramid called Earth
by J LD
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So, now that I shared with you several different ways of how I perceive the world, you will understand why I refer to being on earth as "being IN here", not, "OUT here", even if I wasn't inside a building or a house. For, since I was a kid, I always felt like I was trapped in an hourglass and whenever I look up to the sky, all I see is an invisible vault ceiling- because, even though the sky seems endless, I know it is finite. This was the reason why holding any snow globe made me feel like I was holding the world in my hands, because Earth is just a giant snow globe or a crystal ball in God's hands. The "hourglass" analogy is the way I primarily view the world and I know the only way out of this giant "Glass House", is through the Holy Spirit. 

When I wrote about the two pyramids with its tips touching each other looking like an hourglass, instead of the pyramid standing on earth, picture the Earth inside the Pyramid, like a full circle in a triangle. If the sand in an hourglass were to symbolize the physical world coming into existence when it passes through the middle, picture the sand not falling to the bottom, but rather swirls to create earth and everything in it- that's what I mean by feeling like I'm trapped in a snow globe. We are all like "Genies in a bottle" but not all of us obey every command or accomplish the desires of our "master".

I wonder if anyone ever asked themselves what was so symbolic about the Pyramid and why the calculation of Pi is endless and why the two would be strongly connected. The reason being, is not for the sake of physics, but for the sake of Time. Time is for the soul, so that: 1) it can experience what it's like to be finite when it experiences the birth, growth and decay of its physical body, so that it can appreciate life, for, all spirits are infinite; and 2) if a spirit remains trapped in the Globe after leaving its physical body, it will eventually suffocate from the deprivation of the only "breath of life" that comes from God in Heaven.

If I were to explain the difference of how, people who relied on themselves and people who relied on God, would escape this world, I would use flasks as an analogy to help you understand. Let's say God took two flasks (in case you don't know what a flask is, it's a triangular glass cylinder with a narrow neck opening that most scientists use for experiments) and poured all kinds of tiny caterpillars into them and then sealed one and left the other flask open. The flasks represents the world and in the world, these caterpillars (that represent mankind) will toil their entire life to find a place to settle and form a cocoon. 

When these caterpillars "die" and become "born again" as butterflies, it symbolizes how a man's soul will automatically become lifted up to the "ceiling" of the sky when their spirit leaves their body. So, people who trust in themselves, are like butterflies trapped inside the sealed flask, while the people who trusted in God represents the butterflies in the opened flask. The butterflies that escape the opened flask, represents the souls that will never die, while the trapped butterflies in a sealed flask represents souls that will suffocate and experience a never ending increase to their gasp for "Air". The Breath of Life or the Air that spirits breathe is every Word that comes from God. All spirits are infinite but not all are free. 

The Genie in a Lamp story originates from a dream given to someone by God (obviously, whoever wrote the story didn't understand God was trying to tell them something or maybe they didn't realize the dream was a parable given to them by God, not a story they could earn an audience with). The Genie is symbolic for the spirits that are trapped in the Lamp (the Pyramid of Earth) and in order to be set free, it must show OBEDIENCE to the Creator and prove itself faithful and true. The concept of evil Genies becoming forever trapped in a Lamp, in order to seal chaos from ruining the peace of others, came from the same dream. God was telling the person who first told of this story to others, that all spirits who are trapped in the world can only escape through obedience with a trustworthy heart. But everyone who are deceitful, corrupt and disobedient like the evil Genies will be sealed in the Lamp. 

Dreams are universal and messages from God are revealed to us through countless parables. When I say that dreams are universal, it means, that though mankind speaks many different languages, including sign language, dreams is the only universal language that EVERYONE knows (even though many do not know how to interpret it). Though it is not verbal, the message God tells to different language speaking people, is the same. Regardless of their culture, ethnicity, belief, language, or status, everyone who dreams at least once in their life, has heard God's choice of language. It is NEVER a coincidence when two or more people have the same or similar dreams, even if they don't know each other. God can talk to five different people from each country that speak different languages and give them the same exact dream. That's why Dreams is called a universal language and I've had plenty of experience hearing God speak this language to me since my youth, regardless if the dream occurred when I was asleep or awake (although, Dreams that occur when a person is awake is called "visions"). So, believe me when I tell you that I know when a story is derived from a Dream because I am very familiar with hearing God's language.

It's how I also knew that the Emerald Tablet also came from a dream. I know God's message and I can recognize it anywhere. These stories don't come out of thin air and most people will NEVER understand the dreams given to them without an interpreter who knows how to translate God's language to be understood for the purpose it was sent. Even Christ's disciples had a difficult time translating Jesus's Parables into plain words. The bible only mentioned a handful of men who was able to translate the Universal Language and the ones most familiar to believers are: Joseph, Jacob's son, Daniel, the prophet and Jesus. With Daniel the prophet, he not only translated the king's dream, but he also told the king what he dreamed without the king telling him! This was an impossible thing for the king's advisers to do because they always believed that all dreams came from within each person them self, not from God, so, they didn't believe two or more people were able to know what the other dreamed because they didn't think people could have the same exact dream! But Daniel made it clear to the king that all dreams come from God and proved his knowledge of knowing God's Universal language, by telling the king what dream he had AND interpreting it. 

It was not by coincidence but by God, that a man who was diagnosed with prostate cancer, came to me, telling me a dream he had of coming across a lion that turned into a brownish red colored Bisson dog. I asked him if he had recently prayed to God about his well being because the dream concerned the future of his condition. With a surprised expression, he admitted to me he had been secretly praying to God even though he was never a religious man nor ever believed in God but was afraid of not knowing what to expect. He wanted me to tell him the true interpretation of the dream because he knew I knew what the dream meant, because right after he told me the lion turned into a dog, I asked him if it was a dark reddish curly haired dog, like a Bisson. 

And because I was able to know the rest of what he dreamed without him having to tell me, he asked me to tell him the truth so I did. I told him that God was giving him a response and to tell him to prepare for burial because he was not going to recover. So, that's what the man did. And don't you know when he made me promise to look after his wife, I ended up renting a room out of her house?! 

Two years later, I met another man (who didn't know of the first), that also told me he had a dream of a lion turning into a brownish red Bisson. This man had lung cancer. He too, didn't believe in God until he became worried when the cancer spread during his treatments. When he told me the dream, I didn't have the heart to tell him to prepare for burial but did tell him one part of the message, since he struggled with faith. He was more so worried about going to hell or worse, be trapped and alone when he died. But I told him the truth that God was letting him know He was going to bring him to Himself, but I didn't tell him that it was God telling him He was going to do so because he wasn't going to recover. I didn't think he was ready to hear that part yet. I was surprised how he kept in touch and several months before he passed, I knew he was ready to hear the truth, when he asked me again what the dream meant. It was of no coincidence that God had him keep in touch with me, because he needed to be able to prepare that Will for his wife he had been putting on hold, thinking he was going to get better. And just in time too. So, Dreams is a Universal language and I hear God speak it all the time, not just to me, but to others.

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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