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Things God Taught me
by J LD
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What exactly is sin? Sin is a burning sense of passion that drives someone to harm themselves or another person, whether if the harm done is mental, emotional, spiritual or physical. Any desire that drives a person to do things that DOESN'T result in harm to anyone in these four aspects, is not considered a sin in God's sight. I think this is when people become confused, because they do not know when a desire is considered to be a sinful one and just assume that all burning desires are bad and are demons, which is NOT true at all. God gave mankind many types of drive to motivate them to work hard for the rewards they seek, so that when they find satisfaction, they will be able to leap for joy and experience a very deep sense of peace and appreciation in their soul. That's the amusement that pleases God because it is for His own satisfaction, that He sees mankind experience the fullness of life- and that's true the purpose for the concept of "Desire". Yet, when people become reckless and are irresponsible with those desires, that's when the opportunity for it to turn into sin, begins to increase and the true purpose for it becomes distorted and meaningless.

All desires that come from God, start out good, but when it transforms and gets out of control to the point of driving a person to do wrong against God, themselves or another person, that's when it becomes recognized as Sin. Sin is a desire that God did not make; it is a good desire that has mutated to become a very harmful one and it's why Sin is not accepted by God. God does want people to enjoy life by experiencing the pleasures of their desires finding satisfaction, but He does not want people to do it at the expense of hurting others or themselves because it is not for the purpose to hurt or destroy them but to help them.

When a husband and his wife are driven with lust for each other, they are not considered to be people who are slaves to sin in God's sight when they utilize that desire for its rightful purpose. And like, in the Song of Songs, when a man wants his to be with a woman who is not yet his wife, they both work incredibly hard to restrain their burning passions in order to experience the true sense of joy when they come together on their wedding night; and this same discipline should be practiced in a marriage as well, when they learn to keep a grip of their lust for each other. But, when a person refuses to hold back the reigns of their desire, it becomes like an untamed animal that has been spared from discipline, only to turn around and bite the hand of its master. And it is this way, a desire can turn into Sin, when it overpowers its master and is able to enslave them, even in a marriage. It can drive people apart by causing unfaithfulness or an over indulgence that causes the salt to lose its taste. That's one of the many examples of how a man is able to decipher the difference between good desires and bad; and also, learn how not to let good desires lose its taste.

I can continue to use biblical terms to share the things I learned from God, but I translate them with the hope that people will not to take such terms literally because these words are for the purpose to lead mankind into understanding. The term "casting out demons" is another way of saying, taking back control over the desires that have taken over you. What Christ said, "If you say to a mountain, 'go from here to there', it will obey you" is similar to what God taught me: If you say to a desire that has taken hold of you, "Get off of me!" it will do so, because you are the "head of your own household". You have to take charge of your own life and not allow yourself to be influenced to do things you don't want to do or are not ready for. 

Another desire that is often confused as being a sin, is greed. Of course, greed is what it is called when a desire for wealth causes a person to do wrong. But when it is a righteous desire, a man who works hard, will find wealth without hurting anyone to get it. He will not cheat, steal or kill to get rich nor will he deceive, manipulate or betray anyone to succeed. A man who is driven by a desire to gain wealth and finds it the right way, will be able to enjoy it in peace and appreciate the work of his own hands. And this is not a sin at all, for, this too, pleases God, when He sees a person utilize the gift of Desire for its rightful purpose. Again, Desires are for God's entertainment, because it pleases Him to see mankind being able to experience the fullness of life. It is a gift.

I think that when people fail to understand how to use discipline to keep their own desires in check from turning into sin, it's when they begin to lose their sense of right and wrong, and begin to "compromise with the Devil" sort of speak, to get what they want, even if it might be at the expense of others. Perhaps, the reason why many people are not able to identify Sin is because they do not truly understand what things it really results.

Sin results in broken hearts, broken homes and broken hopes. It scatters families and drives loved ones apart. It leaves many bruises and scars on a person's soul, causing bitterness to keep them from enjoying life. It imprisons them in a cage of sorrow and drives their hearts into caves of depression. It keeps them from wanting to trust because the Sin they witness being practiced in the world causes their hope for a good life to crash. The RESULTS of Sin causes the Love of many to grow cold. And this is why God cannot approve of Sin.

How is a person able to enjoy the fullness of life when their hearts are constantly broken through betrayal, unfaithfulness and have the inability to find peace and joy in satisfaction due to recklessness and over indulgence of desire? When salt loses its taste, how can it be made salty again??? Sin is a desire that only results in suffering, whether it is to the self or someone else. How many people have come to poverty because of other people's greed, even the governments? I often wonder just how many broken spirits there are in the world due to sin.. I see how much divorce has increased and how many children live with a divorced parent. And it's become such a routine that people find nothing wrong with it because they have come to accept the results of sin; but just because the world has come to accept it, doesn't mean God ever will. These things are not okay.

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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