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Obedience in order to have Strength
by J LD
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During the years when I had many dreams of being a soldier, I was with two comrades and we were all dressed like a thief in the night. In these dreams, I had an entirely different set of memories; and it seemed so real because I had a lifetime full of memories that did not include any those from my waking life, as if I had served in God's military for a very long time and I knew who I was and where I came from. I remembered God's Decrees, throughout those dreams as if they were tattooed all over my entire body. 

In one dream, when my comrades and I were in military warfare, we received word from God to go into hiding because something had happened and we were told to sit tight until further notice. We did as He instructed, until the following instructions were finally given: "You are not to use any of your weapons against these people (the army who pursued us) because they are helpless and do not understand who they're up against and you're too powerful for them. Instead, go hide in the place I tell you and wait there for further instruction." Now this was a very difficult thing to do because my comrades and I were in the heart of the land that belonged to the army that pursued us and we had no choice but to disarm our weapons no matter what dangerous situation we were in. As we prepared to leave, we knew we had to move quickly because our enemy was going to be on the edge of our tails if there were any hesitations.

So, we got in our separate vehicles, which were 3 flying cars and we sped out of our hiding place to go to the destination revealed to us when the right moment came, so that we could have a head start. My two comrades who were with me, served under me and only did as I instructed. God's Decree of the Chain of Command in the dream was strange because it worked like this (and I still don't understand it): God was my Commander and I was to obey Him and any instruction I disobeyed, I would be held accountable for; but the two that served under me, would not be held accountable for my disobedience. The two that served me, were only held accountable to God if they ever broke any instructions that came from me, EXCEPT, if any of my orders conflicted with the orders given by God, according to the Decree, they were to disband from me and immediately return to the Top chain in command before doing anything else, or else, they too would be held in contempt.

My two comrades were very faithful to me as I was to God and we flew close to the ground to avoid being seen,  but our enemies eventually saw us and the army began to chase us. My one comrade drove ahead of me while the other was behind me, because in the dream, their sole purpose was to protect me and the only order they were given by God was to do whatever it takes to make sure I survived, no matter the cost and to obey my every instruction. When I looked in my rear view mirror, the one behind me had trouble with his vehicle and it slowed down. As it slowed down, I slowed down too because I didn't want to leave him behind and my other comrade who was ahead of me, slowed down to get behind me, after seeing there was no one covering my back. 

As I watched the comrade, who fell far behind, eventually come to a halt, the army that pursued us captured him and stopped pursing me and my other comrade. As I watched this in my rear view mirror, I remember facing a difficult decision that made one Decree conflict with another. 

It was my comrades' duty to make sure I returned to God safely, even if it meant sacrificing their own lives to help me escape capture. However, it conflicted with my duty to never abandon my servants, no matter the situation because this was the way of God's commanding officers. So, even though my comrades were following the orders given to them by God, I too, had to follow decrees, especially to never leave a faithful servant behind. So, when I slowed down, my other comrade followed my example and we went back to surrender so that the one captured wouldn't be left abandoned. And even though we had weapons that were too powerful for them, I had no choice but to obey the Command given to me by God: which was not to use our weapons, no matter what.

I remember the army swarming around us and seeing this short man wearing a business suit, standing on top of an army tank, overseeing his mighty soldiers. At that moment, he gave the order to put us to death on the spot and his general was reluctant. When he saw his general refusing to be compliant, this short business man threw a childlike tantrum, as if he was banging on an invisible table with his angry fists, barking orders like an angry spoiled boy. As the man carried on with his tantrum, I saw that the general eventually became compliant as if he became so annoyed that he just wanted the man to shut up and gave orders to his men to shoot us down, even though he disagreed with the order. But before any shots were made, I held my comrades' hands to give them my support and comfort and I woke up.

The reason why I bring up these specific dreams is because I compare it to the current situation our country is facing with the actions of our Commander in Chief. When I learned about Obama administration's "prisoner swap", I was at first, in agreement with the decree of "leaving no soldier behind". But when I remember the way God's military works (even though the way of the earth does not mirror the way of heaven, as it should), I realized that this country's leader broke the most important decree that should be the first, in any standing government: Obedience to the Law.

Like heaven, the governments on earth has a set of Council members that create Laws for every branch of their government, including the military department. But unlike the governments on earth, in heaven, it was most important to God, that all are in compliance to the laws set by the Council, EVEN IF it puts the safety of many lives at risk. In my dream, it was very important for everyone to abide by the Laws, even those in highest command, no matter the cost. However, if any one had conflicting thoughts about it, they were given every right to challenge it and change it with rational reason. If they could not provide Justified reasons as to why a Law should be changed, it would remain the same but at least they didn't violate any rules.

Obama showed his lack of respect to this country's Lawmakers, by going against the decrees set by them, concerning "prisoner swap". He not only set one of the poorest examples of a leader, but also showed other countries that our government is now divided and broken. There are no more consulting witnessed, no approvals, but just the "do as I please" behaviors. Whenever there is a lack of Council in any government, it means that the government has now become highly unstable and this is very dangerous for the country as a whole. It is through the Council that the voice of every person is heard, but when a commander in chief completely disregards the concerns of other counsel, it means he has not only become deaf to the members of his own government, but also to the entire country. 

According to the dream, every leader (whether in heaven or on earth), MUST show COMPLETE OBEDIENCE to the Law AND respect to it's Makers, whether or not they agree with those decrees. As I have witnessed for myself, God shows me that even putting my own life on the line for the sake to obey, is more important than doing what I think is right. Because when a commander does their own thing, no government can ever have STABILITY or Order, without the respect to its Council members and its set Laws. In my heart, it is better to consult with many counselors and discuss all the pros and cons before making a single decision. I agreed for a change when Obama first became elected, but I did not agree to the change of having no laws. Without Order, there is chaos and his example is much like the dictators of other governments that fell. 

What do you think? If people witness their own leader having no respect for a law nor its maker, do you think they will have any respect to it either? As we learn from the lessons told throughout history, no government has ever fallen from strength when they discussed in the changing of laws, even if it went back and forth, but every government has been broken and destroyed by the betrayals against it. The example of EVERY POOR LEADER is always the same: betray their own government through violating its laws and teaching people to do the same, in order to set up their own rules. This country is not called the "United States of Obama", it's called the United States of America, because the Council consists of many members, not just one or a few. However, when parts of the Council becomes excluded from meetings and discussions, as is now happening, this country's name mind as well change with its government's behavior. I just can't believe why no one else seems to be concerned with our leader's actions. 

Whether the action was the right OR wrong thing to do, our President's job was to set a good example for this country to at least, DO THINGS THE RIGHT WAY. Don't you think I want to be able to skip certain steps when it comes to certain procedures, in order to get what I want quicker? And as a citizen, who is not even a leader, I show respect for all REQUIRED procedures for the sake of Order and compliance, just like everyone else. No one is exempt. I'm sure everyone in this country would like to be the President now- now that they know the President can do as he pleases without anyone's approval and without reprimand. It must be good to "play the king". God help us..


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