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Things God Taught Me
by J LD
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I know there are a lot of people in the world that do not really understand what it means to "put faith into practice" and assume that faith means the act of believing in something, without ever truly knowing if what you believe in, is true. But faith without "works" is dead, meaning, if you have faith that does not provide confirmation OR results, it means the faith you have is worthless because it doesn't do anything and it cannot grow if it doesn't work. 

Blind faith shouldn't remain blind and if it does, then you will know it's dead and this type of faith will always remain weak as long as it does not provide "works". For instance, when Christ had faith that resulted in "works", he was able to successfully calm a storm when he was on a boat. Even when his disciples claimed to have faith, they could not put their faith into practice because they were afraid and fear is a big sign that a person has doubts. Faith without works is dead and if Christ's faith was as useless as the faith of his disciples on the boat, then the boat probably would have capsized in the storm.

Faith is supposed to be beneficial, not useless; it is supposed to provide results, not a deferred hope and it is supposed to deliver confirmation of the things you believe in, so that you know it is True and not false. A person who is not truly certain if what they believe is true, will always second guess their faith; their heart and mind will always have that, somewhat of a similar quote to Hamlet (although not exact), "To believe or not to believe, that's what I question.." 

In order to accomplish greater things, you must FIRST, overcome the little things and only until then, will anything be possible for you. In order to build strong faith, it must have roots and faith becomes rooted by overcoming doubt; and every time you conquer a doubt, you are putting faith into practice, making it stronger and stronger, because it is providing results/works. Doubt is the inability to get around or overpower an obstacle that stagnates you, deprives you and keeps you from where you need to be or prevent you from achieving what you desire. If you have lots of doubts, then you have lots of opportunities to start putting your faith into practice; and the more doubt you conquer, the more "works" your faith has produced, and these results serve as Testimonies OR reminders for you, to know how far your faith has come in its growth and it's what makes your faith stronger. 

For instance, when I shared with you my experience with doubt of being heard whenever I prayed, my faith produced "works" when God showed me a way I could talk to Him to get around that obstacle. So now, when I sing to Him, I have no doubts He hears me and I have overcome my doubts of communicating with God. This is one of the MANY results I have seen through my faith; and the measure of testimonies you have, will determine the measure of your faith. If you rack up countless testimonies, then you will know you have plenty of experience with putting your faith into practice and with great measure of faith, you can achieve the impossible.

A lot of people build weak faith, meaning, it has no root. When they are trying to use faith to turn tough tribulations around while they still have many doubts to conquer within themselves, there are often no results and there's nothing worse than deferred hope. Building faith is a similar concept to building muscle; no one ever begins to build muscle by going straight to the 1000 lbs dumbbell, rather, a wise man will start off small, with what they are able to lift so that they can work up to being able to lift that 1000 lbs dumbbell.

If you don't start out small, any faith you build, will break because it has no root, just like a muscle will tear if you put too much strain on it that it hasn't been prepared for. And sometimes, like a torn muscle, once you see your hopes deferred, faith becomes very difficult to repair. Most people have a hard time having faith again once it becomes broken. But the worst thing they can do is give up, because it is better to have little faith than no faith at all and there's nothing wrong with starting from the bottom all over again and sometimes, faith needs to be broken several times in order to make the roots stronger. My faith has fallen short many times and as a result, had not provided "works"; but if God hadn't taught me to keep going, I probably wouldn't have gained the measure of faith I have today and its measure is great.

Now, when you build faith, you want to build the type of faith that always provide results. Faith in people is not as beneficial as faith in God and faith in lies will always result in deferred hope, so try to stay away from believing in magic unicorns and flying elephants. For, faith is like a bridge that connects the believer to the things they believe in and if what they believe in is false, then they will never see confirmation or results because it's like making a telephone call to a nonexistent caller. But if you have faith in something that is real, you will know that what you believe in is true, when there is a response.

So basically, having faith in talking unicorns and flying pink elephants is like a man using a toy phone to try to make an actual call to someone they believe exists. And putting your faith in people is like using a real phone but mostly getting a busy signal because people are not always reliable and have more of a tendency to disappoint and let others down. And sometimes, having faith in people is like using a pay phone, that even if you do something for them, you might not be shown the same kindness when the expectations you placed on them begins to fall short. But practicing your faith in God is like using a real phone to make a free phone call to a line that's never tied up and no matter how many times it might ring, someone will eventually answer. That's the concept of faith in God and without this type of faith, there is no certainty that your hopes will ever be met. 'A hope deferred makes the heart sick' (Prov 13:12), it also makes the soul bitter and bitterness will cause your spirit to see decay. 

Finally, BEFORE you put faith into practice, make sure your heart is right with God, otherwise, the call will never go through, sort of speak, when you put your faith in God. A person who has faith in God but is not right within them self with God, is like a man making a phone call that will never receive an answer because the call drops, like a wireless call made through a weak wireless signal. His faith in God will not begin to see works or results until he comes correct before the Lord. The definition of the term "comes correct", means, "a righteous approach"; and unless a man approaches God with righteousness, He will not build on their faith at all. It's not hard to make your heart right. If you do your best to follow these two commandments that basically summerizes ALL of God's laws: 1) Love God with all your heart, mind and soul and 2) Love your neighbor as yourself, then you know you are coming correct before God. And because no one's perfect, if He knows your heart genuinely strives to do these things, no matter how many times you make mistakes, you will always come correct because God knows your actions are not motivated by evil intent.

When Balaam's donkey was blocked at every passage way by an angel of God, which kept him from going to his destination, the angel said to him, "I have come to oppose you because your path is a reckless one before the Lord." And only when Balaam repented and made his heart right with God, did the angel allow him to continue on his journey. This is symbolic, that even when a man has built a very strong faith in God, if his heart falls short of righteousness by becoming motivated with evil intent, that's when his faith will no longer produce "works", until he comes correct again. It's just the way God determined Faith should be built. So, now that I shared with you what it means to put your faith into practice, you now know how to gain results from your faith in God.



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