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The Realm of the Spirit
by Michael Goff
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The Realm of the Spirit
Michael Goff

I know how hard you tirelessly struggle for what you think is right. But remember, God alone knows what is right. We try, as fragile human beings, to conceptualize what is right and what is wrong, but the only way to really get there is to read God's word and pray for a relationship with Him. Once he sees that you believe in Him 100% and are committed for the rest of your lives, He will begin to fill you with his truth, and as Jesus said, "The truth shall set you free."

What is most important to realize in this battle, friends, is that we wage war not against each other for the betterment of one another, but we fight against the evil spiritual forces at work within and/or around us. Do not harbor any hate towards each other, direct all your hate at the devil and his workers.

Let me give you an example: you come home one day and find that the other person seems to be amiss of what is important to you. They go on their day as if to spite you, and really they have no idea at all what is upsetting you. This is the work of demons.

You see, the closer one becomes to Christ, the brighter the light, that is their spirit, becomes, and as a result, they become more of a target of the unseen forces that annoy us. The former powers of the heavens, those that fell to the earth, dwell in the realm of the spirit. They can see your aura, which is your spirit, and like jealous flies they swarm whoever is brightest. Now the only trick here is that they usually work together. Most people cannot sense them and so they go about their craft in secret. Do not be amazed when you hear someone, even the person you are closest to, whether friend or foe, start talking about something you take a stance against or have unresolved issue with. This is a tactic they use constantly, with scorn and laughter. Do not be afraid and they will be forced to leave you or try something else.

Let me give you an example. Say there is some trauma that affected you many years ago. Do not be surprised to be plagued by instances of others talking about it as if they were talking to you. They aren't in fact talking to you about it, but they are being prompted to speak about it in such a way because you are in fact the target. This occurs all the time and it makes most people cringe. But as those in Christ, I am telling you, remember that your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit (Ghost), and He that is within you is stronger than all who are in the world.

The trickiest thing, I think, is to realize that you are in the realm of the Spirit. Once you allow Christ into your life, you, as if waking from a dream, are snatched into the realm of the Spirit by force. This is for your advancement in faith, so that Jesus can show you how much he loves you
and how many miracles he performs daily to keep you near His heart.

There are some major attack points that demons focus on:
1) Before Birth
2) a) Early Childhood b) Childhood c) Puberty d) Adolescence
3) Faith in God
4) Faith in Jesus
5) The Baby Christian
6) The Born Again Process

During these times in particular is when people are attacked by unseen forces because they are most vulnerable. Let's examine each one for clarity.

1) Before Birth
Before birth, the most common strategy is to get the mother to abort the child. If that is unsuccessful, the goal is to convince the mother to abandon the child (adoption). The arguments the spirits use are mostly the same, "You can't handle the child, the time is not right, this will ruin your life, do it when you are ready." The spirits find a way into the mother's mind, whether by secret or by force (such as by a note from someone else, or by recurring thoughts). If the mother refuses, the spriits then focus on the father or family or friends or whoever they can use against the child. When the parents overcome this tactic by loving the child, the spirits flee until stage 2.

2) Childhood
a) Early Childhood
During early childhood, the spirits will try all kinds of things, but they have to mostly focus on the parents, because the child's angel remains in the Father's presence at all times to keep watch and report. The goal here is to take the child, who already believes in Jesus Christ and the heavens, because they have just come from there, to drop this faith. That goal is usually achieved through chaos but can also include neglect and abuse. By whatever means necessary, the spirits usually incite the parents to not share Christ’s love or nurture their faith. And if the parents don’t have it themselves, they cannot share or nurture it. Faith in God is the goal for the child.
b) Childhood
Once the child reaches the age where reasoning skills come in, the spirits try to eliminate the child’s self-esteem. They remind the child of the mean things their parents have said, and then
they web together more hurtful sayings through bullies or nasty teachers or their so-called friends or family. This is the tactic because the child just has to accept one of these lies and then they can play with it from that point on. Even if only one gets in, the spirits have something to use. For example, “You’re ugly! You’re stupid! You’re fat! You’re lazy!” Now that reasoning has taken over faith in the child’s day-to-day working skills, wearing down the self-esteem will serve to destroy hope. And since faith is the substance of all things hoped for, the destruction of self-esteem serves to prevent trusting relationships which will eventually pave the way for a relationship with God. Loyalty is the goal for the child.
c) Puberty
Once puberty hits, the child is already well on their way toward or away from Christ. Now the most dangerous sin of all, sexual sin, is on the forefront. With the development of this crucial area of the body, the child realizes sexual attraction, and this is most definitely the target point of the spirits. However, the spirits become more discerning at this point. The spirits have by now developed ways of using children that they have won over to attack children that are fighting for what they think is right. Some children have become fond of the short-term fruits that come with bad behavior, such as freedom or power. Teasing and name-calling and embarrassment are used, along with all forms of verbal, emotional, physical, and even sexual abuse.
A good child will be instructed to take proper care of their genitals and to learn self-control, and they will listen. A bad child will ignore these instructions and begin to masturbate or fornicate frequently, even with their own family members and friends. This is very much without knowledge. A good child, having a faith in God and being loyal to the good people in their lives, understand the value of self-control, while the bad child has never trusted or believed in much of anything, and so approaches the situation at face value--if it feels good, then it’s good. The problem with that kind of thinking is that someone at this age usually doesn’t understand much about the spirit realm. Most children at this age simply think that if they are attracted to someone, it is a good thing, and that they just like them for some reason. In actuality, their spirit is attracted to another person’s spirit, whether for a good or bad reason. What is most dangerous is that it is usually difficult for the child to discern whether it is a good or bad attraction, in fact, many adults don’t even understand attraction. The goal for the child is self-control.
d) Adolescence
During adolescence, the child becomes develops an adult part of their self. They learn how to be self-sufficient and take care of themselves independently. They start to challenge what they have been taught, good or bad, and many become sexually active, usually outside of marriage. The sense of the “real world” has dawned on the person, and usually this is a time of spiritual dryness and falling away for the sake of new experiences. Good adolescents use this time to prepare for adulthood, desiring romantic love and a family. They learn the value of commitment and monogamy, the building up of a shared love. The good adolescent also identifies with good people, usually their parents. They want to be just like their parents but still better, striving on to advance the good qualities of their family and expand upon them. They respect authority and stay away from drugs and most deviant behavior. The good adolescent realizes what temptation is and shuns it.
The bad adolescent has a chip on their shoulder--some unmet need that has bothered them for
most of their life. And this is where the spirits attack. The goal of the spirits is to take a bad teenager and give them bad habits which lead them to ruin. Drugs, promiscuous sex, dishonesty, crime, hate, rebellion, these are the tools the spirits use to try to force the teenager to reach an irrational conclusion about the world or their life or people in general. Negativism arises because the adolescent veers away from wholesome behavior and prefers behavior with negative consequences. Some bad adolescents appear to be good but are actually bad, usually veering from a good path just from one serious sin like pride or jealousy. They go mostly undetected, and are the most serious cases because they mislead others through their duplicity. Evil spirits mostly lead this last type of people alone, since they have all but sold their souls to the devil. There is need to fight these people, they have begun to self-perpetuate their own kind of evil and invent new ways as they go along. The real battle is between the good-natured teens and the overtly rebellious types--the goal is to war them off against one another, to create prejudice and separation when really they are both very similar. Some good teens fought through lots of adversity like death of a family member, and some rebellious types have a good reason not to obey their parents, who are drug-addicts or criminals, and thus the teen rebels out of a sense of survival. There is a crossover that demons try to hide and bury, using the divide and conquer strategy. The goal for the adolescent is a good attitude. What an adolescent does is not as important as why they do it. If a child reaches adulthood and still has a good attitude like “Everything works out for the best,” for example, they have succeeded and are advancing spiritually as much as one can expect. The person will succeed in whatever they do, even if circumstance is against them, and the spirits will flee until stage 3.
3) Faith in God
As a rational adult, the person will struggle to understand coincidences and why the world is such an unhappy place except among the rich and powerful. The person with a good attitude will love hearing stories about miraculous events, and will most likely re-examine the religious beliefs their parents instilled in them. After doing some soul-searching, a person with a good attitude will allow the caress of God into their hearts and will usually begin a quest for a better world, heaven, or accept the possibility of a higher power or a God, an ultimate reality. The person with a bad attitude will hate their lives, the world, and the people in it, but there is still hope for them. Suicide is a real risk for those who suffer from a bad attitude for many years, but some of the most hopeless people end up becoming some of the most influential and inspiring people on earth. Demons will try to keep the faith in God merely an ideal, and not something worth working hard to find out. They’ll use all kinds of skeptics like professors in college or doctors or so-called experts who claim to have explored the question of God, but these people are in no position to answer these types of questions, and they end up misleading a lot of people. Even some priests and highly religious types mislead people into a false faith, one which consists merely in rituals and traditions and never enters the Spiritual realm. Some might even tell one to pray, but then give them bad advice on how to do it, like repetitious prayers that lock people into false dogmas. For those with bad attitudes, usually because of a lack of support when growing up, evil spirits use the snuffing out method. They try to incite thoughts like “I’ll never, I can’t, I must, I should, I always,” which are usually not rational and have a negative reinforcing effect on the mind. The spirits try to wall people in and create a facade that there’s no way out. God has a way for both
types of people, fortunately. Those with a good attitude usually find Him, it just is a matter of time. Those with bad attitudes usually require signs and wonders and miracles; sometimes God waits for people to hate the world that hated Him, and then He swoops into their hearts. The goal here is an open mind, into which God can enter freely. A person with God freshly in their heart is insurmountable; they get a taste of the Goodness that created all things, and usually euphoria occurs. Life starts to make more sense. However, once God enters the heart, the real battle begins.
4) Faith in Christ
A person with God in their heart is a target of the evil spirits indeed. They know who is in you and what He did to them. They know his power. But, as the bible says, even the demons believe in God, and they are afraid. But no evil spirit will become one with God in the Spirit. They are forever at war with the Holy Spirit until they are thrown into the lake of fire and are forsaken. It is not enough to believe in God anymore. Ever since Jesus came, he said that no one can come to God the Father except through Him. He said that God sent Him to ransom many (who would believe) from sin and death, but that he was the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He is the Way to the Father, the Truth from the Father, and there is no eternal life outside His love.
God now requires that you believe in His Son, Jesus. God loves Jesus with an eternal love, and surely no one will live forever away from God’s Son.
For someone to hear this message, which is a simplified Gospel message, they have to either talk to Christians, to God, to angels, or read God’s word, which is the bible. This good news is built upon the faith of the Israelites but surpasses it. And this is exactly where the demons will work. They will do anything to keep someone from becoming 100% convinced that Jesus is the Son of God and the Way to a real relationship with God. There are all kinds of religions and even spiritualities that talk about God, but don’t believe in Him. Then there are faiths that believe in God but distort the image of God. Some say God is too great to become personal in our daily lives, and some say that Jesus is not God’s Son. Even within Christian faith there are all kinds of falsehoods like salvation through saints and angels, with prayers and supplications, and anything that demons can think of to keep a person from worshiping Jesus and obtaining salvation. If someone denies God’s Son in the Spirit, why would he adopt them in the Spirit? And what could be more precious to God than his little baby who helped create the universe and all the realms? Some people lose a family member they have known for 10 years and go into years of deep depression. Should God discount someone who was with Him before time began?
Especially dangerous during this time is loved ones who have made up their minds not to believe, or have wish-washy faith. It is especially hard to ignore a family member or a best friend who is convinced that Jesus is not the Way to God. Demons work night and day to make sure these people are not in short supply. Evil spirits will cause breakups, divorce, and any kind of forged disaster to stir up mixed feelings and keep someone ambivalent long enough for the person to have to focus on something they think is more important than Jesus. But at the proper time Jesus calls all who belong to Him, and all who do overcome all these trials. The goal here is tenacity. However, this battle is not over, and a new convert to Christ is severely attacked. It’s an all-out war at this point. There will be no more fleeing and it will take everything the person has got to make it through this stage to become confident in their faith in Jesus.
5) The Baby Christian
The new convert, or baby Christian is under tremendous amounts of spiritual stress. It is critical that they read the bible, go to a good church, talk about their new love for Jesus, and nurture it, or they can fall away easily.
It’s like planting a seed. The planting has to be done right. Then, extra special care has to be taken for the new plant. It has to develop strong roots, then water and soil for food, and then attention to detail. Any sickness or disease must be handled well or pruned. Then, once the plant grows, the planter has to remain committed to their plant so that fruit will appear in due season. Over time, with diligence and love, the plant produces 100 times as much as was planted, and people and animals can start to enjoy its fruit. The plant then matures and becomes self-sufficient and produces fruit reliably and without toil.
It is the same with faith. First, the person has to root themselves strongly with prayer, reading the bible, attending church, personal worship and thanksgiving, and repentance. Repentance is key, and this is usually the step that demons focus on trying to convince people they are exempt from. So people just enjoy the benefits of companionship, leadership, community, asking for what they want, and generally feeling really good about themselves. But the very first thing Jesus said when beginning his ministry was to repent, for the kingdom of God is near. In the book of the prophet Isaiah, there is a line that describes it best: “In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength.” This is also what Jesus meant when he referred to the new wine or the new cloth. He said you do not pour new wine into old wineskins, or the skins will burst and the wine will be spilled. You also do not sew new, unshrunk cloth to an old, shrunken garment, or the new cloth will shrink after it has been sewn together and it will rip and make the tear worse than when you started. Repentance is the most important step towards Christ, it is saying that you will throw your whole life away to follow Him. It also results in the fastest progress into a real relationship that non-Christians never even begin to understand. Repentance is also the hardest step. It requires becoming like a newborn baby so that God can reshape all your views in life. This is the essence of the born-again experience. Diving into the unknown, which is scary at first, in trust and faithfulness. Naturally, this step does not occur at first. Most of the work of evangelism is to convince the person that it is worth it to go this far into the very heart of Christ. And this is the war. Demons will attack in all kinds of ways, through things you hear on television or the movies or what friends say or what you read to deter you from taking this bold step. So at first, Christianity is inviting and warm, expressed by the loving members that have already matured beyond this point in their faith. The goal for the person in this stage is to die to themselves. Die to their lives, their careers, their plans, and expectations of self and others. As Jesus said, if someone wants to be His disciple, they must deny themselves and take up their cross (their burdens) daily. Nothing can prepare someone for what comes next.
6) The Born-Again Experience
In the born-again experience, repentance becomes a mantra for personal change. This is what Michael Jackson was singing about in his song, “Man in the Mirror.” He said that no message could have been any clearer, that if he wanted to make the world a better place, he had to take a
look at himself and make the necessary change. He was owning up to his faults and his sin. He said it would feel real good when you make that change. What he was describing, other than the internal healing that God brings which surpasses all explanation, was the betterment of self. Jesus said that whoever sins is a slave to sin, and a slave is not a member of a family, but if a Son (or member of the family) sets that person free, they are free indeed. What he meant was, when someone gives themselves to Christ, they are given authority over demons within and without them, and they are no longer slaves to wickedness. They gain the supernatural power to outwit and defeat the schemes of the devil, which had been plaguing their lives up to that point. And that is what being born-again is all about. With the power of the Holy Spirit, who is God, one can let go of hurt and bitterness, rage, envy, slander, pride, jealousy, hate, malice, and all the cords that bound up their hearts, causing them to keep making the same mistakes and get stuck in their progress in life. So as the old habits are cleared away as if plaque in the arteries in the heart, blood flows cleanly and the person sees the true light of day. They see that badness is really just a trick, and the truth is that the more good a person can accomplish, the more fruit they can bear, the more enjoyable and fulfilling life is. And the person realizes that the only thing keeping them from this in the past was their self-destructive behavior because they lacked faith in Jesus. However, the born-again experience gets interesting because as the apostle Paul puts it, they are no longer in the realm of the flesh but in the realm of the Spirit. This means the spirit world has been enmeshed with the earthly world for this person. This means seeing visions, hearing good and bad voices, seeing angels, dreaming prophetic dreams, and all kinds of gifts that come from the indwelling of the Holy Spirit of God. This can be frightening at first. What a person used to take for granted can no longer be taken for granted, and so there is huge adjustment that has to be made between what the person understands is “real,” and “imagined.” Daydreaming that you can morph into a bird and fly into the sun is imagined, but witnessing an angel save someone’s life is very real. The trickiest part is how to speak with people only in the realm of the flesh. One has to be careful what they say or they can be imprisoned and put on medication for life. Sometimes this is necessary for a time, simply because the demons scare the living daylights out of the person, but once the person realizes that the God who is within them has authority over all evil at all times, things start to fall into place and the person relaxes. Then they can reign with Christ and do works greater than what Christ did because Christ is seated with the Father. The goal here is perseverance unto an ever-expanding faith.


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