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Whatever happened to the Palm Sunday donkey?
by Julie Michaelson
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So they took branches
of palm trees, and
went out to meet Him,
crying, "Hosanna! Blessed
is He who comes in the
name of the Lord!" [John
Time: An hour after the entrance of
Jesus into Jerusalem: Palm Sunday.
Place: A dusty road, outside of Jerusalem.
Characters: Angel Sylvestor,
and Angel Einstein; The Donkey of
Palm Sunday; and a traveling
couple, Elishio and Julia.
"Do you have the MAP,
Sylvestor had to stop
again; the donkey was not very
well-trained, and had to stop
and sniff every weed, and
flower along the way. Daisy
(the name which The LORD
had given the donkey),
did have a rein, but she
didn't pay any attention
to it at all, except when
The LORD had been riding

Angel Einstein had been given
his name from The LORD.
The LORD told him that
one day a Hebrew would
be born, who would have
the same wild hair that
he did...and all the brains
that Angel Einstein didn't.
"Uh, uh!"
Einstein squinted, and
scratched his head; his
halo, a wild-looking thing,
slipped down on his frizzy,
red hair that fanned out
in all directions.
"I thought The LORD
gave it to you, Sylvestor!"

"Uh, uh!"
Sylvestor took out a
shiny red plum from his
basket of goodies for
the donkey. He nuzzled it against
Daisy's mouth, and she
immediately started to
munch happily. Sylvestor
also carried a big jug of
fresh water - not for them,
but for Daisy's journey
back to her house....wherever
that was. On Sylvestor's bewinged
back was a dark green knapsack;
it was filled with more donkey snacks,
and Earth-travel goodies for him and
Einstein: chocolate bars, cheese
doodles, strawberry soda, and
some cinnamon poptarts: all from
another Century.
"Don't ya remember,
Einstein? The LORD
gave the map to you
right after He descended
from Daisy! Before He
went into the Temple!

Einstein scratched his
head again; Earth always
did that to him. The air
down here was so itchy;
it always made him sneeze
too. He sneezed.

Daisy whinnyed loudly,
and kicked.

Sylvestor whispered loudly.
"Einstein! Stop that!
You're scarin' her!"

The wild-haired angel
sneezed again. His halo, which
was in the shape of a triangle
and the color of purplish-orange,
flew off, and landed on Daisy's
plump brown rump. Einstein
gently retrieved it, and
set it back on his wild,
reddish mane. Einstein's whole
face was spotted with red freckles;
even his huge wings were bespeckled.
"I'm sorry! I can't help it!
It's my Earth allergies!"

Sylvestor, who was much shorter
and plumper than his red haired
friend, had a halo that was not as bright
or bizarre-looking as Angel Einstein's;
it always seemed to be drooping
to one side no matter what he did to
adjust it. Sylvestor stopped a moment
to lift the water jug he was
carrying, and hold it to Daisy's chocolate
brown, velvety muzzle. Sylvestor's
wings were smaller, and spotted
with bird-poop, drips of melted
chocolate candy, and dried drops
of orange and strawberry soda.
"Well...we better find that
MAP, Einstein! Or, how else
are we gonna get Daisy home?"

Einstein just sneezed again, in reply.

Daisy, who was slurping the cold,
fresh, well water, lifted up her nose
and kicked again: whinnying loudly.

Sylvestor reached out a plump bare
foot beneath his long white gauzy gown,
and kicked Einstein.
"Quit it, Einstein!
You're upsetting her!
Hold your NOSE, or somethin'!"

People walking along the same dusty
path outside of Jerusalem didn't
see the angels at all: only a rather
plump, velvety brown donkey trotting
slowing along, with a long rein dangling
at an odd angle, and munching on something
as she strolled. Nobody came near her
because she seemed to be passing a lot
of smelly gas. They just let her be,
and assumed she would find her way home.

"Look in your knapsack, Sylvestor!"
Einstein stopped walking, and unexpectedly
bumped into one of the human travelers;
the man stopped very suddenly, and
looked thoughtfully about: a very puzzled
look on his bearded face. His wife,
who was carrying a basket of fruit
on her covered head, stopped also
and turned around.
"What is wrong, Elishio?"

Her husband, almost as short and plump
as Angel Sylvestor, turned to his
wife, Julia.
"I don't know, Julia! All of sudden
I smelled those little honey cakes
that my grandmother used to bake
for me, when I was very small!
I even could smell the stained little
apron that she always wore: it always
smelled of flour, and sweet oil!"

Julia shifted the basket on her head;
they were returning home from Jerusalem
after visiting the Temple; they would
have stayed for Passover but their
youngest daughter was expecting her
first baby, and Julia wanted to get home
in time for the birth. She smiled, and
shrugged her wide shoulders.
"Elishio, you are just tired, and worn
out from our trip! And the sun is particularly
warm, today! Let's stop over there,
and I'll give you some fruit!"

"Alright, Julia! Maybe you are right!
Do you think we should bring that donkey
with us? He must be lost from his
owner; look at his rein!"

"No, Elishio! He was trodding along
in front of me for awhile, and all
I could smell was his gas! Phew! Leave
him alone! He looks like he knows his
way home!"

Her husband just shrugged, and followed
his wife over to a small, shady spot
to one side of the road. He couldn't
smell the baking or his grandmother's
apron anymore, but the memory of
it brightened his day, and made him
smile the rest of their journey home.

Angel Einstein smiled also;
following a sudden command
from the LORD, he waved
both hands toward the couple:
blessing their family, and
the new baby that was
coming soon. Then he turned
back to his friend.
"Did ya find it?"

Sylvestor was sitting in the
middle of the dusty road,
bare foot, and in the puddle
of his long gauzy gown:
tossing everything out of
his knapsack. Fruit, little
jars of cold water, and
candy bars came tumbling out.
But....no map. Sylvestor did
find, however, the beige flannel
blanket which The LORD had given
him to drape on Daisy's rump.
Sylvestor handed it to Einstein,
who gently laid it on the
donkey's soft brown back; the
blanket had little angels
embroidered along its edge,
and smelled like fresh, warm hay.
Sylvestor then turned his dark
green knapsack upside down:
shaking it.
"It's not IN here,
Einstein! The map's not
IN here! Now what are
we gonna DO? How are
we gonna find Daisy's

Einstein stood on the side
of the path: holding onto
to Daisy's rein, and petting
her big chocolate-brown
nose. Suddenly he gazed
up at the sky: nodding
slowly, and squinting as if
to listen very carefully
to several Instructions.
Then he shouted.
"Okay, LORD!

Sylvestor was busy stuffing
back everything into his
big knapsack.
"What did the LORD
say, Einstein?"

His friend smiled broadly;
his big face was full of
red freckles, and framed
by wild, crazy-looking,
reddish, frizzy hair.
"That we're supposed
to take her...HOME!
Not....home! That's
why we didn't get a MAP!
We already know the
way HOME!"

"So....Daisy's going Home

We're all goin' Home,

Yay, Daisy!
Sylvestor jumped up from
the dusty road, and wrapped
his little plump arms around
Daisy's chocolately velvet
"You're goin' Home
with us, Daisy! You're
goin' Home, with us!"

Daisy whinnyed, and just
chomped on another luscious
purple plum. The people
walking around her just
waved their noses, and
gave each other rueful
looks: nobody wanted to
go near her, at all!

"How are we gonna
get her Home, though,
Einstein? She can't

"No worries!"
Einstein closed his big
round eyes, and spread
his huge wings: their red
fleckles sparkled in the sun.
Einstein's wings were the only
thing about him that looked
elegant, and not clumsy:
a surprise gift from
"Daisy can just set on
my back! She'll be just
fine, and dandy!"

"Okay! Let's go!"
Sylvestor closed his eyes,
and spread his wings also:
The bird-poop spots, and
drips of melted candy, and
drops orange soda dotted
on his wings sparkled in the
sun. His wings were small
and very clumsy; sometimes
they didn't work at all; that is
way he always had to have an
angel-buddy. Sylvestor swung
his knapsack over his bewinged back.
"Let's GO!"

Einstein gently scooped up
Daisy and easily set her,
legs neatly tucked around
her plump rump, on his
broad, bespeckled winged
back. She didn't even
notice, but continued
chomping noisily.

The two angels took flight:
Daisy happily nestled inside
Einstein's huge wings,
and chomping contentedly.

For a moment all the people
who were walking along the path outside
of Jerusalem stopped, and
gazed upward, as if they had
heard a strange noise in
the clouds above. Later
they told all their friends
and family that they had
just missed a thunderburst,
or dust storm, along the way.

that's how Daisy became
the first, and only
donkey, to follow the
same way to Heaven that
had blessed Enoch, and
Elijah: they just disappeared
one day,
the LORD.
Fear not, daughter of
Zion; behold, your king
is coming, sitting on an
ass's colt! [John 12:15]

Copyright 2014.


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