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Things God Taught Me
by J LD
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I had a strange dream the other night.. I found myself like a ghost, standing on a sidewalk, and it was dark because it was night time. So, a street lamp appeared above me and two men walked into my view as they came into the light. I watched and listened to these two men talking to each other and it was over a crime they both committed, but one of them was the mastermind, while the other was the one actually who carried out the plan. The mastermind was dressed in a very dark suit and the other man was dressed in a light suit. 

I sensed the two men had recently become exposed of their crime and man in the light suit was trying to convince the other man to come to his house, to take equal share of the guilt resulted from the crime they committed. The man in the dark suit told him he would go, and as soon as the man in the light suit walked onto the street to go into a giant house that was on the other side, the other man stopped and stood on the edge of the sidewalk because he changed his mind. He told the man standing on the street that he didn't have to take part in confessing to any part of the crime because he did nothing wrong. He claimed that his only guilt was the "power of suggestion" and told the man, who actually committed the crime, that he didn't have to listen to him, since it was just "all talk". I saw the man, who stood on the street, become disappointed and the look on his face was as if he realized he had been deceived and outwitted by the mastermind. The mastermind didn't seem to understand that because it was his influence that caused the man in the light suit to commit the crime, that he was just as equally guilty of the crime.

The man on the street kept pleading with other man, to go with him into the giant house but the man in the dark suit, refused. So, the man in the light suit continued on to the giant house with the sad sense of feeling betrayed and went to accept his fate, at the same time, disappointed that his partner didn't have the heart to do the same. I thought to myself how unjust this was and asked God to do something. It was then God showed me that as soon as the mastermind turned around to walk down the sidewalk, I saw that God had punished him, and made him walk with a very bad limp in both legs. I saw that the man who went into the giant house, was dismissed from God's judgment and was never going to be punished by Him because he did the honest thing and the man remained healthy and well, like a very clean man. But God had placed both of the criminal's punishment, onto the mastermind, which was why both of his legs were crippled. And because the man had trouble walking, God gave him a cane to help him and I wondered why, because I didn't think he even deserved the cane.

I followed the man with the cane to see who he was going to influence next and I watched him meet up with a woman who was waiting for him at a parked car on the street, alongside the sidewalk. The light of the street lamp followed me and it shed light on this woman as she came into my view. I saw that this woman held a flashlight and its light shined so bright, so I sensed she was a good woman. However, when she went to help him into the car, I heard him make a very sarcastic remark about the light she carried, insulting it with a joke and I watched her laugh and turn it off, just to please him. I don't know why, but seeing this made me very disappointed in her. When she turned the light off, they both commenced to get into the car and I woke up. 

I thought about this for the last couple days and I thought about how many people really have the strength to sustain themselves from giving into bad influence. God showed me through this dream that, even though in the world, the criminals who actually commit the crime are considered worse than those who influenced it, in God's eyes, the people who purposely incites evil are actually more dangerous. Shrewd criminals often don't need to lift a finger to commit a crime; just like the woman whom I loved as my own sister, was shrewd when she caused righteous people to stumble and fall, all through the power of influence. 

INTENTIONAL provocation, persuasion, suggestion, and all other forms of influence is steadily watched under God's microscope. And even the most evil of all people, individuals might think that because of my dream, it must mean that God will still have compassion when He punishes criminals because He helps them through their punishment. But He is actually helping them to survive their punishment, so that it will last longer. There's no sense in causing evil people to suffer if it's not going to last; God doesn't do things in vain because everything He does is meaningful, not pointless. So, it's better that a man humbly accepts their equal share of guilt, than to be forced to carry it by God twice more than they deserve, and maybe even up to a thousand times, considering the situation. God pities the weak who fall under the poor influence of others but He will never show mercy to those who purposely lead others astray until they admit to their role of sin.

Now, I don't want people to misinterpret this lesson God taught me. He shows me that only the people who are intentionally leading others astray, are evil but not people who unknowingly leads someone astray, because they don't know any better. Some people lead others down the wrong path with good intentions. When I had unintentionally led others astray, I carried my guilt and it kept me from repeating my mistakes. It's why I even try to re-evaluate the things I write and also, never hesitate to destroy articles that I feel is not so beneficial to others in a good way. I understand that one is perfect, as I have friends that try to unintentionally influence me to do things that's not good for my spiritual health all the time. But it doesn't mean they're bad people because I know they're intentions were always in the right place.  

Through my experience of being someone who used to be weak and fall under the influence of others, I learned my lesson, like the man in the light suit from my dream. I may not have gone to jail for certain things I did, but I paid for my mistakes one way or another. Now, I use those past experiences not to allow myself to become influenced to be a scapegoat or an instrument for other people's crimes and I also, don't allow myself to follow just any advice, suggestion or insight. I take them and I weigh them with my values and I also make sure that it doesn't require me to forfeit any control over any part of myself to another person. It's how people like Jimmy Jones, Hitler, Charles Manson, ect., lead other people to their death. God will always forgive the Weak who were made to sin due to another person's influence and He will also forgive those who unintentionally caused people to sin as long as they eventually realized they were wrong and turn their influence around for the better. But His curse will remain on those who knowingly lead others astray and even if they repent, He might make them bear the punishment of all the sins of the Weak, only because with most of those who are Weak, He knows without being influenced, their sins would not have been committed. 

I know that most priests UNINTENTIONALLY tell people lies when they say that God forgives everyone as long as they believe in Christ. If believing in God was the only thing required for forgiveness, then all of Christ's teachings on good morals and ways of righteousness and the law of the prophets that came before him, is VOID. Like I said, God doesn't do things in vain. He gave the law through Moses and taught humanity righteousness through Christ. All of the saints who died, were murdered because they told people that what they were doing was wrong. And God sent them to try to save mankind by showing them how to live right. This true concept of the prophets and Christ's purpose has never changed and it never will. God forbid anyone is made to carry the guilt of those they led astray by teaching otherwise. It's just not okay to continue doing wrong or hurt people for no reason, (not even out of ignorance, which was why God always pushed people to learn learn learn, including myself) and NO RELIGION SHOULD EVER PERMIT IT.

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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