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The Words of a Child
by David Driver
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Friday 5/07/04 37
4:48 P.M.
The Words of a Child

It was a dark rainy night when this all started.
I was walking down this dark dirt road when I saw the lights and it looked as if it was a large facility.
Maybe a house or possibly a Church or workplace of some kind.
The lights were still far away but I continued in towards them.
The rain seemed to come down faster by the minute and I was cold, tired and afraid.
I had been walking for at least two hours and my whole body was sore but I continued on.
The wind was picking up as I continued and then I saw what looked like a body of water but I didnít put much thought into it just yet.
I finally got to the point that I could see what this was that the lights came from and it looked to be some kind of courtyard area.
When I arrived there was only one person and I started to go up to talk to them and they walked away.
I stood there looking around when I noticed something on the ground.
I went over to the place I saw this and as I began to reach down I noticed this young child looking at me.
I looked over and a sweet child like voice that one would expect to hear spoke to me saying.
ďHi there.
Have any idea what you are about to touch?Ē
No was my response because I had no idea what this was I just knew what this looked like.
ďIíll start from earlier before this happened.Ē
I thought what, then I thought ok be patient this is a young child talking here and so the child continued.
ďHe preached everywhere or so it seems and He healed many and set bunches of people free.
I still donít completely understand the set free thing but I saw one and it was a little scary until He looked me in the eyes.
The love He has just flows from Him, His name is Jesus.Ē
I froze as the child said His name, Jesus I had heard of this great Man and of the many healings and miracles He had performed.
And now I felt I was close to seeing Him for the first time.
What would I say?
Oh wow. Then the child continued.
ďFor some reason lots of people donít like Him to well they went and chained Him up and brought Him here.
I heard then talk bad stuff to Him and say things I ought not have heard.
I almost ran away when He saw me and looked at me and smiled and it was so cool like He was saying hey itís ok little person stay really itís ok.
So I stayed and watched and then they started to hit Him and I started to cry.
I wanted to go hug Him but the bad guys they was big ones even bigger than you.
I wiped a tear and looked up and thatís when I saw the first of His blood fall down here on the ground.
I wanted to yell no but I couldnít talk then I heard them say.
Crucify Him, kill Him.
They hit Him and spit on Him everyone seemed so mean and ugly.
The young child started to weep and I reached over to take his small hand and as I did I to began to weep.
I was thinking that this was something awful for a young child to see and it was heartbreaking to know as much as I did even up to that point.
I asked this young child about his parents and he told me this was something to be talked about later.
Then he continued on.
ďAs I was sitting watching and crying I saw Him look at me again.
And, sorry.
He was crying again or at least I saw a tear fall or maybe it was more blood but I could see He was still able to love.
I started to remember this time when I was out just playing and I saw Him with a bunch of guys and it was like He was the main Man and the others just went.
It was soooo cool.
Anyway I was remembering this and thatís when I saw them they were yelling and screaming and oh they make me so upset.
They know I think He is neat but no they had to join their friends forget how their child may feel.
Yes my mom and dad I saw them both screaming and yelling at Him.
Yes at Jesus.
I went up to my mom and asked her why and told her to remember the day He was at our house.
But she would not listen so I went to my dad and told him or begged is more like it to remember the day I was out playing and He came by.
I said remember He was talking to the other people that was with Him and then He looked over at me.
But my daddy wouldnít even look at me.Ē
By now I was just amazed at how this young child so innocent and pure could have witnessed so much and still have love in his heart.
He continued.
ď I still love my mommy and daddy I just donít understand.
And the others I saw my friends with their parents talking bad about Him and as I said already it happened.
The first strike and the first drop of blood and yes as I said I wanted to scream no but no words came out and it was already done.
Iíll never forget the look on my mamma and daddies face it was like they were totally different people finally I just curled up and cried.
They finally took Him out and thatís when I saw her and Jesus looked at her with this its ok look.
This lady his mamma was weeping and I went over to her and pulled on her clothes to get her attention and said to her.
Hi Jesusí mamma I want to say sorry.
Sorry for the way my parents acted and the others to I know you love Him a bunch and.
I started to cry, sorry.Ē
As I stood there listening I heard so much and felt such love and he wiped his face once more and continued.
ďI told her that I tried to get them to stop and I..
She then knelt down and took my hand and told me that it was ok she even said honest to goodness itís ok.
She told me it was not my fault and that Jesus was doing this for all of us because He chose to and to please know that itís ok and she said thank you so much.Ē
This young child once again in tears when I again looked down and then it hit me.
When I was walking earlier it was raining and as I looked down the ground was dry except for this certain area and it was only His blood on the ground.
I looked around and then asked this young child if it had been raining and he looked at me with his sweet precious face and said.
ď No sir at least not from the clouds.
It was a cool night but no raindrops from the sky but it did rain down something though.
Yes sir it rained down something ugly and nasty it was pouring down hate and anger.
From peoples mouth poured out bad words and lying and from their eyes it poured out rage and evil and from their hearts it poured out darkness.
So yes sir I guess it did rain tonight.Ē
I stood there almost sick to my stomach at the description I just heard and I wanted to cry but I wanted to hear more.
I was starting to picture in my mind what this child must have seen and I even started to hear in my mind what might have been words spoken from the crowd.
I took a deep breath and held in the tears and I then looked back down at this tear drenched face.
I saw how the tears washed the dirt from this childís face and wondered why some hurt in order to see the cleansing occur.
I looked back down and was wondering about the rain when he said.
ďHey mister want to touch it?
Yes that on the ground go ahead itís ok itís His blood yes the first of the blood Jesus lost here.Ē
I reached down and touched Jesusí blood and peace just overtook me and I began to weep uncontrollably.
I finally realized what was happening, yes this child was telling me but until I was in contact with His blood I didnít completely understand.
I sat down right there on the ground and wept and this young child just sat there and waited itís like he knew I needed to do that.
Just like he knew that Jesus must do what He was doing and this young child had only witnessed the beginning of something so ugly yet more beautiful than anyone could ever imagine.
As I sat there I wondered how many two thousand years from now would continue to reject Jesus.
And how many will just want to come in contact with His blood, yes the blood of Jesus?
I took my finger and held it up in front of my face and the blood started to roll down my finger and I let it and then the boy spoke again.
ďThis is just the first I understand He is giving it all for us yes itís like the darkness before the light.
But when that Son comes out wow, yes cool.
See my mamma said that I was smart for my age but I still like to have fun and play and then I get dirty and have to take a bath.
I heard someone say something about baby Christians and clean but I donít remember what.Ē
I spoke up and I told him it was just like he just explained.
When he gets dirty he must bathe and most of the time he doesnít realize how or what got him dirty.
Then as he grows he will begin to realize what not to get near because he will know that will make him dirty.
And the more you grow the more you learn about this and it is the same with Christians except now we will have the blood.
Yes the mighty blood of Jesus.
All my life I heard many share Godís love but just this short time with this child and I have learned so much.
I wanted to go see Jesus but the child said we couldnít until morning and finally the young child went home and I found a place to rest.
My mind was exploding with thoughts of the conversation I had with the young boy and the way the knowledge flowed yet the child like words so often spoken from his young yet wise mouth.
Then I thought of the blood that I touched and the sweet feeling of that.
Daylight had arrived and I was on my way to see Jesus and I decided to look around for awhile.
I retraced my steps from the night before because I was curious about something I had dreamed about.
I was at the location I remembered and it was not there and I stood there and thought on this.
Yes I know that there was water there the night before a small body of water it was there I know it was.
I went back towards the courtyard and this is when I once again saw the young child whom I talked with the night before.
He told me that he was looking for me because today was the day.
I asked him first thing about the water and this is what I heard from this young child.
ď The water by the road on your way here, well all I can say is this.
Maybe it was God showing you things to come and what you saw in that body of water was a place to be clean and to get refreshed and enjoy.
But to do this you would have to step into the water or just run and yell yippy and jump like crazy.
Many people donít truly see the water for what it truly is and only when itís gone do they ask about it.Ē
He didnít need to say more I knew what he was saying and I could tell that it was very noticeable that I understood the meaning.
And then I heard from the child what we was going to do next and I almost stopped and said hey wait a minute but there was something about this young man that I liked so I listened and went with him.
We stopped at the courtyard and then he began.
ď Last night is when it started.
Yes He was born and talked to a lot of people but the start of the end is what I am talking about.
Many people seemed to not have liked Jesus even before He was born.
I heard a guy my Grandpas age say that He was trouble before He even made His first sound.
Yes many may think that since I am young I donít understand and they are correct.
See I donít understand why adults can be so ugly and mean to each other.
I heard my parents talk about how they actually played games with Jesus when they were younger.
And now they curse Him like the others and it is all like a big popularity game and thatís wrong.Ē
He then reached down and touched the blood that was till on the ground and stood back up and said this.
ď Blood itís all about the blood.
Jesus is going to give all His for us but many just want to see blood poured from him because they are angry and mean.
They hate without thinking why and yes they just donít seem to care why they just hate to hate.
I still love my mommy and daddy it just hurts to see them act this way and a friend of mine said to stop being a sissy and grow up.
If being grown up means I have to act like that then I never want to grow up.
Once again this young child broke down in tears as I watched and my heart was heavy and the sadness overtook me to the point that I just sat down on the ground.
There I sat on the same ground that Jesus stood and took punishment for me and yes it was only the beginning of the blood shed but Jesus was doing this for me.
I realize for all and not just me but I was looking at it as for just me and this gave me a whole different outlook on what Jesus was doing.
Finally the child said. ďSir itís time to go.Ē So we went.
We arrived at the area where they beat the prisoners and I stopped and just looked.
There was no one around but the evidence of what took place was there and as I stood there taking this all in I realized even more what Jesus was doing for me.
I looked all around and could not get over the fact that no one was around.
It was if they went to see the show and after it was over just went on their way.
The young child then began to speak.
ďThis is the place.
Yes my parents stood here and yes they cheered the soldiers on as the soldiers beat Him.
I tried to leave but they wouldnít let me they told me this was something I must see to appreciate.
They took those sharp things and hit Him on the back ripping His skin and they kept hitting Him over and over.
I yelled no but my mom hushed me.
People screaming kill Him and others saying hit Him harder and once again ugly and nasty all over.
I cried and finally just stuck away to come and find you and sir thank you for being here to be found.
See all the blood?
This is still a small pat of it all.
They are taking Him to be hung on the cross and then the rest will take place and then you get to see the results of ugly and hate that people have.
But soon we will all see the beauty of all this.
There is something I have not told you about Jesus.
I saw Him one day as I was playing with my friends and He was talking to a group of people and then He called me over to Him.
I went to Him and He wrapped His loving arms around me.
Jesus had been asked.
Who is the greatest in the kingdom of Heaven?
And with His arms wrapped around me Jesus told them.
ď I say to you unless you are converted and become as little children, you will by no means enter the Kingdom of Heaven.Ē
ď You may wonder how at such a young age I would know so much and how at times I can remember word for word.
Iím a child thatís what I do see my mind is like a sponge and when itís squeezed all the stuff I have heard starts to come out.
And as we stand here looking at all the blood and seeing what hate can do well itís enough to make your stomach yucky.
And as I was standing here afraid to move as He was being beaten I wondered.
Is this the reward you get for loving others so much?
If so that must be why so many choose to hate.
I even heard that Jesus was here to help others.
He said once that He had not come to call the righteous but sinners.
It looks to me that a lot of sinners need to see Jesus but instead of loving Him they wish to get rid of Him instead.
I wonder if it will always be like this?Ē
I had no answer for this extremely bright child and it hurt me inside to hear the questions and comments and not be able to answer him.
I knew what I was feeling but it was what I was seeing and hearing that awed me.
To listen and see as this young child spoke was something so amazing yet so sad.
Sad because he once felt so loved so accepted and now.
Now he felt abandoned and rejected even by his own parents.
And all he wanted was for someone to reach down and take him by the heart and show him he love that only God can provide.
As we stood there many thoughts went through my mind.
I wondered why and thought when?
The answers seemed so close yet I was searching and not finding then the young child once again broke the silence.
ďMaybe you have been looking to hard for the answers, yes maybe and all you have to do is look and listen like this.
Look itís time to go so listen as we go to the place and you will see.
That may not make since to you now but maybe it will later.Ē
As we walked I began to notice on the ground what looked like something had been dragged.
The I looked closer and saw what looked to be places that someone had dragged their feet as they carried something heavy or they had been injured.
I saw drops of blood here and there and then a place on the ground that looked as if someone had fallen.
We continued and then I began to hear the crowd of people yelling and screaming curses and I looked and saw many gathering up on the hill.
As we began to climb the hill I heard these words.
ď It is finished.Ē
The sky darkened and the wind began to blow and I fell to my knees knowing that it was over.
The child knelt beside me as I wept uncontrollably and I looked at him and said.
I didnít even get the chance to see Him to look into His loving heart and tell Him that He is loved.
Jesus is dead and now I will never know the pleasure of His loving touch.
I realize I must have faith and I do itís just.
The child broke in.
ď Listen you may have not seen Him as I did but to know His love as you do tells even me yes young me the little child that you believe He will love always.
Now itís time to go home and thank on this.Ē
I told him thank you so much for all that you shared with me.
The enthusiasm you have at your young age impresses me greatly.
May I come back to visit you some day?
ď Yes please do in fact meet me in town in three days.Ē
And I told him I would do just that.
And I went on my way from there and I thought a lot on what had taken place and on what I had heard spoken from this young child.
I wondered why one Man, Jesus is His name, I wondered why He would love so much.
On the third day there he was waiting for me at the entrance to the courtyard.
We walked and he once again talked and then he asked me.
ď Would you like to accept Jesus into your heart?Ē
Yes was my response.
ď Ok letís kneel and pray.
Dear Jesus
We humbly ask You Sir if You would please come into our hearts?
We realize we have sinned and we ask for forgiveness and yes we ask if you would please
come into our hearts?Ē
We stayed there for a while then a peace I have never before experienced yes even a stronger peace than when I touched the blood overtook me and the we both turned as we heard this.
ď Yes I will, Yes I will.Ē
No one knows for sure how it was back when Jesus was crucified but we do know that Jesus lives for us.
But letís take a look at the fact that Jesus loved the little children.
See many think you have to be grown up and oh so mature to be used by our Father God.
Yes itís just fine for young children to accept Jesus into their hearts but to be used to minister oh forbid.
Children can minister and not know this just because they are just being themselves.
And if you have been the parent that God ordained you to be you will see this in your own child or children.
Do not overlook your childrenís action or refuse to hear what they have to say.
You may miss out on being blessed and yes many things come and go.
And many people talk and many people listen but you can experience something totally beautiful as you see life through
The Words of a Child.

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