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A Trust In God That Is Unshakeable
by Margery Wolfe
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A Trust In God That Is Unshakeable

Train up a child in the way they are to go and when they are old it wonít depart from them. When we input Christ into the heart of a child He will never leave them. They may leave him to go out into the world but the values will always ride with them. What we put in them as a child will be their strength tomorrow.

As a child my grandmother taught me to trust in God no matter what. She told me that God would always be there, God will always make a way for you. She taught me to be strong in the Lord, love my self, love my neighbor, obey my parents and love them and the whole of mankind. She tauhe ht me that I am to love God no matter what!

My grandmother use to read the Bible with me every night after everyone in the house went to sleep. We would afterward pray. She would read the story of David to me all the time. She loved the book of I Samuel especially the part where David killed Goliath and he was just a little boy. She would always make reference to the fact that David trusted God.

David was anointed to be king of Israel by God. But he didnít just become king at that point; as there was a sitting king on the throne. I Samuel 16 tells us the story of Samuel that was sent to Jesseís house the Bethlehemite whom God had chosen among his sons a King to rule over his chosen people; Israel. Saul had been rejected by the Lord and Samuel was sent by God to anoint a new one. Samuel started with the eldest and one by one they were rejected. David was the keeper of the sheep, the youngest which probably be unheard of in their culture to be anointed a king. This would be the last significant act of Samuel. When David became King Samuel had already died.

Samuel name means the name of God. He was a child that was also special to God. Hannah prayed earnestly before the Lord for a male child. He was a child given to his mother Hannah as a gift from God and she in turn dedicated Samuel back to God. Samuel was a providential gift: he had the revelation of the Word of the Lord. He came from the tribe of Ephraim. His father was Elkanah. He was a promised child from God spoken forth by the mouth of Eli, a high priest of the family of Ithamar. Eli also was Samuelís instructor. When Eliís own sons dishonored God to a low estate, God sent Samuel in their stead. God always have a man to do his work!

Samuel ministered to the Lord before Eli. He was told of the coming destruction of the house of Eli and established he was to be a prophet of the Lord (I Sam 3). Samuel trusted God at his word. He sought the Lord. After the death of Eli and the return of the ark to Israel, Samuel became a judge and saved Israel from destruction by calling them to repentance at Mizpah (I Sam 7). In his old age Samuel appointed his sons as judges over Israel, but they did not follow in the ways of their father and the people came and asked Samuel to make them a king to judge over them like all the other nations. He told them that this would not be good for them but nevertheless he yielded to their wish (I Sam. 8). He anointed Saul the son of Kish privately and told him that the choice of the Lord and of the people would fall upon him. He told the people that they were forsaking the Lord but they cast the lot and Saul was selected to be the first king of Israel.

Samuel trusted God and defended his integrity before Israel. He reminded them of the favor God had bestowed upon His people, warned them of disobedience to God and by a thunderstorm at harvest time convinced them of their sin in asking for a king (I Sam. 12). Saul was of the tribe of Benjamin, the twelfth son of Jacob who was devoted to his father. Benjamin became to be known as the founder of families and of the tribe of Benjamin. Saul now was a first. Saulís reign was beset with unfortunate circumstances and acts of disobedience. He offered a sacrifice at Gilgal when Samuel delayed to appear (I Sam. 13:8-15); he spared Agag, the king of the Amalekites (I Sam. 15:9), and his kingdom was taken from him. He was cruel to David who twice spared his life (I Sam. 24:3-7). Twice Saul was delivered into Davidís hand where he could have done him harm or killed the king. David never touched the king and he respected the office Saul walked in. Saul was revengeful and suspicious and in this spirit ordered the slaying of Ahimelech and eighty-five priests, at Nob (I Sam. 22).

Saul lost his brave and dauntless spirit; the Philistines invaded his kingdom and sought for encouragement but found none. He went to a witch in Endor and asked to communicate with Samuel who had died. The spirit of Samuel told him that he would be killed on the morrow. Mortally wounded Saul asked his own armor bearer to kill him and save him from Philistine tortures and when the armor bearer refused from fear, Saul fell upon his own sword and died.

Samuel had been afraid to anoint another man king while Saul lived. I Samuel 16 1-2 and the Lord said unto Samuel, how long will thou mourn for Saul, seeing I have rejected him form reigning over Israel? Fill thine horn with oil, and go. I will send thee to Jess the Bethlehemite; for I have provided me a king among his sons. And Samuel said, how can I go? If Saul hear it, he will kill me. And the Lord said, take an heifer with thee, and say, I am come to sacrifice to the Lord. God gave him what to do and what to say to get done what he required; all Samuel needed to do is obey. Samuel did what God told him. Jesse brought all his sons but none of them was accepted by the Lord.

How we see things are not always the way God sees. Samuel looked on Eliah and said ďsurely the Lordís anointed is before him but God told Samuel that man looks on the outward appearance but God looks on manís heart. Eliah was the oldest, biggest, and strongest of all the brothers but was not the chosen one. We must seek for what God says about our circumstance and situations. David not only became king but he was one that encouraged seeking God and set the example of how. Why do we have to seek God? When we are seekers of God we will find Him. We will find Him because He is not lost we are. We must seek for his strength by seeking His face continually. We are to set our heart and our soul to seek the Lord our God forevermore.

David said in Psalm 119:2 blessed are they that keep his testimonies and that seek him with the whole heart. Our whole heart, mind, soul, spirit and body must seek for God. Are we a body divided in parts or are we a whole body? Can the arm go up and praise God without the support of the muscles? Can the feet go where the body doesnít follow? Can the mouth speak what the mind and heart has not already entertained? God want us to seek him with all that we are and have. If we seek Him we will come to understand Him.

We the people of God must seek Him and call on Him. Isaiah 55:6-7 seek ye the Lord while he may be found, call ye upon him while he is near, let the wicked forsake his way and the unrighteous man his thoughts and let him return unto the Lord, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon. We must seek good and not evil that we may live. We must be meek in the earth, wrought his judgment, seek righteousness, and seek meekness that we may be hid in the day of the Lordís anger (Zeph. 2:3). We seek righteousness when we seek God it is our hunger and thirst for Him. Whatsoever it is we need from God if we seek him we will find it. God is the very breath we breathe if we seek for Him and we would want Him to be our last breath here on earth; it is in Him we live, move, and have our being.

Give Him our all and all. Are we ready to offer up worship in the beauty of holiness to God? Our worship includes what we bring before God, presents to Him, and show in the way we live. The prayers and sacrifices we make should be to His glory only. We should only look for approval and acceptance from God. When we present our offering for consideration we must know that God will be pleased with it. What we bring before God and leave to serve Him should have the smell of Him, that sweet Aroma of The Spirit. When we surrender all to Him we will care about what concerns Him. Jesus rebuked the devil (Matt. 4:10), so must we! We must have that same like passion and character that Jesus had. He came and lived in the earth to show us how that we too must do. The example is there for us if we want to follow it. If we follow on to know the more of God through Christ Jesus and come to understand how that we too can be all that has ordained us to be we too can walk victoriously in the earth.

Our character must be that of a pure heart, we must face the persecution that comes with being a Christian from the enemy, and hate sin; going as far away from sin as possible. When we are persecuted for righteousness sake we know that the kingdom of heaven is ours; men shall hate us and separate us from their company, reproaching us, and cast out our name as evil for the Son of manís sake, (Luke 6:22). All that hates the light neither come to the light unless their deeds are reproved. When truth comes and we receive it; it becomes a part of us; we confess that our character, call, and appointment assures us that we have salvation through Christ Jesus.

We seek his face and desire to wear a face of holiness, righteousness, and sanctification in our everyday life. We sacrifice and devote all to God wholly. We cease sin, admit failure, stop trying to win without him and lose hope for the despair sin brings. Possession of all we have is turned over to God; He owns everything anyway. He wants to control us through his Spirit after all it was his Spirit that gave us life; and He the Spirit was breathed in man and man became a living soul. Why canít we trust God enough to give all over into his hands? Canít God do a better job with us than we can? Of course thatís what has us in the mess we are in, trusting in that that does not matter. We are selling our soul short every day when we donít give God his due. God has already imparted in us what it is He wanted to use in us.

We cannot get exhausted, defeated, disgusted, bored, or ready to quit in the way. We really have it good and not know it; God settled our issues at Calvary. Itís not important for us to be popular; Christ is. We need to be useful to God and accepted in His Kingdom. It is He that causes us to be comfortable in uncomfortable circumstances and situations. It is He that makes us to be unquestionably without doubt when it comes to us being our best for Him.

He possesses our lives in his hands, performs in us what He wants done in the earth and man cannot hold us to any disadvantage when it comes to God. Satan cannot deceive us when we hold fast the Word of God. He is no battle to God for God won the battle in Heaven and Jesus won the battle in the earth. Satan is a defeated foe and his desire is to have us defeated too! He is hell bound and desires to have us with him in that day. If we seek the face of God we cannot be deceived so readily, taken in or cheated on. We will not engage in things unpleasing to the Lord so readily. Satan the Devil launched war against God in Heaven.

In seeking God we find that our trust is built up everyday when we seek Him and seek Him in Spirit and in Truth. God is real and they that come to Him must first believe that he is and a rewarder to those that diligently seek Him. He will give us an unshakeable faith that will carry us through life unmoved from his presence. God loves us unconditionally, unlike man!

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