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by J LD
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I woke up from a dream last night and it was about a couple who were complete opposites. There was a beautiful woman who was deeply in love with a not so handsome man, although he had some physical traits that made him somewhat attractive. The man seemed like he was much older than the woman because of his gray hair but his face was a bit youthful. He was a hard working man and he lived his life, always striving to do his best. But there was something wrong. Though his heart was righteous, he had a very dark cloud that always remained above him and followed him everywhere he went, as if he was one among evil doers because of the constant misfortunes reoccurring in his life, to no fault of his own and to no end.

This man was deeply in love with a woman, who always had a crowd of people following her. They called her, "Champion", and they tried to tell the man who she was, because they didn't think he deserved to be near her because of his bad luck. But whenever she sensed he was coming to see her, she would cut through the crowd and immediately go to him because she knew what was in the crowd's hearts and wanted to get to him before they attempted to keep him from seeing her. She didn't want to lose him because she loved him very much. The woman was very blessed because nothing ever went wrong in her life. Everything always went her way and she received anything and everything she wanted. Whenever she would look to her loved one, she would witness things constantly go wrong in his life but because she saw how he never let the bad change his heart, she trusted him and remained with him. 

While the couple conversed, the crowd began to pull her away and the man followed beside her, to continue their conversation. In the middle of the conversation, the man stumbled and fell, as usual, and the woman stopped because he fell behind and she saw how this man could not escape trouble no matter how many times he stumbled and got back up again. For the first time, she began to pity him and the pity caused her to become fed up with seeing this hardship placed on him. With anger in her heart, she became determined to go to someone whom she knew might be able to help him. Then she wondered what if he couldn't be helped..

The man was not like other men, however. It didn't always seem to bother him that something would cause him to stumble and fall because he would get back up and dust himself off as if nothing happened. It's like seeing a man experiencing all the trials of Job but without the bitterness, weeping nor complaints; and he just accepted his life for what it was and never let any of it take the joy out of his heart or change his spirit. He was a very unfortunate person, but had the attitude of a fortunate one and for the love of God, he couldn't figure out why everyone called him "bad luck" because of how he constantly saw right through his misfortunes. 

I began watching the crowd pointing out the bad that was going on in his life when he stumbled and fell again, while walking with his loved one. They closed in on him, trying to make him see how everything in his life always went wrong and I saw him beginning to break inside, when his eyes began to open and see it for himself. And for the first time in his life, he began to feel self pity and it was the self pity that increased the effects of the dark cloud over him, that it began to overwhelm him. His head was downcast because of the pain that was released into his gut and he looked up to the love of his life, who began to pity him too. She went to him to give him strength so that he could get up and continue to walk with her again. As they went up a flight of stairs to a platform, there was a sound of a great audience cheering for her. It was as if they were in backstage at a concert  and she was the entertainment. 

As the woman, who was dressed in a pure gold armor, prepared herself to go on stage, I heard the man talk to her as if he was mentally slow and he asked her to marry him while the audience cheered on, pressing to see her. I could see her face with so much concern because I could tell she didn't want to give him an answer at that time. But I felt so much pity toward the man, because I knew it wasn't his fault that he wasn't a lucky man at all.

When I woke up from this dream, it started out like a beautiful love story, until I sensed the woman beginning to consider the crowd's thoughts, concerning the man, about how his bad luck might rub off on her and she would risk losing what she had. That was the reason why she held back from giving him an answer and I got to see how quickly beautiful things could easily turn so dark and ugly, just by witnessing her considering a slight change of heart. Through this dream, God shows me that Faithfulness is what makes a love beautiful; but that love can quickly grow dark and cold when people find reasons or are influenced by others to become Unfaithful. 

People who are blessed, often allow trials and tribulations to chase them away from someone who is able to give them the love they've desired. It is such a shame to see relationships that have such a great potential to succeed, become lost so quickly. It truly is a "one in a million" type of relationship when two people, who are faced with relationship tribulation, can support and stand by each other through better or worse, through prosperity or poverty, through sickness and in health and through the fortunate and unfortunate fates. No love will ever survive if it cannot overcome the trials and tribulations that come with it. If a person is unwilling to keep the love they have for another alive because of the challenges that come, then they are most certainly, undeserving of it. God and I have become inseparable because through all of it, He has never abandoned me- that's true love and it teaches me how to love others.

What made me most angry about this dream, was that the crowd who closed in on this man while he was down, began to overwhelm him with words that made it very difficult for him to get back up again and he paused for a very long time. People in life should not point out the sorrows that God has hidden from people who have suffered much. For, God blinds them from seeing their own hardship because He knows it's the only thing that enables them to keep on living. I know this because I am just like that man from that dream. I may not have been very fortunate since the time of my birth it seems, but I refuse to let it change my love for God and my views on life. I tell people, please let me enjoy the work of God's hands. Don't hammer me to make me see the wounds I've accumulated through living.

When God closed my back in that other dream, when three men chased me down and tried to take the Spirit from me, it was symbolic that He would always heal me and would be the one to help me up onto my feet again whenever I fell. There's no greater love I have witnessed for myself and I have learned that when people stumble and fall, other people, like the Pharisees, stone them with accusations that are so far from the truth, mostly because they are foreign to the concept of hardship and they consider those who struggle as "cursed". But it's like what God always said, "If you never put my Words into practice, how will you ever truly know it is the Truth?" And because I have experienced God's Word for myself, I know it is true, that with God, comes the Gift of Resurrection and my soul will NEVER see death.

Whenever I receive God's Word, it never returns to Him empty. Because the Word returns to God, with many of my Testimonies, verifying to Him that I have received and lived the message according to His will. Those who didn't take the time to become a witness for themselves, their own conscience will testify against them by saying, "I cannot testify to the Truth because I never put the Word into practice."

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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