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Gay, Gay What
by Margery Wolfe
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Gay, Gay What

What does gay mean and where did it come from? Why would anyone relate gay to inappropriate sex acts? I decided to look up the word. It means to be joyous and lively; merry, happy, bright, brilliant; given to social life and pleasure, wanton in lifeless lifestyles; behavior, action, manner; actually without life, inanimate, dead, no longer having life.
Gay life means wanton, undisciplined, unmanageable, sexually loose, licentious (disregarding accepted rules and standards, morally unrestrained), homosexual, guilty of lasciviousness which is sin. It is a senseless lifestyle unprovoked and unjustifiable, wreckless, arrogant, indecent and not morally fit.

This life is not so lively as it is pretended to be because itís actually a life that is unacceptable in the heart of men and God. The flesh is rendered to nastiness and perverseness. They know deep down within themselves itís unacceptable within them self. No matter how much they try to make their sin okay through the making of laws to govern the lifestyle it still will be what it is and produce no new life. They have manís acceptance because its law by the government but itís the governing body that doesnít matter where life is concerned.

They still have sold themselves to abomination and are a stink in the nostrils of God. They can no matter how many laws man make be happy as they pretend happiness. They are lifeless! On the inside behind their eyes lies so much shame. Shame says I did wrong, guilt says I am wrong. America has not helped these people but dug a deeper hole for them. A gay lifestyle is a lifeless life; dull and listless. They only resemble actual life. They like to pretend that actually they only resemble a real person, a real marriage, a real lifestyle.

They are looking for a lifeline that will never exist where it matters most. They submit themselves to an unnatural life, committing an unnatural sin that Jesus didnít die for. It goes past disobedience; itís extended strictly to denial. The person denies who they are, what they are, and why they are. It tells God that somehow He made a mistake along the line in his creating and making of man. The victim of this lifestyle looks for a way of saving their life when they should be worried about their soul. They are deceived! They have thought by obtaining laws of acceptance by marriage they would have a righteous lifeline. No!

The lifeline they seek is only through Jesus Christ and they canít come to Him with their abomination. Jesus died for sin, natural sin. Abomination covers unnatural sin. The joy man seeks for is only through a true spiritual relationship with God and that does not come through the flesh. This kind comes only through a denial of flesh. Even with a law of man on their side, itís still not justified in the sight of God. God has nothing to do with darkness, so someone has to change their way; God isnít. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

God is the one that gave us Jesus who proclaimed that He is the Light, the Way, and the Truth. It is he that brightens and illuminates man to God the Father. He lived that He may show man the way. He came to do away with the licentious lifestyles men lived even then. God didnít just start dealing with manís foolish nature. Man has always through sin, disobedience to Godís standard fallen out of Godís grace. Satan has always been a liar, deceiver, and killer of manís relationship with God. Man has given in to Satanís lies for so long they donít realize he has pulled them into his kingdom to live in eternal damnation forever and ever. Oh itís real!

Why does man think God separated the day from darkness? Why do men think God separated the woman from the man? Why does man think that after God took the woman out the inside of man, he brought them back together again? From the beginning God has put a difference between the two; specifically where no man can say he is a woman or a woman can say she is a man. God forbid! Any way man do it other than how God made man and woman to cohabitate is nasty, filthy, and not of even the earth; but hell.

The ungodly sinful nasty lifestyle is from Satan himself; from the underworld where the rottenness of the heaven and earth dwell: hell. Why would anyone want to go where the filthiness of the body comes out? Yor see sin is sin but the difference comes when it is natural or unnatural. The angels that listened to and followed Lucifer sinned against God in Spirit in Heaven and was kicked out. Now man sin a natural sin in the flesh but an unnatural sin in the flesh is a sin against the Spirit and flesh that condemns them to hell already.

Homosexuality or a gay life has already been adjudged for hell. Adjudge means to judge; decide. God decided in Heaven that all that followed the ways of Lucifer (Satan) would be adjudged and ordered to serve out their time in hell with him when he is sealed there for eternity. This was Godís decision when Lucifer and the disobedient angels were kicked out of Heaven.

It was a solemn charge, a permanent command, an earnest entreaty. The only adjustment God made to bring man into obedience again was through the redemptive process. God gave to man a choice that would once again bring them in one accord with Him. Jesus is manís Chief Adjutant. He serves as Godís Chief Executive and Administrative Assistant when it comes to man. He is our Major General and handles manís life records. He stands with the book of manís life open on admissions day, God stand at the gate and we wait on his saying rather we will enter Heaven or not.

He earned that right that allows us access. Jesus paid a price for that right, so what about us? We pay the price through a godly righteous lifestyle lived here and now in the earth. If we deny him he will deny us. What do we admit through how we live in the earth? We admit that God is indeed our Father, Jesus is our brother, Christ is our Redeemer and the Holy Ghost is our keeper. Doing what God has said and requires guarantee us a prepared mansion in Heaven. God said we are to be Holy for He is Holy.

We are to deny ungodly lusts. We are deny ourselves what we want that goes against what God Word says; the Commanding Officer of our souls. Man soul belongs to God; and the soul that sins shall die. God made man and woman to be soul mates; two people of the opposite sex that have a deep personal relationship with each other. Each person has to take an honest and close examination of oneís true feelings and motives for what they do. The single person can only determine if there relationship is sound in Christ or not. We determine the significance of our life if it will be free of defect or not. Our lives must be based on truth or valid reasoning from the Word of God; He is the Creator or have we found another?

How can we agree with the established views or belief that actually goes against nature itself? We have sound doctrine, the Word that is thorough, solid, substantial and forceful concerning all things. We can write as many books as we will to change nature but it doesnít work. If it did we would be happy without a second thought. Itís wrong and we know itís wrong. The Bible, the Word of God is found to be as God is; deep and unchanging, morally strong, honest, honorable, and loyal to us. Where is our commitment to Him? Where is our soundness in Christ? Everybody wants to write a book under the rainbow that condones their lifestyle but God forbid? Keep looking for the rainbow; we will need it in hell to chill the heat.

The Gay lifestyle belongs to people that have the spirit of a dead person; dead while they yet live. This lifestyle separates one from God although they feel like; the person that has not denied God. They are thought of as being separate from the body and leading an existence of their own. The deep spiritual and emotional quality in the life of a gay person is mute; where there is always some emptiness surrounded them.

The soul is an entity which is regarded as being the immortal or spiritual part of the person and though having no physical or material reality it is credited with the function of thinking and willing and hence determining all behavior. So man that sin this unnatural sin sells their soul. Even in the relationship with their so called mate is always under intense pressure and scrutiny because they are giving so much. The soul is the moral or emotional nature of a human being, spiritual or emotional warmth, force or evidence of this.

It is the vital or essential part, quality, or principle of man that belongs only to God. It is the only part of man Satan cares to have. The soul carries Godís heart. Where is the reasoning of denying this most valuable part of man by denying who they are? Itís blasphemy against the Holy Ghost, the Spirit of God. God breathe his Spirit in man and man became a living soul.

From the beginning it was not so. Sin is a transgression of the law of God, disobedience to or violation of the divine commands; it is moral depravity, iniquity, wickedness, unrighteousness, ungodliness.

The Law is a rule of conduct, enjoined by a competent authority and if need be enforced by penalties. Customs which naturally arose in the intercourse between members of the same society, frequently gained such acceptance that the community finally resolved to adopt and enforce them as laws. But a law may be imposed by a ruler, human or divine without reference to previous customs or legislation. ďIt may be imposed by the constituted authorities of the state, which are ordained of God (Ezra 7:26; Esther 1:19; Dan 6:8), or proceed immediately from God, being revealed in a supernatural manner audibly, as at Sinai, or through the Spirit to prophets (Zech. 7:12) or made known in the constitution of our nature (Rom 2:14-15).

They who fear God and keep his Commandments are wise and the godly wisdom which they have acquired from the study of the written law, from observation of the human heart and from the life of holiness, when given forth in instructions the law of the wise which is a fountain of life (Prov. 13:14). When the law is taught to children by parents; father and mother, simple disobedience causes a change in life, history, condition, circumstances and positions on life choices. If Christ had to do and follow the law of God and man what about us? Manís law proceeded from Godís Word and was not to go against Him, His Word or Spirit.

If the Spirit in the beginning went against God and His Word there would be no earth, no world, or no living man. The Law of God is perfect and converts the soul. Man became a living soul because the Spirit obediently breathed upon man. Godís Statutes are right and causes our hearts to rejoice when we are in obedience to them. The Commandment of the Lord is pure and when we keep them they will keep us pure from sin. The Law as we know it is not made for righteous men but for the lawless; those that will not keep Godís laws. They seek for man that will make laws to appease their flesh; they are called lawless because they seek to please Satan rather than God. Men that love sin is called a sinner. Sin includes not only actions but neglect of known duties, all evil thoughts, words, acts and all that is contrary to the Laws of God. Evil men do not understand justice, but those who seek the Lord understand all (Prov. 28:5 NKJV). To them that know to do right and donít its sin.

To them which decide to obey it is a chaplet of grace about the head (Prov. 1:8-9). The Law of God is written in the Bible for man to know and follow. Christ came not to destroy the Law of God of the prophets but to fulfill the Law (Matt 5:17). Every walk, every nation, everywhere must give an account for the deeds we do in life whether it be good or evil. Sin may exist in commission, when a divine Law is violated or in omission when a duty is willfully neglected.

To violate Godís divine (of, or like God, given or inspired by god, holy, sacred, devoted to God supremely good) Laws as set forth in His Sacred Book, is to sin. To violate His Divine Laws of life and health knowingly is to sin. To violate Godís Law of ďthe still small voiceĒ the conscience, is to sin. To violate Godís Law written or unwritten is a sin.

Deadly or mortal sin is any willful transgression which deprives the soul of divine grace; the unpardonable sin, the sin against the Holy Ghost (Matt 12:31). To miss the mark, crooked, disobedience, rebellion, wickedness, passing over or going across the bounds of normal pathway all mean sin; falling aside, impiety, injustice and lowliness is also sin. The central thought in each of the definitions of sin is that of a deviation from an accepted standard.

God made a covenant with man and the first covenant was broken because man partook of what God had told him not to partake of; the tree of good and evil. He was not to partake of it even at the hands of his wife. The same holds true today; no one can make you sin. Manís own desire to partake of what he knows he should not makes him guilty of sin. We partake of things that will take our soul to hell. Man worship idols, that being themselves. Man has willfully set themselves through continued disobedience to be equal with God, being filled with pride and fulfill the lusts of their flesh. What the eye see, we want no matter if it is forbidden or not. The conception of sin is individualized; no man can make another sin. Jesus came and demolished sin in the flesh. We can stand for God or fall for anything; but know that it is coming up again.

Sin can be in degrees, it can be besetting or against the body but we all hold a responsibility to not be guilty of doing sin (Eccl 12;13-14). Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; fear God and keep His Commandments for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing whether it be good, or whether it be evil. We must even watch our mouth and what we speak that we donít cause our flesh to sin.

Ecclesiastes 5:6 says suffer not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin; neither say thou before angels that it was an error. Wherefore should God be angry at thy voice, and destroy the work of thine hand. We can serve God all of our lives and at the end lose our soul because we fail to speak up against sin. We canít attempt to cover sin, vain, secret sin or known sin. Man will do evil because his heart is not prepared to seek God. Only God can deliver man from sin but man must desire to come out of sin by his own choice.

The heart of man is deceitful above all things and desperately wicked according to Jeremiah 17:19. Man when submitted to ungodly, unholy, damnable ways where the truth of God is denied blasphemes the Holy Ghost which is according to Jesus himself in Matthew 12:31. It is an unpardonable sin. If we sin we are servants of sin. Because of one man, Adam, sin entered the world but by one man Jesus sin was destroyed, but we must through faith in Christ believe that we donít have to sin.

Sin is a free will choice now and has an accountability judgment attached to it for all that will serve it. James 1:14-15 but every man is tempted when he is drawn away of his own lusts and enticed. The when lust is conceived; it brings forth death. Now why did he say death? Sin kills our livelihood. It takes away the true joy and happiness and peace of life. It takes us away from God that redeemed our soul from the power of the grave. We have a time to be born and a time to die but with sin we are dead while we live. The dead in Christ is even dead in life than those that are dead in the grave; we cannot sin!

Jesus is the resurrection and the life, he that believe in him though they are dead, they are alive forevermore. Itís okay if people say ďyou are dead, you donít know nothing, you not livelyĒ. It means that they recognize that your life is blameless, free of sin. We have been changed in Christ and that change should be shown forth to man. We want to be able to rise with Christ when he comes again. Live to live again!

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