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Sample from Guild Tomes Paladin
by Don Yule
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Author requests article critique



The goblins of Rocky Ridges hissed and snarled as they poored out of their self made caves dug into the side of a stony cliff to surrounded an intruder in their camp high up on the stony cliff of the ridge, a large strongly built human with short black hair and hard cold eyes that showed no fear, he was wrapped in a shirt of black iron scales with a metal collar with a cross fastened to it and pauldrons that had been heavily used in their time. The human clutched a longsword in one hand, the straight slender blade already slick with the blood of the camp’s guards back at their makeshift gates.

“Kill the human, cook him up, gobble him down until we throw up!” Many of the goblins sang as they pointed their spears at the black clad human youth, their hunched forms perhaps a little more than half their foe’s height.

“Who enters the lair of the Rocky-Ridge gobs?” came a shrill voice from inside the largest cave on the cliff. From inside a goblin twice as burly as the rest shuffled out, one over sized arm clutching an iron shod club as one bulging eye glared at Dron, five crude horns bursting from it’s skull, one of which had grown through it’s normal eye and had long since gouged it out. “Who comes before Gore-Club?”

The human wrinkled his nose at the sight of Gore-club, the massive goblin obviously offending his senses as he took a step forward. The goblins that moved to stop him leapt back in horror as flames erupted from the blade of his sword and as he lashed out to drive them away. A human with a spark was a goblin’s worst fear, the church folk of Graith used this humans to hunt goblins and now what seemed like a easy meal had become a predator among them. Gore-Club nearly took a step back as the human approached, he had killed spark users in his day, bigger and older than this human but something did not seem right, those spark users had all sorts of wonderful things in their eyes such as fear, doubt and pain as Gore-Club and his minions tore at them wit knives, spears and clubs, the look of panic as they surrounded them but this human had no such look, hate was in his eyes, hate, duty and what the goblin chief could swear was eagerness.

“Kill’em!” Gore-club commanded, emphasizing his seriousness by smashing his club against the ground. “Kill’em and bring me his armor and weapon for a trophy!”

The lesser goblins seemed to gain new confidence at their leader’s command and surged forward the young man. The human flicked his wrist and as many goblins came with in arms reach it looked like they ran into a paper thin wall of reddish energy that began to radiate from the human’s body and upon contact their skin began to burn and blister and in another instance burst into flames. Goblins dropped their weapons and took off shrieking as they beat and slapped at their burning arms, chests and heads. The human’s fiery sword bagan to lash out again at the confused and rattled goblins, his sword cutting down a snarling goblin with each swing, his blows so trained and well placed the poorly trained goblins could do little to defend besides try and get out of arm’s length and even then with his free hand the human sent crackling balls of fiery energy after them that hit with all the force and power of a shotgun blast.

“Chief, what he doing?” A weasly thin goblin Gore-Club called “Fidget” asked clutching at the chief’s bear skin armor. “We never seen a sparky do this before have we?”

“No stupid, this not a one of those fighting sparks or shooting sparks this msut be some kind of fire spark!” Gore-Club growled. “Get in my cave and cut Deadmeat’s leash, we’ll let him munch on the human for us.”

“B..but Chief won’t Deadmeat eat m…” Fidget asked clutching his crude spear fearfully.

“Eat you?” Gore-Club growled as the human sank his blade into another one of his spearmen. “Maybe, depends if you can get away in time but Deadmeat will only kill you if you get to close, the human can kill you no matter how far you get and I’m gonna kill you if you don’t get your arse gong!”

Dron parried the thrust of a spear tipped with a crudely sharpened rock and over balanced his attacker before thrusting his sword through it’s chest while firing off another Purging Flame at a group of goblins he saw trying to fit an arrow into a weapon only a goblin would think was a bow, the fiery ball exploded killing one misshapen goblin and causing wounds to two thers who dropped their weapons and fled into the chief‘s cave with a shriek. Dron raised a Shield Ward as a barrage of arrows flew at him, the poorly made shafts and weak stone tips shattering on impact with the thin wall of white energy that encased him and fired off two more Purging Flames to blow apart most of the goblin archers.

Dron could hear the chief talking to another goblin in their broken version of Universal, the language most on the continent spoken, but all he could really make out over the sound of goblins snarling, screaming and other sounds of fighting was “Dead, Meat, Spark and Human”. Dron glanced over at the chief who watched him hatefully, his bulging eye watching his every move and as Dron stood among the rapidly decaying corpses of his tribe gave him a cold smile. The remnants of the lesser goblins took off down the side of the cliff like some kind of pack of monkeys with most of them quickly losing their balance or slipping and falling off the cliff to their deaths.

“Why you doing this human?” Gore-Club asked Dron as the young intruder advanced on him. “All we do is come off our mountain fo chickens and goats, we no kill humans.”

“Liar.” Dron said coldly as he advanced, sword pointed at Gore-Club. “Your tribe was sighted on this mountain two months ago, in that time you three hunters were found riddled with puncture wounds surrounded by small clawed foot prints and one baby was found missing from it’s crib two days before one of your goblins were killed trying to steal a batch of eggs from the same house, a bracelet with tiny teeth on it around it’s wrist.”

“You’ve killed more than enough to make us even for that, why you have to kill my whole tribe, why do you need to wipe us out, we just trying to survive.” Gore-Club growled taking his club in both hand.

“Because your not going to live your selfish violent little lives by killing and robbing the weak.” Dron said gripping his sword in both hands. "I am a Paladin, I'm not a Seeker looking for skins or a Warrior testing his new axe I am a defender of God's children and this land from defilers and that means you."

Gore-Club snarled at the vengeful young Warrior Saint and readied himself for what ever he could throw at him. But a sudden blood chilling scream from his cave made both combatants freeze.

As the sound of heavy steps echoed from the cave Dron asked the Lord for protection as the form of some giant man like creature lumbered toward the light, the sight of which sent Gore-Club into wicked giggles.

I shall fear no evil. Dron thought as Gore-Club's pet staggered into the light. Amen.

I have yet to start editing and am looking for advise or opinions about the other elements of the story. To view the webcomic check us out at https://www.facebook.com/#!/DyComics

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