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by Margery Wolfe
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As I finished praying God spoke this word to me and I said Lord what does that mean. God said get your dictionary and look it up and write on the whole duty of man. I did! De-realization means a loss or lessening of oneís sense of the reality of things, as in the reaction to certain drugs. Godís people are on a drug that God didnít ordain; itís called acceptance of or failure to denounce sin. What are we doing Saints? Thatís a tough allegation!

It is being alleged that we as the people of God has forgotten about our heavenly Fatherís command that we are to live unto Him in all godliness; Holy. We have been anointed of God to proclaim the gospel, be a living example of the Holiness of God and be a worthy vessel the Lord can live in and use for the edifying of the body of Christ and a light to the sinner that they will see Christ in us and desire Him. We are to communicate the message of God through the power and influence of the Holy Ghost to each and every one who will listen. Because we live the Gospel our communities in every city, state and nation will have a new mindset one at a time.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; Fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

It was and is Godís design that nothing lives in our body but him. We have allowed all kinds of mechanisms to take front and center in our lives. God created and made man a spiritual being in a body of flesh that knew not the flesh. Man did not know that their hands could touch for they were not cognizant of that fact. They ate but didnít know of any digestion in reality. They had all the benefits of heaven and worked but didnít realize they were working for they knew no flesh. Their minds were heavenly, their thoughts were too and their actions pleased God. They knew no fear and they knew not each other after the flesh. They werenít on drugs or looked for them. They had no need for drugs or medicines; they were well, healed, delivered from sin and were on a spiritual high all the time. Man yet look for that spiritual high and donít know why.

On a spiritual high means we have learned some things. It means we have overcome the world. It means we have put God in his proper place in our lives. It means He lives, moves and have his being in us for it is in Him we live, move, and have our being. It means that after we have had a first spiritual Word encounter and accepted the Word we seek Christ more and more through the reading and study of the Word. We find God in his Word. We find Christ in Godís Word. We find God in Christ. Christ is our hope of Glory and we were created to the praise of Godís glory. We are to celebrate Christ. We are to reverence and give praise to God in our sanctuary (our bodies). We go from faith to faith and relish in the faith that Christ has given us of God. We learn faith through obedience. Obedience comes through hope and trust in God.

Food is for the body but it was never meant to live inside the body. It was to pass through. God put certain mechanisms in place to flush out what was not needed. Adam had the fruit of the tree and the herbs. He had fresh manna from heaven daily in the eve of the day every day. He basked in Godís glory at the same time daily. When we are in Christ we must have that balance where we feed the body and the Spirit. If we feed the body more than the Spirit we can kill ourselves with the over indulgence to the flesh. When we feed the Spirit more we donít desire the food of the flesh as much. We will find that we eat less and less of real food when we truly indulge in the things of God. Food is for the body as the Word is to the Spirit; survival.

The De-realization process where man has forgotten to put God first in everything is pretty dramatic. Itís a dangerous estate. There is drama present and every evil work prevailing in the life of man. Itís time we step up and take a stand against sin. Sin was never meant to be a part of the life of man. We are filled with actions but what kind of actions? Are our actions towards God or draw us away from Him? Our emotions get us in a lot of trouble with God and Man. The excitement we look for gets us outside the will of God. The family structure is broke down because of the emotions of husbands and wives. The Christian is so vivid to the world these days for they see through the drama of one and portray all as the same. They portray that there is no quality associated with Christianity. Lessening Christianity lessens not only Christ but God!

The De-realization process has lessened the effect of the Altar. The Altar is a place erected for the sacred worship of God. We are to become different, changed there! Itís a place where we accept that Christ is real. He is the answer to all lifeís ills, and my hope of survival in the world. Itís a place within us where we hold a standard. It is that place where we allow Christ to come and the Holy Spirit to dwell. The Altar is built up in our hearts and spills over into our mind to control it. Whatís in our heart will tell our mind to do or not to do. We have allowed our minds to take front and center where we do what we want to instead of what we know is right to do. Our hands and feet follow our minds. The hands touch what it wants to rather good or bad and the feet takes us to the destinations as directed by the mind. When our minds are not spiritually led we will follow anything.

This process says we are not just in our acts; we are impartial, unbiased and fair-minded where we give over to seducing spirits. We abide by manís rules for being afraid of being caught but not really by Godís Word that will keep us from doing things to get caught. We play spiritual games that have costly consequences. We are in competition with the wrong things; for if one sin doesnít mean it is okay for us to sin. We are warned to not look upon another to judge our call to do but look unto God and find in His Word the situation and do accordingly. We must go to the Word for strength that we donít faint along the way. The Word will help us to be strong when sin presents itself. We fall into sin because of the weakness of the flesh with its desires. There are too many feeble Christians; we wonít stand up for nothing and fall for anything.

Sin in the world is a crisis but we look over it. We relate our failure to stand up against sin to the fact that it was already foresaid that things would be this way. Who said it though! Jesus said it because God knew man would be feeble and weak when it came to standing up to the Devil. He knew that we feeble Christians would be afraid to stand up to authority and say sin is wrong. He knew when the time came for us to stand united as one that we would be separated on the issues. He knew that we would be afraid to take that stand for fear of losing members or friendships in the world. He knew that we would love the money more than the people or Him. We must realize that our life in Christ is not as strong as it should be. Christ was radical about what he came to do. He lived in this world but was not of the world. When it came to right or wrong; he died for what was right. When it came time to speak against what was right or wrong, he spoke up. When it came time to show forth love he had no respect of persons; He loved everyone.

Man has loss their sense of the reality of things; they deny who they are. They donít want to be what God has made them or who God has made them to be. They have given up their dominion to rule in the earth either to the woman that they were to head or the beast they were to lead. Whatís really going on? Man act like animals going into and receiving from men that which goes against nature. The women like wise denying submission of a man to head over them and receiving animalistic beasty ornaments into their precious body. God forbid children are growing up and saying they are gay at nine and ten years old; Lord have mercy. Where are the real men that will stand up and make a difference? We are our brotherís keeper! We have been found derelict in duty. We although we walk with God has really deserted God who is the owner of these souls we have abandoned.

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter; Fear God, and keep His commandments; for this is the whole duty of man. For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil.

Do we really believe this Word straight from the Scripture?

Our Main Focal Point

The way we come to Christ is important. The way we come in His Name is important. The way we live life is important. The way we treat each other is important. The way we talk to one another is important.

There is but one highway to heaven. Isaiah 35:8.

There is a way that seem right to man but is it Godís way?

The broad way is destruction and I am not talking about the Broadway Theaters.

Men act like beasts today and woman is no better. When it come to the human part of us we act like wild animals. God donít like us coming through the back door can be taken many ways. Man canít go without God, woman canít go without the man, and children cannot go without parents. We need neighbors, teachers, and preachers to make it in this world. Our neighbors keep a watch over what we are neglecting. Most parents in the earth today have to work and help meet the needs of the children and family.

Men with men, women with woman always take us to the back door. Either we are ignorant or so bound we cannot realize the truth of whatís really going on. Much perversion exists in the world today rather we want to admit it or not. Sin says I am right and enjoy! It says its okay for me to be what I want rather than be who God created and made me to be. We deny that we are who God has said we are. When are we going to wake up? We have been pulled so far off into left field it is unreal; right is wrong and wrong is right! God forbid!

When blacks were slaves they hated coming in the back door. Whites hated seeing blacks come in the front door. We as a people have aborted the way God has made for us. We have even begun to make love the back way. Men proudly admit that I am gay; and women to. It was Godís way that we reproduce in the earth as we are. Cloning is not Godís Will. God made man in his own image and we hate the way we look. We hate out total makeup in the earth. We feel abandoned when we have done wrong. There is a way and a way; who can find their way.

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