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Let's Tell The Truth About Sex--Baby!
by Mike Ramey
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A few years ago, one of my mentors, Pastor Gene C. Baker of True Belief Missionary Baptist Church in my home city of Indianapolis, Indiana, got blunt one Sunday morning on the topic of excuses. “Excuses,” he told members of the congregation and assorted visitors including yours truly, “are nothing but LIES clothed in the garments of REASON!”

The reason why I started off with this quote; it seems that every time the teen pregnancy rates go down, some individual--or group--of airheads comes out with information to encourage promiscuity.

This is NOT a new tactic, nor are adults immune.

Every time adults want to stop committing adultery against their husbands or wives, a study is trotted out to justify this heinous act. Every time there are individuals who don’t want to be involved in the homosexual lifestyle, a report comes out saying that there is ‘no harm’ being a willing participant.

In short, whenever people want to do the right thing, and stop doing the wrong thing, someone comes up with an excuse to try to keep people trapped in doing wrong. So, in this month’s column, we’re going to cover the five consequences of wrong behavior when it comes to sexual activity outside of marriage. I’ll warn you up front, you may want to get out the smelling salts, because I’m not going to be handing out excuses, but facts.

I’ll also warn my loyal readers about another side to this issue.

One can not be on the ‘down low’. There is no ‘neutrality’ about walking over the coals, and seeing whether or not you will get burned. One can not live one way in the club, and another way at work--or in church. As the Bible says, your sins WILL be made public and shouted from the housetops, with the quickness of the Internet.

You can not say that you have not been WARNED!


Indianapolis, Indiana, not that long ago, was designated the NUMBER ONE area of the country for the spread of Syphilis, via an increasing number of men and women involved in the ‘World’s Oldest Profession’. It wasn't a good day to pick up the daily paper and see this designation about my home city.

I’d hate to see the names of the other cities on that national list.

We have been constantly told by the mainstream press that prostitution is a victimless crime. Tell that to someone who has contracted Syphilis, or any other sexually-transmitted disease (STDs) including AIDS.

Oh yes, STDs are now called STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections). Nevertheless, once you 'catch' what a person is 'throwing' in the STI realm, you will either wind up spending time at the doctor, or with a mortician. It's your call.

Now, many of those who are involved in the prostitution lifestyle (male or female) come from good, honest, and upright families. But the lust for ‘a new thing’, or, a ‘good time’, or, ‘for needed cash’ with someone other than their husband or wife ALWAYS spells disaster.


This one is mainly for the teens in the audience, but may be extended to college and university-aged young adults. For the young men in the crowd, those ‘free’ condoms that you have been given by your school, (or that you may have purchased on your own), are only 60 percent effective. On top of this, there are three other things you need to consider in your quest for a ‘backseat romance’.

First, many of the NEW STDs can STILL be transmitted, or ‘get through’ the common condom. Second, the guilt that you will suffer for that ‘five minutes of pleasure’ is going to get worse when, and if you meet the right young woman whom you want to marry. Third, if you do get the girl you are with pregnant, your earning potential will be cut in half for 18 to 20 years by a little-talked about law called Child Support Enforcement. If you play, you will pay--for a long time.

Now, for those young women in the crowd who think of themselves as the ‘campus hottie’, keep in mind that your friends, parents, and relatives are not going to be around to help you to raise that out-of-wedlock baby (otherwise known as an OOW). Forget your education (for a long while), because you will likely have to go to work to support your new family. The same girls that were squealing at your baby shower with you will be yelling in the phone at you, if you try to call them to ‘baby-sit’ your child.

You may find ‘Sex In The City’, but your sexual sins--regardless of you being a young man, or a young woman--could leave you buried ‘Back In The Country’!

A footnote for those teens in middle and high school; 'hooking up' is NOT a wise avenue to pursue. And, for you teen males reading this--it may be flattering to be pursued by a sexual aggressive girl or adult woman, but--as it says in Proverbs--there's a tombstone at the end of a street if you fall for the 'we can't get caught' shuffle.


If homosexuals are so ‘gay and happy’, then why are more and more of these people who made the choice to get into this lifestyle killing themselves with drugs, illicit sex, or liquor? If the homosexual lifestyle is so 'brave', then why are politicians who 'practice' such 'bravery' resigning from office...or can't get INTO office in many cases?

For the ladies in the house: Did the famed 'lesbian kiss' (and there IS no such word 'lesbian', it was a creation to wipe out the stigma of the term 'female homosexual') of recent memory really motivate you to buy more CDs by the artists involved? Or did you turn off your set in utter shame, anger, or frustration?

Also, ask those in the medical profession if there are ‘cures’ for STDs (or STIs). Many of them (if they are honest) will tell you that many of the STDs that were ‘curable’ are no longer that way, because they have mutated beyond the scope of present medical technology.

We ALL know, AIDS is NOT curable.

Many of these STDs take years to surface, and can kill a person in short--or long--order. Excuses won’t work, once your body has contracted an STD. If it’s AIDS, it’s going to cost you, your family, and society, about $150,000 per year to take care of you until your death. (BTW--I use the term ‘homosexuality’ for males and females involved in this ‘activity’).

One other thing; don't believe the hype that male and female homoseuxals are 'more monogomous' than male and female heterosexuals. The average homosexual is ALWAYS on the prowl for new partners. The younger...the better. This comes from publications known to the homosexual population.


It seems that the favorite spectator sport in American (and international) corporations and workplaces is: ‘Who can bed whom?’, if you go by the writings of the mainstream press and certain business publications.

Call me crazy, but I had thought that the purpose of going to work was to WORK, not to fool around. Brothers, you have a wife. Sisters, you have a husband. I’ve noticed--as time has progressed and the push has been made for more women to enter the workforce--‘adultery’, has been toned down to ‘affair’, and then down to ‘office romance’ when women are involved in the pursuit.

Don’t be fooled, my brother or sister.

You will lose a lot more than your job if you cheat on your wife or husband. Your career is going to suffer, and so will your reputation. You may even lose your life at the hands of the spouse of the person you decided to ‘bed’ after office hours.


For my single brothers and sisters, don’t believe the hype that you are less of a person because you are single, and without a mate. There are far too many singles out there who are ‘desperate’ to ‘latch on’ to anyone that will pay attention to them, that they often wind up with more than they thought they’d get. Hitting the bars and nightclubs and ‘picking up’ someone who will ‘lay down’ with you is not going to lead to a lasting relationship. Unfortunately, the old street proverb rings true: ‘Why buy the cow, when you can get the milk for free?’ Far too many singles are spending their time destroying themselves, based on the latest fad, trend, rap video, or Hollywood offering, to realize that if you WANT a quality person, you have to BE a quality person. You don’t meet a future wife of husband in a place that serves liquor, drugs, sex, or a combination of the three. Save you money and your future pain. If you spend much of your weekend wondering what you did the night before, it’s time to stop it, grow up, and find out what mature people do with their weekends. Surprisingly, some of them spend time in church, and in contact with Jesus Christ and His Word.

Don’t be deceived, because you WILL reap what you sow!


If we are going to talk about sex, then let’s include the consequences in our national conversation. As a matter of fact, let’s allow equal time for former adulterers, homosexuals, and bed hoppers to tell their stories about how they were changed by the power of Jesus Christ, and they have been set free from their destructive pursuits.

I shall never forget a column I did on the consequences of adulterous relationships in the office setting. A brave woman sent me a marvelous email, detailing how her father had gotten involved in such a ‘romance’ and the impact it had on her, her brothers and sisters, as well as her mother. To this day, I still remember the tears coming through that electronic warning.

This is a side that we don’t see on TV, or at the movies on Friday nights.

A fool in a uniform, or with a Ph.D, or with a Talk Show who does not know nor acknowledge God, the Bible, or any form of modesty or morality; but still believes that anyone can ‘do their own thing’ without consequence is nothing but a fool spouting well-dressed lies, clothed in the garments of REASON!

Fool me once, shame on you; but fool me twice, shame on WHO?

Now you’ve heard what I’ve had to say, and you can’t say you have not been warned on this particular day. I may be cold, but the consequences--you HAVE been TOLD!

RAMEY, a syndicated columnist and book reviewer, lives in Indianapolis, Indiana. THE RAMEY COMMENTARIES appears on fine websites and gracious blogs around the world. To correspond, email manhoodline@yahoo.com. © 2011 Mike Ramey/Barnstorm Communications International.

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Member Comments
Member Date
Joyce Poet 22 Aug 2004
Gripping! I agree that this article ought to hit newspapers all over the world! Many more Christians need to take such a bold stand and tell it like it really is!
Dian Moore 12 Aug 2004
Great Article. I would love to see it in every newspaper across the land.
09 Aug 2004
I was so happy reading the article. At least one person is telling us the truth. I wish I had got this earlier, because i witnessed a few of my friends getting in to the so called love affair, which were rather too short-lived and ended abruptly. At least now I hope all teenagers and the rest of the adults read this. God Bless you to Speak More Powerfully.


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