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Things God Taught Me
by J LD
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Last night, I woke up in the middle of the night from a dream and it was a very strange dream. I had a dream I was in a house under construction because there was still plastic covering the walls and the new woodwork that were like solid beams holding up the roof and walls of the house. I came out of my bedroom that was also under construction and went out into the hallway and the entire house seemed like it was under a brand new construction even though I knew it was actually a re-construction since the house was always there but was constantly being renovated. Everything was so nice and clean and there was plastic covering over every wall and woodwork.

There, in the hallway, I saw a woman named Anna and Anna was helping a woman named Isabelle, go from one room, into another. Isabelle didn't go anywhere without Anna because she was not able to get around on her own and I followed them go into another room. As soon as I entered into the room they went into, I didn't see Isabelle but only Anna and she was holding a guitar while sitting on a ottoman located in the middle of the room. Anna turned into a woman named Madison, while still sitting on the ottoman with a guitar. Madison looked at me and turned to look at the hallway across from me and turned to me again, without saying a word, but implying for me to go investigate. 

I walked across the room, passing her, and out into the hall and right before the kitchen, I saw another hallway to the right. There, I saw a man named Mitchell standing against the wall in the hallway to the right, as if he was hiding and he turned into a man named Haris and he had a very mean look on his face when he heard me coming but then turned back into Mitchell when he saw it was me and watched me as I continued on while remaining alert and ready to attack. When I continued to walk into the kitchen, I saw it wasn't a kitchen but a living room and there was a couch shaped like a "C" with a man sitting on the middle of it. He held an infant who was one years old and the two were alone. The infant stood on his lap and walked around the man sitting on the couch while clinging to him, and the man talked to the child. I heard the child talk back, but not like an infant. The child talked like an adult to the man, who was the father. And I saw that the man truly loved this child, because he was a devoted father. I walked out of the kitchen and back through the hall, still seeing the man standing against the wall, and as I walked on, I saw my bedroom and went in to lay down and I woke up.

If I had not known God as much as I do now, I would not have been able to interpret this dream. I am unsure how He talks to other people through their dreams, but with me, I know that when a dream comes from Him, dreams about people is not about the actual person, but that, He uses the meaning of names of those people to talk to me. It's why, whenever I have dreams that come from God, the people in those dreams never say a word. In the dream, the house I saw that looked like it was under construction, symbolized me. The renovations represented the constant improvements I was making within myself and it was ongoing. 

When I went out into the hallway seeing Anna helping Isabelle, I understood God was reminding me of His Word, about how His promise is always delivered through Grace, since Isabelle didn't go anywhere without Anna helping to carry her (for, the name Isabelle means God's oath/promise and Anna means God is Gracious). When I saw Anna sitting on the ottoman in the center of a room, holding a guitar and turning into a woman named Madison, I knew God was telling me that, through the Grace of God, He gave us a gift by sending His Son into the world. The ottoman represents a "footstool" because people rest their feet on it and it also represents the Stairway to Heaven that Jacob dreamed, where at the top of the Stairway, he saw Lord. And it was this same symbolic Stairway that, because of His Grace, He sent the Son to come into the world, because the name Madison means "the SON of Matthew" and Matthew means "the gift that comes from God". 

Through this dream, God was telling me that the Son will guide me to the truth. And when I saw Madison in the dream looking for me to go out into the hallway, I walked passed her and while going out into through the hall, I saw a man named Mitchell standing against the wall, to the hallway off to the left. Passing Madison symbolized me going up the Stairway to Heaven through the Son and Mitchell standing against the wall in the hallway to the right, symbolized the Guardian that stood at the entrance to God's Temple. Mitchell is a variant of the name Michael and in the dream, he stood in hiding, as if he was ready to jump out and attack anyone he did not approve of. Michael is the only one in the dream when the meaning of the name was not a significance but more so, letting me know who this Michael was. When he turned into a man named Haris, which means Lion or Guardian, God was telling me Mitchell represented the angel Michael who stood as a Guard to the Temple of God. 

When I passed Mitchell and entered into what I thought was a kitchen but turned out to be the living room or main area or front room of the house, the man sitting on the couch shaped like the letter "C", represented God sitting on His throne. And when He held His one year old son, who walked around the man while they were on the semi-enclosed couch, this one year old infant symbolized God's one and only son. And I knew God was telling me that the infant, represented the Seraph, "the Spirit of Fire", that was born from God and encircles God; and whoever receives the Son, is, in another words, absorbing the Spirit of Fire or the Spirit of God. 

This is a Testimony God gave to me, to add on to the many others I was given through my dreams, concerning Him and it's how I came to know God very well throughout my life. If you received a portion of the Son in the form of the Holy Spirit, maybe will He share His memories with you also and tell you everything you want to know and everything you need to know about God.. Maybe..

Finally, the guitar Madison was holding symbolized God's harp. When King David played his harp for Saul, his music cast evil spirits away from him. In the same way, God uses a certain type of music to draw people to Himself, but this music is not the same sense of music that we know of, in the world. There are a few things, however, I learned about God that I still find to be strange because it took me a very long time to understand it and it goes deeper than anything else I have ever learned about Him. One of those things is, throughout the last fourteen years, God has always wanted me to communicate with Him through singing rather than talking and it has a very deep meaning, that it makes me cry every time I think about it. 

Now, if anyone's ever heard me sing, it was probably the last time they had the capability to hear since I can honestly admit I'm not a very good singer. But it was something God always tried to push me to do, even in my dreams for over ten years and in one dream, 7 or 8 years ago, I literally woke up singing! And I almost had a heart attack because it was like a supernatural occurrence that made me wonder what was happening to me! But it's how I know that singing is very important to Him ONLY when it comes to communicating with Him and not for any other reason. The reason behind it is, because I discovered that it's the only way God knows what I'm truly trying to say when I talk to Him. Because sometimes, there are some things words cannot express, and I came to understand that when I sing, it's not my words nor my voice God hears (thankfully, for His' sake), but the sound of my spirit and He showed me that through singing, our spirits communicate with God in a language He is most familiar with, which is not how we communicate with the world. 

When I woke up singing that one morning, though I could hear myself sing, my spirit wasn't singing at all, but actually talking, like the way I would carry on a normal verbal conversation with another person! That's the best way I can describe what it's like to talk to God in His "native language", sort of speak. It was just like having a normal verbal conversation between two people, only it was without actual word. It is a very difficult thing to explain but I got to learn something very deep about God and when you experience speaking to God in His native tongue, it will make you cry too. Now, if it ever does happen to you, don't misinterpret what He's trying to do. If you know you're a "William Hung", then you know darn well God is not trying to tell you to become a musician, especially, when God doesn't actually hear your voice at all when you sing, but only the sound of your spirit. I trust you know what I'm sayin..

I guess I should mention that the only time you should sing when praying or communicating, is whenever you feel you're not really being heard.. Because sometimes when people pray and feel like they're not being heard, it's because they have doubts they are being heard and when a person lacks faith, more likely, they will believe God really doesn't hear them. Singing is more so for the purpose of faith, to help you believe you're being heard when pray or talk to God. I felt it was important to mention that...

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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