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Success of Satan
by Lawrence Walkup 
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Lawrence Walkup

We begin with the God of the Bible, who has no beginning and no end. He is the one true God. There is no other. He has created everything that exists. He created a powerful angel named Lucifer who rebelled against God, and then was cast out of heaven and sent to earth, and became the god of this world. Lucifer is now known as Satan; and his very nature is to do whatever it takes to hide from man...the truth of God. Satan's greatest success has been to get the world to believe that he doesn't exist. Go out in public and start talking about him and see what kind of reactions you get. Even Christians are afraid to talk about him to other Christians. His greatest tactic is to mix truth with error in order to deceive and confuse. He is completely in control of lost man and has his hand in every aspect of his life. He also has his hand in every aspect of world affairs of all countries (1 John 5:19); (Matt. 4:8-9).

In order to discredit God and to keep the truth from man, Satan has established throughout human history, all the religions of the world. Why do you think Christianity is so hated all over the world. It's not because of Christianity's dismal past propogated by selfwilled man. It's because Satan knows Christianity holds the truth that it's the only way to God. Even within our own country which was founded on the Word of God, we have a current administration that targets Christians because they are conservative. The latest hobby horse of the world, that we have going on now, and particularily in this country, is 'politcal correctness.' This is nothing more than a tactic invented by corrupt politicians (I know, what other kind is there) to gain control over people by putting labels on them. If they can get people labeled, then they can shut them up. I've heard Christians referred to by the current administration as domestic terrorists. How ironic it is that we have an anti-god administration whose foundation for what they believe is based on a book (rules for radicals) that is dedicated to Lucifer...a spiritual being who was created by and rebelled against God. Or as it's put in the book, the first to rebel against authority. The author of the book wants to come across as not openly advocating Lucifer (he could get labeled) so he puts it in a way of lightly mocking him. The one who is being mocked, because he is not as cute as he thinks, is the author.

To my fellow Christians let me remind you that no matter how bad things get, and they will get worse, the truth for us will always be: 'If God be for us, who can be against us?' (Rom. 8:31). God is in control of all; and more specifically, he is in control of every aspect of the life that puts faith in him. Because of our faith in him, we are under the protection of his power (1 Peter 1:5). We may be in the world, but we are not of it. Let the world be to its own. It's not going to get better. The Great Tribulation is coming and will not be avoided.

We as Christians who are of a spiritual world really do not have a clue as to what spirit is exactly. Our life is a life based on faith. But that is OK because this is what pleases God (Heb. 11:6). And God is the one we ultimately answer to, not man. If we as Christians can't really define spirit, how do you think the world perceives spirit? The world is the world. Everyone believes whatever is popular at the moment in order to be an accepted part of the group. They see spirit as belonging to the realm of science fiction and make believe. The best they understand of spirit is how it is portrayed in movies.

Satan has been successful in working through lost politicians (Eph. 2:2) to put the entities religion and world affairs into their own separate categories. He does this so he can pit them against one another. One will seem normal and the other foolish. Satan wants all the world to believe that the one true God is to be included in the category of religion, but he is not. And when I say religion; I mean what it is today in the world. We have all these religions in the world today, and told that they are all to be respected. We don't want anyone to be offended. However, if your brain works like mine, it seems that everyone is avoiding the elephant in the room, that there can only be one religion that is right. Otherwise, from no foundation or basis whatsoever, anyone can create their own 'religion' in the spur of the moment. That is absolutely ridiculous; but that is the point. View the credibility of religion for what it is.

On the other hand, there is the one true God who is in the world, but is not of the world. Because he lives in born again Christians, not Christians in name only, that makes us not of this world either. In other words, simply by nature, we are already separate from the world (John 17:14-16). The God of the Bible has absolutely nothing to do with religion. The God of the Bible was killed at the insistence of the religious. The God of the Bible is the only God who was raised from the dead. The God of the Bible is the only God who claimed he was Truth. He could because he knew he had the authority. Any other so called gods know they don't. The God of the Bible claims that it is only through Him, that a person gets into heaven. That has to make a few people mad. Any spiritual experiences that all of the existing religions of the world may claim to have, can only at best, be coming from the god of this world...Satan. The job of Satan is to distract from the truth. I imagine that there are a plethora of spiritual experiences that have taken place throughout human history, but if they did not come from the God of the Bible then they came from the god of this world and his horde.

According to the government it's Ok for people to have their own individual faiths, but when it comes to the real world, everyone has to be on the same page. Now that this grouping of these two entities (religion and world affairs) has been propogated successfully, they can now be pitted against each other to work to an advantage. This is how politics work. Religion belongs in science fiction land and world affairs belongs in reality. Religion belongs in the mytical spiritual (which nobody knows what that means) and world affairs belongs in what is practical. Those who are religious (only the Christians though) are labeled domestic terrorists and radical extremists. Those of world affairs are the practical ones that are progressing.

Because the God of the Bible is sovereign and has created everything, he is the one who determines what is right and wrong. That has to make a few people mad. If he says that homosexuality is a perversion, then no matter how many parades are imposed upon us in our streets, that truth will never change. Homosexuality in the Bible is not an ambiguous subject whatsoever. It clearly states that it is a perversion. If Satan working through politicians can get laws passed (under the guise of hate crimes) to get people sentenced who oppose homosexuality, what's next is to get people sentenced for simply having Bibles in their homes. This will be great for the lefties, because most people that have Bibles in their homes are conservatives. Don't get me wrong, I don't mean to just pick on the left. The right is just as bad because they're to scared to do anything to stop the cultural disintegration. Before the public Congress is nothing more than a dog and pony show to give the appearance that they're doing their job. At our expense they're collecting these unbelievable and underseving paychecks, that they can't give up. A politician is the perfect pawn for Satan. All they do is make speeches to get you to believe their promises. They're not actually going to come through on their promises. It's a matter of getting you to believe they will.

Until Christ comes back the second time, life is now under a New Covenant in which it states: 'For I will forgive their wickedness and will remember their sins no more' (Heb. 8:12). Man has free choice to do what ever he wants. All the sins that he currently commits and will commit are already forgiven. There are no more immediate judgements upon people like it was in the Old Testament (which was the Old Covenant). That's not to say that God is not intervening in what goes on in the world; it's just not our business what he chooses to do; nor does he need to tell us what he does, as some religious idiots may claim.

It is true that all of lost man has had his sins forgiven for all time (Heb. 10:12). However, lost man has a much bigger problem than having his sins forgiven. He is still dead spiritually. Christianity is about life and it's about obtaining a spirtual life. It is only upon receiving the life of Christ that forgiveness is imputed.

Because of the complete ignorance of the homosexual and the political lost in regards to the patience and the grace of God; because of the complete ignorance of why there are no more judgements like Sodom and Gomorrah, the homosexuals and the politicians have no fear of God whatsoever. They are left to run rampant, unchecked, promoting their agendas. Jesus tells us in Matt. 13:30, in the form of a parable, that we the wheat (Christians) are to grow along with the weeds (the lost) until the harvest. "Let both grow together until the harvest. At that time I will tell the harvesters: First collect the weeds and tie them in bundles to be burned; then gather the wheat and bring it into my barn." That has to make a few people mad. Jesus wouldn't do good with political correctness, would he? He's too offensive.

It may seem like Satan is and has been a great success in the world. The truth is, with the lost he has. After all he is their god. He has been so successful with them that they don't even realize that he is their god (11 Cor. 4:4). With Christians though, it is a completely different story. We are told in Ephesians to take up the shield of faith, which is our protection from his attacks. According to 1 John our victory that overcomes the world is our faith. 1 Peter says the devil is resisted when we stand firm in faith. To put faith in and to trust Christ is what protects us from his influences. Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil (1 John 3:8). At the cross he was judged and completely stripped of his authority for all of man. He has been declawed. However, the lost don't know this (that's why they're lost). To them who have no faith, Satan is left free to run havoc over their lives.

Satan in the world today is like the mean landlord who lives in the same apartment complex as the tenants. However, the apartment complex has recently come under new ownership and they have hired their own landlord who is friendly and cares for the needs of the tenants. The old landlord has no authority anymore; but what he trys to still do is come around and collect the rent from the tenants who don't know that. The tenants who do know that, simply tell him to get lost.


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