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Finding Joy In Pain
by Margery Wolfe
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Finding Joy In Pain

How do we experience the joy of the Lord? Has God ever given you laughter, uncontrollable laughter where you couldnít laugh on your own accord? I have experienced this joy when my first child was murdered. Yes murdered and by his own wife! At first I was so hurt, cried like a baby and wanted to hurt her like she had hurt me. But then I said God I am not going through this like I went through when my husband and stepson was murdered a year and a half before. I went through in response to the flesh. I was mad not only with whoever murdered them but with God for allowing it to happen although he was not the cause. Instead I turned to God and began to thank God for the time he allowed me to have with my son and God allowed me to see a glimpse of where my son was and he turned and said good-bye. I began to laugh a laugh I had never experienced in my whole life. The joy of knowing he had died in Christ and made heaven his home was exhilarating.

I laughed at the fact that Satan did not get his soul. Thatís the joy of the Lord. He sang gospel rap and preached. He liked going on the street corners and setting up tents and teaching the people about a God that you could get the highest of highs. He was better than any man or woman, drug, or alcohol. He was the high that you didnít have a hangover with. My joy came in that God promised me that if I went and did his bidding he would take care of my children and he did. This child had done some of everything in the world and maybe more that I donít know about but he knew what he wanted to do was serve God and for 3.5 years he carried out that mission. He was 28 years old when he died but he is alive in Christ forever, what joy.

My grandson on last week was elated to see his grandmother and he experienced this joy. When I walked in the door he laughed and laughed for 30 to 40 minutes. I had been gone for two weeks and he said he loves me and he missed me. He experienced the joy of the Lord because he wondered where I was and if I was coming back. He must have prayed and God answered his prayer. My granddaughter missed me to and cried when I left but he was so happy with joy he was still laughing. When I went to his school to see him before I left, his classmates and other students were so happy to see me they ran to me in droves for the hug I always gave them when I was at the school from day one. Love draws children to us. The love God has shown us should draw us to him to want what he has.

We are spiritual beings in earthen bodies that must learn to make the sacrifice needed to receive the joy of the Lord. I was forced to go to my hometown and wasnít happy about it since my finances was not up to par for the trip but God made the way going and coming. I was so happy that my children and grandchildren were so elated to see me it made the trip seem like nothing to make. I was elated with the joy of the Lord. I saw my friends and other loved ones and they were happy to see I was doing okay. Through the ups and downs of life that has been presented to me over the last twelve years people wonder why I am still alive. I realize that I am here specifically for Godís use. He left me here for his purpose and will. I live my life to please God and this is where the joy of the Lord comes in. Because I seek to please him in every area of my life; mind, heart, soul, body, and spirit I live a spiritual life and I find so much joy there.

God is real and the Devil is a real enemy spirit to God and man. Since God created and made man in the Creation the Devil seek ways to make our lives a living hell. He wants us to have hell on earth through our own disobedience. Itís nothing that God does, we allow ourselves to be used by Satan and he gets us kicked out of Godís loving arms and we blame God for the mishaps to come. Adam and Eve were not even aware that they were flesh for they were created and made spiritual beings in the earth. The enemy of our souls too wants us to serve the flesh and not God. He deceived Adam through Eve when he beguiled her to eat from the forbidden tree in the midst of the Garden. The Bible doesnít say what fruit was on the tree but nevertheless they were expected to obey what God had told them in the beginning. Adam was right there but out of place because he didnít put his wife in place by forbidding her to eat as God had told him. His wife was his helpmeet not leader. He was to lead her as he led her in Godís presence every day in the midst of the evening. He was to protect and cover her. He was to deny her anything she wanted that he knew was wrong. Instead he participated in her wrongdoing; he ate at her hand the forbidden thing. Now they were in a fix with God and kicked out of heaven on earth.

We have them to thank for giving us the choice to choose whom we will serve. The joy of the Lord they experienced everyday was gone but God has sent a second Adam, Jesus Christ to redeem us back into that joyful place of holiness, sanctification, peace, and righteousness in the Holy Ghost. Thank you Jesus! We once were lost in a world of sin but now we donít have to be a product of this world. We are in the world but not of the world. Adam and Eve were in the world but not of the world. They were first created spirit beings before God made a body of flesh; dirt and water and inserted or put in that body which he had created and breathe on; making man to became a living soul. They were in the world but did not think about enjoying the things of the world for they knew them not. They floated around in the garden naked; stripped of clothes as we know it and didnít know they were. But after that one moment of disobedience for the pleasure of a piece of fruit they found out they had been stripped of their innocence and they became like God knowing good and evil.

Satan knew that they were already like God; for God is a Spirit and they that worship Him must worship him in Spirit and Truth. Who knows God better than us? Satan! He was in heaven with God but was kicked out for that same deception he presents to man. He wanted the throne of God and when we disobey God we put ourselves before Him and give Satan the authority he needs to go before God and accuse us. Wake up my brother, my sister. We put ourselves in the positions we find ourselves in when we are in direct disobedience to God, his Word, his Will, and his Way. To experience the joy of the LORD we need to find ourselves in HIS perfect obedience. Had not I been playing the role of the harlot because of the pain I felt when I could not be with my husband I caused pain to come my way. I knew to do right and didnít. I am responsible for my own pain but God has the remedy for my pain; fall in obedience to him and experience the joy of the Lord.

When things happen in our lives that we have no control over we donít carry the pain of guilt if we are in obedience to God. If we are in obedience then we go to God and God takes the pain and puts joy there because our thinking is right. The Lord is the joy of our salvation. He is the strength of our life in whom we can trust in no other. To go through with God means we have accepted Christ as Lord of Lords and the Holy Ghost and the Holy Ghost brought the fire with it to burn up all that ails us in our life. The fire of the Holy Ghost will take us through whatever we face today if we believe and donít doubt. Doubt is unbelief and unbelief is sin. Sin displeases God and cast us out of our rightful place to come before the throne and presence of God.

We find with God; joy in pain. God will take us through when we will give all to him. He will teach us all the way along the way. I had to find that joy in some hard painful times. Some lessons I had to learn brought forth the compassion of Christ in my heart for people. Some brought lessons that I yet can help someone else with to help them through their pain. This gives me joy; to help someone else through their pain. The pain has helped me to recognize and cast out demons. It takes more than prayer to get rid of these demons today; it takes power! I heard the Macedonian Call to seek the Lord while he may be found, to call upon Him while he is near, forsake my ways and my thoughts. Deliverance from sin brings forth joy and cast out pain so we need to be delivered. We must be ready to harvest souls and have the Now Faith kind of faith. We must become a Bible Believer to know the Word to speak to the situations that comes to bring us pain. We must become united with Him that is our joy, studying His Word and praying out of ourselves until we become that strong Prayer Tower God can use. When God uses us the joy we have brings us Victory. Now we know the joy of the Lord in and out so we relax our lives in his hands so that we are a Living Word with a Testimony of Christ. Now we become strong Full Gospel Christians for Godís Church.

The joy of the Lord is so great that when we hear the trumpet sound we will run to the Lordís voice without any hesitation. Itís been a journey but the joy is so unspeakable. To live now or die; itís for Christ. I have been dead, almost died and now dead to sin. I have been abused, misused, and beaten for the Gospel sake. I have been put in jail three times for standing on what I believe to be of God. But through it all I have joy. Were the situations painful? Yes; but God! I humbled myself under the mighty hand of God and gave him all my cares. I checked myself and where I was in life at the time, let my conversations be as unto Him. I took my eyes off of me and put them on God before I wrecked myself. I read the Word in Philippians 4:6 to be careful for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God.

If we cast our burdens on the Lord he will sustain us for he will not suffer the righteous to be moved. We must commit our ways and works to him and he will establish his thoughts in our hearts. We come to know that whatever we commit to God as we trust in Him, He will bring it to pass. To experience joy in pain we can no longer entangle ourselves with the affairs of this life. Think on God!

If you died today, are you absolutely certain that you would go to heaven? You can be! TRUST JESUS NOW

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