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My Testimony
by Carol Barnesel
Free to Share


My name is Carol please allow me to share my testimony with you. One of healing the Lord took me through.

It was the summer of 1995 , my husband and I were estranged from one another living apart and were not living in the light (God's Kingdom of Light).

He (my husband), called me and asked if I could keep our daughter because it was a holiday and he had to work, at this time he worked as a doorman and they were expected to work come rain or shine holiday or not. Please allow me to explain why our daughter was with him and not me. You see, she is not our biological daughter, she is my sister-in-law's daughter, My sister-in-law died in 1994 of "breast cancer," we couldn't let the state take her; so my husband and I took her to raise her, this was her mothers dying request. She's a loving child and absolutely no problem whatsoever.

On Monday, May 31st of 1995 she (our daughter), awoke to ask me if we could have coffee and donuts for breakfast that faithful day. Her grandfather had started her on watered down coffee at an early age and she has been hooked ever since. I told her I didn't have any sugar or donuts in the house and that we would have to go to the store for some. We started out to the store, first to the "Dunkin Donuts", and then to the neighborhood grocers' for the sugar, as we walked into the grocery store the atmosphere changed it was as if I walked into the spirit realm; only I could still see and function in the natural, but I couldn't communicate with anyone not even my baby girl who, at this time was only five and a half years old. We walked in the store, down the aisle. I bent over to get a loaf of bread for her lunch and she (my little girl) stayed right by my side.
I didn't have her by the hand or anything. We proceeded to walk down the aisle looking for God knows what, because by this time I was out of my mind, that is to say I wasn't toally coherent; and couldn't even remember what I was looking for.

As we continued to walk the aisles, and as we got to the end of it I suddenly felt something like a hand reaching through my head and pulled my head upward so hard that my actual head went up looking towards the ceiling and I began to turn
around backwards until I started to fall. I didn't fall hard though, I floated down or so it seemed. It was as if a cloud was under me, I didn't hit the floor with a boom but a bump, 'Oh the mercies of God.' Then everything started to go black, but just before I blacked totally out I heard a man shouting "we have a problem back here in aisle # ?".... I
was out, not even hearing what aisle # he called out.

The next thing I remembered was, waking up in the ambulance and trying desperatly to get out, pulling on the door handles I had, had clostraphobia at one time and the ambulance assistant saying to me," No Carol, don't do that we will be at the hospital soon and you can get out then. She asked, do you have a little girl?, but when you are hanging in the balances between life and death, you answer honestly so I said no, the driver and assistant looked at one other, as if to say then who is this child with you? but they didn't ask me, they just kept driving towards the hospital.

When we arrived we were met by the doctor on call and he said to me 'hi Carol, we're going to take you down for a CT scan to see why you collapsed OK?' I answered OK.

After the x-ray was done I was taken back up stairs to the doctor along with the pictures of my brain. After he (the doctor) viewed them he came back over to me with the evil report. He said Carol, I have some bad news, you have a "Brain Tumor" and it's pushing your brain to the left, it has to come out immediately or you will die. I said will my insurance cover the surgery? The doctor just laughed and answered yes it will.

We can't do it here however; we're not equipt for such a surgery. We will have to transfer you to another hospital. it was then that I saw my husband running down the hall towards us, I had taught our daughter important phone numbers in case of emergencies and she had given the phone number to someone to call her father at work. The ambulance driver reloaded me and they drove me to Loyola Hospital in Maywood, IL several miles away from my home.

We got there and I was admitted immediately and the Surgeons came in to see me they all told me of the severity of my condition and that they need to perform the surgery as soon as possible which was the next day. I said no, I needed to speak to my pastor first. They agreed to wait until I spoke with him and after I had received prayer I insisted on another CT scan, because I had always heard how God healed and just maybe the person possibly didn't have to go through the surgery or whatever; however, that was not my case the tumor was still there after the second scan. So I agreed to the surgery. It was scheduled for a coupled days later.

The surgery took 13 long hours and afterwards, I was addmitted to ICU, it was there I began to hallucinate, or so says the nurses. Here's what happen next, I opened my eyes to see one of the doctors who was in the operating room with me, bent over my bed saying, "hi Carol, whew wiping his brow, we thought we were going to loose you for a while there", I just smiled, and he left. The next thing I saw was a nurse, who wouldn't say anything verbal to me she was just busy doing something. Now, I couldn't talk because of the tubing in my throat, but I was communicating with her,in my mind it was so surreal. I asked her what she was doing? only she never answered me she just kept on doing it. She was removing all the tubes that were attached to me keeping me alive, as if I were dead and she was preparing my body for the morgue.

She was not the only one there with me, there was another hospital personal there as well; a black male with a high natural hair style, he slid down to the floor, while pushing a botton on the bed that was bringing a yellow plastic dome/oval shape over my bed. I'm still alive! I shouted why are you doing this I asked them, in my mind still no answer they were very quite and consistant they remained very busy; she taking out all the tubes one out my head, one out my nose, one out my chest and others in in other areas of my body one arm and one leg, were attached to some sort of machine as well.

All of a sudden another nurse came around the curtain and I motioned for her to give me pen and paper to communicate with her. I wrote 'why are these people here doing this?', she looked at me and said what people?, I then pointed with my free hand, to the back of my head and behind her to the floor where the other man was sitting. She looked but couldn't see what I was seeing. She said, Carol there's nobody there, would you like me to prove it? I nodded yes she left and came back with a mirrow, she held it up, I looked behind me and saw no one.

I knew then I was dealing with spirits, and as soon as the real nurse left I took that pencil and paper and I wrote these words "SATAN THE BLOOD OF JESUS IS AGAINST YOU!" and the machines I was hooked up to began to sound an alarm and several nurses came running over to me asking Carol, what are you doing? with the tubing still in my throat I just shook my head "nothing" as soon as they turned off the alarms and left I again wrote "O' DEATH WHERE IS THY STING, O' GRAVE WHERE IS THY VICTORY?" and the machines sounded off once again, the nurses came running, Carol What ARE! you doing? this time with irritation in their voices. Again I shook my head... nothing. At this point one of the nurses came closer to me looking at my note pad she asked what does this mean "Satan the blood of Jesus is against you" and O' death where is THY sting O' grave where is THY victory?" I just shook my head as if to say "You wouldn't understand."

That spiritual fight went on into the night, and not with me alone there were several people fighting for their lives
as was I. The difference was that I had the "WORD" to fight for me. There was an elderly lady next to me, she had been brought in because she took a fall in her tub and hit her head she was dying,

I heard her struggling with the nurses and I heard one of the nurses say to her "if you don't stop we will have to put you in restraints" the old lady kept fighting, I believe she was not wrestling so much with them as she was trying to fight the spirits that were there the reason I know this is because when I heard her (the old lady) say "I see you, you SNAKE" the nurses were back at the nurses station. I began to pray for the old lady. However, I don't think she made it through the night, because the next morning I asked where she had gone, but the nurses not willing to risk me becoming upset just ansered she gone. There was also a male patient in intensive care with us that night who I also believe died of what I couldn't say I only know that he was fighting as well. The day after the surgery my husband can to visit and according to him I asked for something to eat, he sais I requested a double cheese burger and fries and he also said the Doctor was standing there and OK'd my request; so my husbasnd went and bought it and he says I ate it. I have absoutely no recollection of this memory, but I trust him.

I was taken down stairs for therapy, soon after that and the girl who took me down said Carol,I'm going to show you how to began walking again. I said"OK", again with a nod of my head because the throat tubing had recently been removed and my throat was still sore. After she assisted me in standing up I felt whoozy and leaned over to the wall for assistance. She then said to me Carol, I don't like the way you're standing so I'm taking you back up stairs. She did and the next thing I knew I was being taken for yet another CT scan; it turned out I needed a second brain surgery. My brain had hemorrhaged blood and this caused swelling in my head at such an alarming rate another emergency surgery was planed. On that same day I went back into surgery for an additional 7 hours, to drain the clot.

After the second surgery, I heard an audible voice saying "Who do you think you are? You are not your own you are bought with a price, one in which you can never repay; hearing this scripture, initially, I believed it to be God, but I was frighten so I knew it couldn't have been him, bwcause God doesn't bring fear. I asked God, Father please remember when I WAS living in the light and forgive me for walking away from you. Then I ask for life I didn't ask for a specific amount of time though. Not like the King of the O.T. when he turned his head and asked God for life and the prophetthat was sent to him turned around and came back,with the unctioning of the Holey-Ghost, and told him God would be sparing his life with 15 more years. Ialso asked God for a longer life, and for more time to get things right with him.

Immediately after I repented asking his forgiveness and to spare my life I began to fell lifes' strength return into me so suddenly, that I began to remove the tubing myself, I was even able to get out of bed. I couldn't go too far though, because of the tube still in my head so I just sat on the seat next to my bed and the nurses came running over once again because of the alarms. This time they could see what Carol was doing she was sitting instead of laying down.

They asked me to please get back into bed, I told them "no way" it was at this time my voice returned to me and I was able to speak, I said I'll not get back into that bed until they gave me a bath and changed my linen, they agreed and afterwards I did get back into bed.

The next morning was a Monday and one of the workers, who most likely had the weekends off, came through the ICU doors, she had a load of papers and files in her arms, I was sitting up in bed eating a liquid diet, she took one look at me and said "Oh my God, dropping her files it's you?," I looked at her and said, "did I scare you baby?" she shook her head yes. I said, do you know what you are looking at? She said what? I said, "you are looking at what God can do," she agreed with a nod of her head picked up her files and left. You see they didn't expect me to live through the second surgery, the doctorss had called my husband in and told him to take my clothing and personal belonging home. But God had other plans for my life.

It's not over until GOD says it's finished. "I SHALL NOT DIE, BUT LIVE" the lord of my soul spoke it.

I hope you enjoyed part one of my testimony.
Love in Christ

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Steven Wickstrom 26 Nov 2002
Wow! Very moving. Thank you for sharing yourself with us. I believe that God will use you to reach others through this testimony.


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