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What Are We Birthing Forth
by Margery Wolfe
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What Are We Birthing Forth

When something is birth forth that means it has been given life. There are some prerequisites to giving birth though. Nothing is birth forth in the earth without the prior knowledge or approval of God. He is the beginning of life and the ending. How do we think we can do anything without God? Where do we get the mindset that it is all about us anyway?

Romans 8:29 for whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

Acts 21:13 then Paul answered, what mean ye to weep and to break mine heart? For I am ready not to be bound only, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus. Are we for Christ or not? Are we ready to birth forth souls into the Kingdom of God or not? Or are we so fearful of what man can or will do us? Just as Paul we must be willing to die if it means Christ will be birth forth. Christ died to birth forth the Holy Ghost into man once again; how much more we as the believers and followers of Christ? Paul didnít walk with Jesus while Jesus lived as a man in the earth. He was birth forth of the Spirit after Jesusí death and resurrection. Paul was a Jew, a Hellenistic one at that. His Jewish name was Saul but after his conversion he was birth forth as Paul.

Paul was not just another man, he had prerequisites in his life that qualified him to be an effective witness of the Lord Jesus Christ. He didnít just get a call and take off running. He was chosen for the work by the Lord himself. He was reared (taught) in Tarsus as a Pharisee and became a loyal follower. The Pharisee was one of the Jewish Sects and Orders. They were outward conformists who strove by one method or another to give intenser expression to its principles and life. We have those formed of this pattern in America today although not Jewish by nature or living the moral life they held. There are lifestyles birth forth in the earth today that too is only a figment of manís imagination in their own minds.

Along with the Pharisee was the Kenites, the Rechabites, the Samaritans, the Nazarites, the Chasidim, the Sadducees, the Essenes, the Scribes, the Lawyers, the Herodians, the Zealots, the Galileans, the Assassins or Sicarii, the Sanhedrin, the Proselytes, the Publicans, and the Hellenists. What they thought was right they fought to kill for. Paul was one of these people but God changed his position. When God changed his position he didnít take away his zeal, diligence, or his ability to fight for what he believed to be right but he used it for his glory.

Paul the Pharisee was in opposition to the mingling; they held a strong firm adherence to the national faith, exact obedience, formalism, and authority. Morality was their watchword. What more could be said? Paul would do the same thing in Christ. He would stress that the Christian was not to mingle in sin and disobedience to the Word. He held a strong firm adherence policy to the new found faith in Jesus Christ for the believer. He warned that they should put away any sign of following business as usual in the Church of Jesus Christ. He warned them that they should set a precedence (putting first things first) where Christ was concerned. He birth in them what Christ loves and expects of them and he didnít take down or give into them. He could not be brought by any manís dollar. If they were to be saved it was by the Word of God.

He knew about pledging your faith to what you believed in and that you do accordingly. He felt that same way toward God himself and instilled it into the new found believer to pledge yourself to do all that is required of you as a Christian. The Pharisee paid all tithes before the use or sale of any commodity, nothing being allowed to be eaten with regard to the tithing of which there was any doubt. The other thing they stressed hard was avoidance of all uncleanness and their chief point of distinction was their strict regard they paid to the oral law. The oral law was a series of unwritten interpretation of the Divine oracles handed down from doctor to doctor, and forming an elaborate system extending to every detail of worship and of life. The tradition of the elders this spun around Godís Word a web of intricate refinement and while purporting to ďfence the LawĒ or to lessen the risk of breaking it. Paul warned and warns us today to not make laws to fit the pleasing of the flesh.

What are we birthing forth in the earth? Formation was substituted for the spiritual religion by these Pharisees and they thought they were right. We are warned not to create formation (arranging or positioning) of things in life that pervert (to cause to turn from what is considered right, good, or true) the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In so doing we give place to the flesh. Paul birth forth in the Christians of the Church of Jesus Christ that they were not to change the Word of God to misdirect, lead man astray, or corrupt the good morals that was set by Jesus. He warned them that to change one word and misapply the meaning of, misinterpret, distort, or twist the Holy Epistles would bring a worse condition to life. He warned that if we didnít follow the Word of Christ and allow an improper use of it we too would be perverted by it. We are not to misuse Godís Word for our own personal practices.

The prerequisite of being positioned or chosen by God to do a work for Him is knowledge of where you are going and what you have been called away from. Knowledge is power we need to defeat the enemy on his turf. The Devil is already defeated by Jesus. Romans 16:20 Paul says Jesus has put Satan under our feet. We must be able to recognize spirits. If we donít know what is good how will be know when evil presents itself? Child of God we must know. Ignorance is not bliss; it is what it is dumb. Paul had knowledge and education God used for his glory. What are we birthing forth for the Gospel sake? What is your expectation when you give your life to Christ? What do you bring to the table with you?

Paul had a role in life that would bring glory to God, safety and life to the people, and to set in order the path God used to bring forth Christ. God always had a plan for his people from Adam to us. We were created to the praise of Godís glory and God wants us to give him glory. He wants to replace Satanís role in us; Satan was Lucifer in heaven. He was the praise and worship leader. He led the glory that was only to be given to God. Understand we took his place in Godís heart and itís his job to keep God getting the glory out of our lives. God changed Paulís life forever and he went about to change the lives of men and women and still today is alive birthing forth the salvation of Jesus Christ in our hearts.

Paul had a role of high importance with the Pharisees; would God do any less? No! God will use us where we are. Just as Jesus Paul birth forth Spirituality in the lives of men. Sarai was Abrams wife; but she became Sarah the mother of Issac child of Godís promise. Her faith was commended (Heb. 11:11). Mary loved God, never knew a man but birth forth Jesus, the Christ who is the source of all knowledge. Eve is called the ďmother of all livingĒ birthing all of us forth although we didnít all come from her womb. It was however begun with the use of her body. Moses through direct revelation from God birth forth the Law. Grace and Truth was birth forth to us through Jesus Christ. Whenever God get ready to do something with man itís to birth forth life in some area of manís life. This same Sect Paul was a principle member of participated in the crucifixion of Christ. Acts 2:23 Him, being delivered by the determinate Counsel and foreknowledge of God, ye have taken and by wicked hands have crucified and slain. We owe God! Those things which God before had showed by the mouth of all his prophets that Christ should suffer, was fulfilled. Woe be to the one used to fulfill our demise and vice versa more so for us if we let the enemy use us to bring forth death rather than life.

Paul because of who he was not only was ready to do Godís will but was willing to die for the cause. It is impossible to overestimate the importance of this man to Christianity. Christians at once stopped being persecuted. The Gospel took on new power at every turn and Paul was one of the foremost spokesman for Christ. Jesus challenged his path and he surrendered right there on the spot. In Damascus he received the opening of his eyes, the gift of the Holy Ghost and baptism. Christ not only came upon him but in him. At once Paul began to testify in Damascus to his new faith in the light of his new experience with considerable effect.

Paul went into meditation where he sought a clearer grip on all that was involved in his conversion. How can we birth forth in others what we ourselves donít know and understand? Paul went on to know more about Christ all his life and it was always toward Christ and about Christ. Christ dominated his thinking and his living. He preached with such power that the Jews sought to kill him. He was now hated by the Jews as a turncoat and a traitor. Even the Disciples eyed him with suspicion until Barnabas took a bold stand for him and won him a hearing. Paul then went on to preach in Jerusalem, doing the work of Stephen over again and was the real successor of that hero of the faith and was about to meet the same fate at the hands of the enraged Jews.

In the text Acts 11:13 Paul was telling the Saints in his company that whatever his fate he was ready to die for the cause. He birth forth a will in them to continue in the faith no matter what they faced on tomorrow. They were in the house of Phillip the Evangelist when the prophet Agabus came and being led of the Holy Ghost prophesied Paulís death. They besought Paul not to go up to Jerusalem. Paul answered ďwhat mean ye to weep and to break mine heart? For the name of Jesus I am ready to die. The Devil had sought to kill Paul before he could carry the Gospel to the Gentiles. Isnít it something how he will try to cut down the anointed; for they carry what man needs that will destroy the yoke. Too many are trying to birth forth without the Holy Ghost. We of our own self can do nothing.

Itís a sad man that stands alone. Jesus had his Disciples. Paul now had Barnabas as God had sent him help. Now the man and the hour met and Paul was ready for his great Evangelical Work. In the birthing process each person must have the insight to know their role. Barnabas knew Paul was the man of all the world for the new day. He assisted him and didnít seek to usurp authority over him. We in the world today have that problem. Nobody wants to do the kingdom work if they are not the one leading where they will be recognized. Man seeks glory to themselves. With everything and everyone in order the birthing process began. Being led by the Holy Ghost they went about doing the work; birthing souls into the kingdom of God. What are we birthing forth in the earth? From that day that they launched out into the deep and Barnabas presented Paul to the people and the manifested power of God fell and people were saved.

With this power came threats and actual harm but Paul and Barnabas brought yet a mighty Word from the Lord. The Judaizers from Jerusalem came up to Antioch and challenged the right of the Gentiles to be considered Christians without being Jews. These same people that Jesus came to that rejected Him but we know that sometime in the birthing process some babies are rejected and aborted. We know that we too will be rejected by family and the church alike but be of good cheer for Jesus overcame the world and we will too. Paul urges us to always be ready for Jesus when he comes back. Leave the time of his coming to Him but work the work of him that sent you until that time. In Christ we donít have to worry about dying, just birth forth Christ.

Paul had a burden for souls. What are we birthing forth in this world? Do we care about anyone other than ourselves? Paul presented the Gospel in fullness and power with deliberation. He showed the necessity of the God kind of righteousness for both the Jew and Gentile and showed us how it can only be obtained by faith. God sets us right by means of what Christ has done and then the Holy Spirit makes us like Christ in the end. People lose faith at the first sign of trouble; Jesus told us that he that endure until the end the same shall be saved Matthew 24:13. We have to do as Paul did birth forth some endurance power in the lives of the Christian. We must go all the way to the end as Paul did. He went on his last journey to Jerusalem full of apprehension but he yet was determined to do his duty.

Paul was warned about the dangers confronting him in Jerusalem but he was determined to go on, bound in the Spirit from a sense of duty. The Judaizers were busy during these years of Paul birthing forth creating hostility against Paul in Jerusalem. Years before now Agabus had prophesied that Paul, the owner of the girdle which he bound his own hands and feet in would die at their hands. Paul had said it was wrong for the Jews to impose the Jewish Ceremonial Law on the new found Gentile Christians. The Judaizers said he was teaching them not to observe the Jewish Ceremonial Law. But Paulís keeping of the Law himself silenced the naysayers; we must know how to shut up the mouth of the enemy. Yet Paul still had other enemies too! The accusation was made that Paul being present at the Feast of Pentecost was seen; so they said he was desecrating the temple by bringing Greeks into the court of Israel. In this way we will create many enemies. Can you imagine being bound in your own house?

What are we birthing forth in this world? We are darned if we do and darned if we donít do. Paul knew of this enemy for he had once been an enemy of the Christian. They dragged Paul out of the temple and shut the door and was about to kill him when he was rescued. It took Paul though five years to get free from prison on that false charge. Paul had to speak up for himself on the steps of the tower of Antonia. They were about to scourge him when they found out that he was a Roman citizen. Paul set the Pharisees and Sadducees against each other because of the knowledge he had of each Sect. You have to know the enemy. We can birth forth Christ wherever we are if itís just one Saint that will speak up; just one. When you come against Godís people, you canít win. What God birth forth in us will always take precedence over everything else; just bury the Word in your heart, he will be there when you need to birth forth.

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