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by Richard McCaw 
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(What if Jesus were born in South Florida in 2013?)

By C. Richard McCaw

N.B. This play was staged in Hollywood, Florida by our Christian school at its end of year program 2011. It was a whole lot of fun working with the children

SCENE 1 A home in Davie, Florida†

NARRATOR: Itís 2013 now folks. Daniel turns off one of his Momís old-time cowboy movies! Then before putting him to bed, his Mom reads from the book of Luke, about the birth of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

Daniel: Mom, did you see all those brown cows by Griffin Road? (Pause) Do they have sheep in Florida? (Pause) Iíve never seen sheep in Florida.

Mom: Neither have I, Daniel.

Daniel: Those guys by the gate looked like cowboys!

Mom: Yes, Daniel. Time to sleep now, son. (She pulls the cover over him).

Daniel: Night, Mom.

Mom: Night, Daniel (bends down and kisses him).

Exit Mom†

SCENE II A pasture in Davie (on one side of stage)†
The bedroom (on other side of stage)

NARRATOR: Later that night, there were no shepherds or sheep in Danielís dreams but cowboys and cows in a pasture near Griffin Road. However, letís ask the question: What if Jesus were born in South Florida in 2011? Letís visit the pasture on Griffin Road .One of the cowboys has his head buried in the Sun Sentinel. Heís reading about the two young adults in Parkland who made a death pact and hanged themselves because they had been on a drug called Roxicodone. Letters to their families found in each of their pockets said, ďThere was nothing that could have saved me.Ē
Cowboy 1: God could have saved them! The Bible is true! Things are going to get worse in the last days! (After a pause) By the way, some of our own cows were stolen last week!†
Cowboy 2: I know! Betsy was my best friend, and she became juicy steak on somebodyís dining table! (They continue with their faces buried in the newspaper)

Two thieves (jump over the fence, open the back gate and begin to lead a cow away)

Cowboy 1: Hey! Thief!

Cowboy 2: After him! They chase to other end of stage firing guns)

SCENE I11 Another home in Davie, Florida

NARRATOR: That night God sends the angel Gabriel to a young lady, named Mary. Back in Bible days there were NO CELL PHONES. But Daniel is still dreaming. Mary is dusting furniture, keeping her eye on the electric stove, washing dishes, with a cell phone between her ear and her shoulder.)†

Enter Gabriel (At once he begins doing gym exercises)
Angel Gabriel: Gotta get my spiritual muscles ready to fight demons! I got rid of Gadhaffi in Libya. Now for the really big stuff! (He pausesÖ.picks up his cell phone)†

Mary: Hold on a minute, Elizabeth. Iíve got another call coming through. Hello, hello...yeh...Iím very busy now...Are you a salesman? (To herself) Everybodyís trying to make a fast buck. MORNING, NOON AND NIGHT. itís just MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! You want to talk to me? (Pause) Alright, sir, but I only have one minute!
Angel Gabriel: Peace be with you! God is pleased with you and has blessed you.

Mary: What are you talking about?

Angel Gabriel: Donít be afraid! You will soon give birth to a baby boy, and will call his name Jesus. He will be Godís only Son, and his kingdom will never end!

Mary: Really! (picks up a Sun Sentinel and fans. After a pause) I am the Lordís servant! (After another pause) I guess I can manage that! (After another pause) I depend on Him for everything, so let Him do whatever He wants with me. My spirit rejoices in God my Savior!

Angel Gabriel: Listen Mary, Everyone thought your cousin, Elizabeth was too old to have a child, but God has chosen her to have a son. He will prepare the people to receive Jesus as their Savior! Nothing is impossible with God

Mary: Oh, I believe that God can do anything! Iíll call Elizabeth right now, then Iíll go and visit her! (Returns cell phone between her shoulder and cheek)†

EXIT Angel Gabriel†

Scene 1V Another home in Davie, Davie, Florida†

NARRATOR: Soon,Mary visits Elizabeth, who is busy with clothes in the washing machine, chicken in the oven, and cutting up vegetables while watching the cooking channel. Zacharias is sitting at a table reading the Bible. (The door bell rings. She puts down the cell phone on the table and wobbles to the door.)

Enter Mary

Elizabeth: Mary, I am so happy to see you!†

Zacharias: (stands up, bows and makes signs with his hands, then holds up a big cardboard sign: Angel told me Elizabeth will have son!)

Mary: Thatís wonderful, Elizabeth! What will you call the baby?

Elizabeth: His name will be John.

Mary: An angel also told me that I would have a son!

Elizabeth: What will you call your son?

Mary: His name will be J-E-S-U-S! He will save our people from their sins! Can I stay with you for a while?

Elizabeth: Of course, why not? You are more than welcome!

NARRATOR: The name Jesus means: Jehovah is Savior. The angel had told Elizabethís husband, Zacharias, that her son would prepare the people to turn from their sins, and to accept Jesus as their Savior.

Scene V Another home in Davie, Florida†

NARRATOR: So Mary stays with Elizabeth for about three months, then returns home. Meanwhile, Daniel gets another thing mixed up in his dream. At 12:00 p.m. Joseph is not sleeping as in the Bible. A big sign at the front gate reads: House for Sale Contact: Century 21. Joseph is at the computer, checking every option, for his house is in foreclosure. If he can sell before the bank claims it, thenÖ.well, youíd have to understand real estate. He also has his doubts about marrying Mary.

Joseph: Iím worried! (Pause) Mary is expecting a baby, and weíre not married yet. (Pause) What will people say? (Pause) Maybe I shouldn`t marry her.

(Song: If ever a time we need the Lord, we surely do need him now! or other substitute)†

NARRATOR:(Suddenly, he sees a bright light on his iphone, then a man appears in bright shining clothesÖ itís not a bird, nor a plane! Itís not SUPERMAN, BATMAN, GREEN LANTERN, SPIDERMAN...ITíS AN ANGEL!)

Angel Gabriel: Joseph! (pause) Donít be afraid to get married to Mary. God has chosen her to be the mother of His Son. When the baby is born, you must call his name Jesus, for that name means Jehovah is Savior. It will be the only name under heaven by which men can be saved!

NARRATOR: With that advice, Joseph soon gets married to Mary. Not long afterwards, it is that time of year when people are preparing their taxes.

SCENE V 1 A tax office in Davie, Florida†

NARRATOR: About 4:30 p.m. the taxman is at his desk. A line of people is outside the door.

Taxman: (goes to the door) Sorry, folks, youíll have to come back tomorrow. Itís just too late!

Jamaican: Iíve been here from mawning, sar!

Taxman: Youíll have to come back tomorrow. Iím sorry! (returns to his desk talking to himself.) Everybody is so impatient these days! You should see how they drive in South Florida!

NARRATOR: It really is time for the Lord to come to South Florida! .

(Song : Kum ba Yah, my Lord!)†

Enter: Sir Caesar Blackman 1 (everyone bows)

NARRATOR: Well, Sir Caesar Blackman 1, the countryís leader is in Florida checking on things. Heís worried, because the economy is deteriorating.†

Caesar: I want a list of everyone in South Florida, just to make sure they are paying their taxes. The country is in great debt. Some people say weíll soon become a third world country, so I want that list like yesterday! Got it! (slams his hand down on the desk)

Taxman: (Jumps back in his seat as if taken aback). Yes, Sir!†

Caesar : Everyone must go to the city from which their family came and register in the census.†

Taxman: Very well, Sir!

EXIT Sir Caesar

Scene VI1 A road near to a motel in Miami (Left of stage)

NARRATOR: So Mary and Joseph travel in a red Toyota all the way from Davie to Miami, because that had been Josephís family home.

Joseph: Mary, we have to travel very slowly.

Mary: Thanks Joseph! Thatís really kind of you!†

A backroom in the motel (Right of stage)

NARRATOR: Arriving in Miami, every hotel is booked for the night. However, Joseph soon finds a broken down motel. The floors of the back room have not been cleaned since 2010, dirty clothes lie on the floor, dead cockroaches are on the carpet, and thereís an awful smell!

Joseph: How much is this back room?

Jamaican Proprietor: $250. 00 for one night!

Joseph: $250. 00!

Jamaican Proprietor: Yes, mista, Yuh want it? This is all we have, mista. Tek ií or leave ií.

Joseph: (shaking his head in unbelief) I guess Iíll have to take it

NARRATOR: Suddenly!

Mary: (Scream) Joseph!

EXIT Joseph runs to the Red Toyota outside.

Mary: (Scream) Joseph! Itís coming every 5 minutes!

Joseph: (he helps her out of the car) $250 for one night, Mary! Itís a scam! Weíll be stone broke by the time we leave Miami!
Mary: It doesnīt matter, Joseph, as long as weíre doing what God wants. (Scream!) Hurry!

They enter the motel

Jamaican Proprietor: Where de money?

Mary: (Scream) Joseph!

Joseph: Alright! Alright! (schuffles money out of his wallet)

Jamaican Proprietor: Yu can go in now! Mi wi gi you de receipt latah!

They enter the back room

Joseph: Keep the change! (Joseph throws clean bed sheets over dirty clothes on the floor)

Mary: (LAST SCREAM) Aaaah!†

(Song: Joy to the world the Lord is come!)

NARRATOR: In this insignificant back room Jesus Christ, the Son of God is born. Joseph had arranged a clean sheet over the dirty clothes on the floor. Under Jesusí bed is the dirty carpet that cockroaches had been running over. But over the motel shines a very bright star.†

SCENE V111 A pasture near Griffin Road†

NARRATOR: At the Griffin Road pasture in Davie, an angel appears on one of the cowboysí iphone.

Angel Gabriel: Donít be afraid! I have good news for everyone. Today in Miami a Savior has been born. You will find the baby in the back room of a motel.

NARRATOR: Then on their iphones the cowboys hear a choir of angels singing

(Song: Joy to the world! First verse only) CD or students†

Angel Gabriel: Glory to God in the highest, and peace to everyone on earth.

NARRATOR: When the angels have gone, the cowboys get together.

Cowboy 2: Letís go to Miami to see what has happened.

NARRATOR: So, the cowboys hurry to Miami and find Mary and Joseph.†

(Song: The virgin Mary had a baby boy!)†

Then they return to the pasture, praising God for sending His Son to be our Savior from sin.

Cowboy 1: We have to tell everyone! Everybody needs to know who Jesus is!

(Song: Everybody ought to know...who Jesus is!)†

Scene 1X Miami International Airport (on left side of the stage)†

NARRATOR: Later three ambassadors, arrive at Miami International airport from the Middle East. These men have studied the planets and know that the heavens declare the glory of God, and that the firmament shows Godís handiwork. They begin packing large boxes into the trunk of a limousine, with the help of the driver.
Melchior:(pointing) That box has all the bottles of myrrh oil I ordered from China Letís be careful. I hear a lot of thieves are in these parts, and myrrh oil can bring a lot of money! What did you bring, Gaspar?

Gaspar: I ordered frankinsence on-line for $22.95 a bottle.

Melchior: Thatís very expensive! What did you bring, Balthasar?

Balthasar: I ordered the best gold on-line from South Africa! Nothingís too expensive for the King!

Gaspar: Look at that bright star in the sky!

Balthasar: Remember the prophecy! When the king is born, a bright star will appear in the sky.

Melchior: Itís in the west. Come on, letís go!

They enter the limousine

Melchior: Get going driver!

Driver: Iím doing the best I can, sir! Itís dangerous driving in these parts!

Melchior: Weíll pay extra! Just hurry up!

NARRATOR: The vehicle speeds along though Miami slums. They are determined to find the newborn king.

NARRATOR: In the book of Jeremiah, the prophet, God said ďYou will seek me and find me WHEN you search for me with all your heart. Thatís the only way to find God, like digging for gold. Gold is too precious to be lying on top of the earth. You've got to dig for it. God is too wonderful! You've got to search for Him with your whole heart. If you do, Heíll reveal Himself to you!†

SCENE X The Governorís Residence†

NARRATOR: Meanwhile, in the governorís residence. ..
Governor Herod: I am the governor of South Florida! No-one else can take my place. (Pause) Soldier!

Soldier: Yes, Sir.

Governor Herod: There are three ambassadors at a disreputable motel in Miami.

Soldier: Yes, Sir.†

Governor Herod: I need to see them at once!

Soldier: Yes, Sir.

Governor Herod: Iíve got to stop this new king before He starts taking over my territory!

Soldier: Yes, Sir. (salutes)

EXIT soldier

NARRATOR: Sounds familiar, doesnít it.? The devil wants to stop the Lord from taking over our lives, and to keep us from worshipping Him as our King!

ENTER soldier with the three ambassadors

Governor Herod: I am glad to meet you, Ambassadors. I heard about the New King. When you find him, please, let me know where he is. I too would like to worship him.

Melchior As soon as we find him, Governor Herod, we will let you know.

NARRATOR: Like the Ambassadors, you and I, in these last days, must be very determined to find the Lord for ourselves and to worship Him. As a well known old time song says: ďLet no man hinder thee!Ē

SCENE X1 A motel in Miami†

NARRATOR: The Ambassadors soon find the place where Jesus was born.

Gaspar: What a. terrible place! A King should be born in a palace!

NARRATOR: The Ambassadors enter the motel, and the proprietor points to the back room. They enter and find Jesus with Mary, standing over the baby among the bed sheets on the floor.†

Ambassadors: We brought gifts for the True King of the Universe!

Melchior: I brought him myrrh!

Gaspar: I brought frankinsence!

Balthasar: And hereís gold!†

(Song: O come let us adore Him)

NARRATOR: Dear Brothers & Sisters, Ladies and Gentlemen. This was just a dream little Daniel had. He got really mixed up, but you and I know how it really went. Jesus was born more than 2, 000 years ago in the city of Bethlehem of Judea. But I want you to think. If He were born in South Florida today, most people would have no time for Him. If He were looking for a home in which to stay, most of us may be out partying this season, or fixing to have a good time with friends and relatives. Most of us would be giving presents to people, who already have more than enough. Many people are out in the cold, wishing they had someone to love them, needing so much the love of God, the salvation of His Son Jesus Christ, and the wonderful communion of the Holy Spirit. Let me ask you: Do you have time for Him? Do you have a room in your home into which He can freely enter? What do you have in your library of books, you would have to throw out, if he visited you today? What kind of music do you listen to? Would you have to hide those risquť DVDís, the ungodly, violent movies, filled with cuss-words, OR WOULD HE BE WELCOME IN YOUR HOME? Would you have to pretend each day that you had a family altar, and gather all your family for prayer to impress Him?

This season, make room for the king of Kings! He was born as a human being, lived for 33 years on this earth, was crucified and rose again from the dead. Today, we are not worshipping a baby, for Jesus is a conquering King, at the right hand of the Father, and reigns from the throne of the Universe in heaven. And remember, dear friends, things are shaping up for His return. Soon and very soon we are going to see the King. Alleluyah! Are you ready to meet Him?

(Song: Joy to the world! Verse 2 ...the Savior reigns... and 4 ...He rules the world etc.)†

The End

If staging please e-mail:richmccaw@netzero.net


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