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The World and Its Beauty
by Margery Wolfe
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The World and Its Beauty

Look around you, what do you see? I see a world full of color, a world full of flowers, trees, animals and water. I see a world full of men, women, boys, and girls. I see the sun and the moon. I see the stars and then again ďthe starsĒ. I see the kings and ďthe queensĒ. I see and I wonder if God sees it too!

Of course God sees it, He created it. I know he sees the chaos man have brought back to the new world he created. Itís nothing wrong with the world; itís the people in it. The world and its beauty was just that; beautiful in its own right. But who would keep it God thought. I know ďlet us make manĒ. God made man and man made a mess of Godís creation. Satan made a mess in heaven too!

Whatís going to happen to the world and its beauty now that man has messed up? Will God as He had before man destroy the earth again? No! God has prepared a place for Satan and all those that will follow him. God has set judgment where sin has been judged already. Hell is a prepared place for the sinful and disobedient people that dwell in the world. Hell is a prepared place for all those that will not declare that holiness is right and hell you donít want to go. From Adam until now God Word still stands true. If you donít believe it, I warn you prove it otherwise.

What if Godís Word is true? What if hell is real? What if heaven is real? What if God is real? The world and its beauty makes man creature friendly. Even the animals war against one another. The flowers donít cross contaminate. The waters flow where they are known. The particular fruit grows on its own trees. The only cross contaminate in the earth is man; made after God in his image. Man was created as spiritual beings in the earth and not of the earth. Who man was and is; is who we are on the inside. God made man a body from the dust of the earth and put in that body what he had created. Now in the world the new creature was able to see, hear, feel, touch, and taste with restrictions.

The world and its beauty is what man saw. He saw as God sees in his newly created state. Why then did God tell him not to eat something if he had made all things good? Man now being like God was trying to figure out their Creator. Man today still try to figure out God rather than just obey what he says. The Devil, Satan also knew of manís curiosity for man was in a spiritual state as he was too! Satan looked and found where he could interject himself in manís life to steal his heart away from God. He knew if he could steal manís heart he would get manís soul. When man would follow his lead; they have sold out his soul and spirit. His soul already along with the foolish angels was already adjudged for hell! How was he going to let this new creature take his place in Godís heart?

He used the world and its beauty to deceive man of that beautiful place God had given to man to have dominion over. God had given to Satan and the fallen angels a dungeon; a place of darkness and ugliness for eternity. How dare God do this to me said Satan? I served him! I gave him reverence! I worshipped and adored him! I brought glory to him! Everything about Satan is I. Itís never about us people! Itís all about Satan or either itís all about God but not both. Itís time we wake up! We are the Church, not the building. Remember Jesus saying ďI go to prepare a place for you, that where I am you may be alsoĒ. God has a prepared place for a prepared people. The Church is inside of us. Christ came to not create man again, as God had already done that. He came to bring heaven back to man again in the earth. He came to restore God on the inside of man again.

The only reason man was ever flesh was because he was made for the earth; he couldnít keep the earth in his spiritual state. Flesh is the dust and water of the earth. So far man was to only keep the earth up. He was to keep it clean and beautiful. But look at us now; we act like what we were made of, dirt. Our deeds are nasty and ill intended in most cases. Our acts are horrible and abominable in most cases. There is no purity among the young or old. The old have set the young off the course that they were to teach them to stay on. We are a mess in this big beautiful world. Was that Godís intent? Think again! Why are we so messed up? Glad you asked.

We are the church of the world now; not Godís Church. We are so user friendly; any way the wind blows is cool with us. We are self contaminates; we contaminate our lives with the things God say partake not of. The word no is a sin in the world today. Had Adam said no to Eve when she offered him to eat of the forbidden fruit that was so tasty to her we would know no sin. Had Eve not talked to the snake she never would have been enticed out of the beautiful state. Beauty is only skin deep. She was beautiful but didnít know it; for she knew no flesh. She and Adam communicated spiritually. They were still yet spiritual beings.

The world beauty pulled them completely out of their spirituality. The world beauty and the taste thereof robbed them and they knew it not. It still robs us of our spirituality today. We must learn to say no to Satan, the prince of this world. Why would we listen to the prince anyway when we can go straight to the King? We are so misplaced in this world. We are drawn off by its beauty. What the eye sees it wants. What the ear hear it believe. What we can touch we are drunk off of it. What makes us feel good we just; have to have. Where our feet take us is where we want to go; they donít go against our will. Man has a will that just will not submit to God. Our minds go places it was never intended to go. We follow after beauty and beauty take us to places we really donít want to go; for what we see might not be what we get. Just ask Adam! He was carried off by what was made from him and she was carried off by what was in the place before them.

The world and its beauty is what Satan wants man to see. He strives to keep man focused there where he can deceive us. He knows that if we ever really see God and see him right he will not enlarge his territory. He was a liar from the beginning of man and still is today. He comes to steal the heart of man, deceive manís mind, and kill manís soul. Manís soul is the most precious part of man; it belongs to God. Who can describe a soul? It is the seat of Godís affection and has no color, race, or creed. That is why Satan can only use whatís on the outer appearance to draw man off the beacon path with God. He knows that this is what can go to heaven or hell. Man chooses the path they will take God has already laid the foundation that we are to follow. And if we donít believe it, prove it otherwise.

To all of our uphill experiences, God is our solution. If we trust Him we will never fail. Just live the Gospel given us by Jesus to follow. Why not follow a man that showed us we can live this godly spiritual life in this present world? Why follow Satan that has been kicked out of the holy place? Maybe we say that none of this is real but can we explain it any other way? Can we really figure out God? If God be God then serve him! Have we really had any peace doing things our way? Do we really find joy in doing things we do? When we do wrong there is but a moment of pleasure and then it vanishes. Know the difference! Then we try to hold on to the memory of that pleasure when we know itís not coming back again. We have sinned, walked away from God and have no place to hide. The Devil just set us up to beat the hell out of us while we are on our way to hell. He wrecked our lives, cause us hell on earth, gets us to turn away from God and what do we think he will do us in hell? Suddenly our world is not so beautiful anymore!

The world and its beauty have been contaminated by an entity that means us no good. We must go back and see the world as God created it; beautiful, loving, righteous, peaceful and full of joy. We must take our glory back! We were once a people that roamed in the world freely; now we are bound by the rudiments of this world. Our lives are loaded with sickness, disease, poverty, sin, and pollution. The Holy Spirit that once dwelled on the inside of us is no longer a thought. He wants to come in and dwell again; Christ in us the hope of glory. Man is Godís glory and the woman is manís glory. We must take back what the Devil has stolen from us. He has stolen our rightful place with God from us and we donít realize it. Itís time we see through the eyes of God; we have looked through Satanís far too long.

Satan has punked us. He is trying to screw us out of our inheritance. Our inheritance is among them that are sanctified. Those that have been sanctified are those that uphold the standard of God. They declare the name of Jesus. They declare its holiness or hell. They declare righteousness. They are the heavenly host of God! They trust God and take him at his every Word.

God is for us, but are we for Him? God has always been and never been lost; but we are. He doesnít have to choose whom he will love but we do. We must know that the Holy Spirit dwells in us and He abides and rules. Jesus the Word was in the beginning with us and is now put in our hearts again where Christ dwells in us. The Word was God, was with God, became a man in the flesh; lived among men as a man, gave that life for man, shed his blood that man may have life in the place of death on the inside where it all begin. Jesus the sanctifier sanctified our lives once again. Itís up to us to keep our sanctification. Itís an inside job where the Spirit has been resurrected once again. The first life has been restored in man; that spiritual state.

Christ in us the hope of glory! He wants to come in and cleanse us from our impurities and imperfections. He wants to cleanse us where we donít just take a walk with him; but know Him, love Him and obey Him. He was, He was with us and now He want to dwell in us! He loves us and want the more for us; what about the love we have for God? If we say we love him we should want the more of Him. To experience Him as He is and see the world and its beauty as He sees it we must surrender our soul back to God. We got to have the more of God; Him, His Spirit, and His Word. We can no longer be carnal in this world. What hinder us from receiving the Baptism in the Holy Ghost? This mean we experience Christ on the inside where it makes a difference.

The Spirit comes upon us, but we need to let Him come on the inside. For him to come inside he must find that the house has been cleansed and garnished. Salvation is an inside job; remember! Remember we kicked him out with sin and we have to invite him to come back in where sin canít abide. He gave us life first; now we have to want life. We had a choice to just obey and did not. Now we have a choice again through the blood of Jesus Christ. We can know, love, and obey God once again! When we come to Christ we can never be the same again! The world and its beauty can be seen in a different light.

Beautiful is the feet of those who walk upright. Beautiful is the heart that worships in the beauty of holiness. Beautiful is the mind that is stayed on Jesus. Beautiful are the hands that touch not of evil. Beautiful is the body that partakes not of sin. Beautiful are the ears that hear no evil. Beautiful are the footsteps of those that walks in the path of righteousness every day. The world and its beauty can be good. It can do us good if we see it as God does. We can enjoy our inheritance while we live. Holiness is a state of spirituality that no one can take from us; we give it up. Hold on to Godís unchanging hands for he is the only living immutable being in the earth; he change not. He is not a man that he should lie and nor is he the son of any man. Life was birth forth in us, but we decide if we will take life or death; holiness or sin; heaven or hell!

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