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Truth, Justice and the American Way
by Zeal Clark
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Years ago the Superman character of radio, television and comic books often declared that his purpose was to fight for truth, justice and the American way. At that time this was considered a noble and honorable commitment and few would have criticized him for this stance. Most agreed then that the three concepts were intrinsically connected and virtually impossible to separate.

But since then there has been such significant changes in our culture and our values in America that there are now clear distinctions to be made between the three concepts. No longer can we take for granted that the mention of one of these elements necessarily connects it to either of the others. Nor can we assume that references to one even implies that there is a connection to the others.

In fact, the three concepts have become so exclusive in our culture that they should be examined independently.


Truth is a concept that originated in Godís Laws. After having dealt with the concept of truth on prior occasions, God included it in His Law, as shown in Leviticus 19:11:

11'You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another. NKJV

Since then, truth has been the subject of much discussion. Despite the focus on attempts to create a culture of truth, the tendency of many has been to bend, stretch or avoid truth whenever it was expedient to do so. Our court systems found it necessary to impose measures to maximize truthful testimonies, while exerting penalties for lying under oath. But, unfortunately, because of the tendency for some to avoid truth, even these measures have not served to guarantee truth.

But while much has been said about truth, many of the perceptions about truth have been that it is a superficial concept wherein truth is relative, not absolute. Relative truth is based on comparison of ideas and a judgment of which is more appropriate or beneficial in order to achieve the desired result. This concept of relative truth has expanded to become dominant in our society. Because of the felt need by many to present themselves as relevant or legitimate, rarely is there a real commitment to absolute truth in our society.

But this is such an unfortunate deterioration of values. Truth is absolute and it has no agenda, and when you make a commitment to seek and embrace truth, it changes your life. It creates a new value system that is impenetrable and not negotiable, and it gives you a new perspective on everything you see and hear. You soon realize that you have a value system that no one can take away or destroy. And it gives you a new level of confidence.


What many fail to realize is that without truth there can be no justice. Just as the concepts of liberty and justice are inseparable, so also are the concepts of truth and justice inseparable. Without truth to guide the assignment of justice, justice cannot be appropriately or accurately executed.

The Scripture that addresses the concept of truth also addresses justice, in Leviticus 19:15:

15'You shall do no injustice in judgment. You shall not be partial to the poor, nor honor the person of the mighty. In righteousness you shall judge your neighbor. NKJV

Unfortunately, despite the realities regarding the need for truth in order to serve justice, the desires of many to facilitate their own objectives override whatever influences their consciences would suggest. As a result, many of those in power give the higher priority to deceit and deception in order to accomplish their goals, while ignoring the concept of justice.

The American Way

So what is the American Way? Unfortunately the American way has evolved a lot since the days of the Superman era. As the changes in other aspects of our culture have occurred, such as those relating to truth and justice, so also have most of the values affecting the American way. As truth and justice have evolved to being treated as negotiable, this has contributed largely to the deterioration of the American way. Therefore , the American way bas become an evolving concept that is regressing at the rate of the deterioration of our culture.

Historically many influences have served to affect changes to our culture. In the past one of the primary influences that has slowed the deterioration of the American way has been the edicts of the American Constitution. Though it had not prevented many social changes, it had slowed the passage of laws that would take away the rights of citizens and had minimized the degree of changes that would increase governmental control of the citizens.

But over the past several years there have been increasing attempts, some of which have actually been quite successful, to ignore and bypass some of our Constitutional protections. The current administration has discovered that there is little opposition within our Congress, other than negative comments, to its agenda for ignoring our Constitution in order to make changes and execute controls that were never intended by our founders.

Our founders and creators of our Constitution intended for there to be a corrective balance between the three equal branches of government, namely Legislative, Executive and Judicial. The purpose was to prevent any attempts by any one branch to assume total control and to ensure that the rights of the citizens would be protected. However, this arrangement would only work to the extent that each branch performed as intended and not be intimidated to the extent that they enable other branches to take control of all aspects of government.

Unfortunately for our citizens, this balance has recently been destroyed by the intimidation of the current administration. As a result, there have been numerous instances where it has ignored and bypassed the edicts of the Constitution, especially in regards to violation of our rights. There have been systematic violations against the peopleís rights to free speech, freedom of worship, protections against unreasonable taxation, such as forcing citizens to purchase health insurance, and overruling the rights of the States to exercise the authority and controls given to them by our Constitution.

This administration has discovered that the way to bypass our Constitution is to issue Executive Orders. Although the power of the Executive Order was provided by our Constitution as a means of accomplishing certain limited actions for expediency when the other branches of government are not available, such as during recess, it was never intended as a means of bypassing Congress, consisting of the Senate and the House of Representatives, when they are in session, as has been done on an increasing basis. As our Constitution specifically gives all legislative powers to our Congress, this usurping of power is in direct violation of our Constitution.

Of course, another way to bypass our Constitution is to use the power of incumbency as a bully pulpit and thereby intimidate the other branches of government and the media through speeches to the citizens aimed at gaining their support for whatever agenda is desired. In order to accomplish this, a substantial amount of deceit and deception is necessary.

The reason these violations of our Constitution have been successful is that the Legislative Branch, specifically the Senate and the House of Representatives, seems unable to reach a consensus on any policies or procedures. While the Senate is supportive of nearly all of the actions of the administration, the House of Representatives usually cannot reach a consensus on any measures. In addition to this problem, the House of Representatives, which has great authority regarding financial issues, has been so completed intimidated by fear of being blamed by the administration and the supportive media for its decisions that it ultimately relents and enables the administration to exercise almost total control of matters of our government.

Therefore, in view of the lack of our balance of powers in our government and the agendas of this administration, The American Way is now toward Socialism, in which the freedoms of our citizens will be in complete jeopardy. Those Christians who are concerned about the movement in that direction should pray for the direction of our country and for a restored balance of powers that would protect our rights, especially our right to worship freely.


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