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Called According to His Purpose
by Manuel Vargas 
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Called According to His Purpose

We sit and wonder about the present situation we are faced with…Will the Government reopen…Will the people of Congress make up their mind and call together all parties and come to a mutual agreement on spending…Will I go back to work? Can I find another job? Is October 17th, the beginning of the Financial Meltdown that economist were predicting if Congress doesn’t raise the Debt Ceiling? Will the entire world financially collapse? These questions are in the minds of everyone around the world. Whether you are a spiritual Christian or a new believer or unbeliever who doesn’t know why in the world this financial dilemma is plaguing the world—be confident that God has a Divine Plan in place to take us through the extreme circumstances.

God’s Ultimate Plan

Paul wrote a letter to the Christians in Rome and said, and we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His Purpose (Romans 8:28 KJV). The Apostle Paul was writing about a common theme that all Christians will experience and that is, going from suffering to experiencing God’s Glory (See Romans 8:18-29 KJV). However, as we stop at verse 28, we read that “all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His Purpose (Romans 8:28 KJV).

How does a Government shut-down going to work-out for my good? How will it benefit me or my family and not to mention the bills I have to pay? God is not a stranger to our problems. Nor is God an extremist who gets off on seeing us suffer because of our sins that we are conscious of that may have played a role to our financial demise. We may be kicking ourselves for selecting a Congress man or woman we believed will make the Government work for the interests of the people and not crooked Politicians who is secretly collecting private donations from lobbyist and joining Tea party movements to benefit their careers. Politics cannot ruin the Plan of God. No Government can change the Plan of God for this country. God has the Last Word. God can change the course of this country with a snap of His Fingers.

Divine Revelation

All of last Year and the beginning of this year I’ve been granted many Dreams and Visions that this country was undergoing a financial crisis that we experienced in the past and that society was hard pressed for cash and doing a lot of illegal and ungodly things to make ends meet. Robbery, burglary, looting, selling drugs and prostitution was on the rise, but I was working and living life despite everyone who was going on a down-ward spiral to try to make it. I shared these Dreams and Visions with my wife. I never sought the Lord further about these revelations because I had very little time on my hands. But as they are unfolding rapidly I see that I must share some facts about the future of this country. No I’m not special, and I’m not a preacher or teacher of doom and gloom. God called all of us according to His Purpose and Grace at this hour to go through what I call a Joseph experience. Every believer is entitled to experience what Joseph experienced. Joseph had to encounter the ups-and-downs of faith to develop perseverance and character so he can hope in God’s Divine ability to take him through the sever famine that was coming upon the land. I recommend that you read the articles “Grace and Favor when God is with U written 8-17-2013; and Favor when God is with you written 8-23-2013”, to gain more insight about the life of Joseph.

God was preparing Joseph by the experiences of losing his job position and his entire family so God can train him to be the leader that God desired for Joseph to be. Joseph went thru 4 phases of training;

1. Joseph was first trained in his family business and he became a great manager
2. Joseph went on to be trained as a chief servant in Potipher’s house
3. Then Joseph became an inmate deputy warden until God brought him out of prison
4. Then Joseph became the Second ruler of Egypt and governed the land for Pharaoh thru 7 years of plenty and 7 years of famine. He was married and fathered 2 children and then he eventually looked out for his entire family when he was reunited with them. They all lived thru the famine. The Financial Crisis of their time that will be similar to today’s Financial Dilemma.
What’s the Point?

What does the Government shut-down have to do with Joseph? What is the connection that we can draw from all this financial turmoil that’s about to come on the earth? Like Joseph, God has allowed the Government to fail to show us that our faith should be in Him—not the Government. Secondly, God will grant us the wisdom to move forward despite the job lost and the lost of material things and the lost of family ties. God is going to make a way for us to live off the land during the abundant period and during the famine. God did not allow this country to prosper and then it falls apart in one year. During the tough times God will make a provision that is limited yet it will sustain us in a humble level of living so we can see the true value of our Calling and existence on the earth in the Kingdom of God. The True Value of life is about family, love, forgiveness, and living a life pleasing to God in Sincere Worship. We must go through these difficult situations in order to see the Hand of God at work in our lives.

I lost it! Now what?

I know what it feels like to lose a lot of material possessions. I had 2 houses, 5 cars, a motorcycle and a huge wardrobe plus so much more in the late 80’s and early 90’s.I lost my last house in 93. I lost a lot. So I know what it is to lose almost everything and loved ones who were close to you. This nation has been hit by everything in the last 2 years that out-weigh the last 20 years. Jesus said we will encounter a lot more before He comes back on the earth (See Matthew 24:4-25 NKJV). And worst things will continue to come upon the earth.

Last year I told my wife everything I saw and she can’t believe the way things are playing out as the month’s roll by. Let me share some things that I saw; more flash floods, earthquakes especially in New York City, fires breaking out everywhere, mud-slides, hurricane’s in record proportions never seen before, economy collapse, and we will experience food famine all here in America. Food was being rationed out, job lost was extremely high that people were fighting to survive, chaos in the streets you have to walk around with a survival kit and weapons to protect yourselves from thieves. (All this is happening right now and it’s only increasing and growing worst).

I saw relatives who were on Government assistance look as though they were homeless and desperate and did not bathe or was not able to purchase the bare necessities to remain hygienically clean and they came to me for cosmetics and food. This all seems unreal and unimaginable right here in America but it is coming sooner than we think. I’m amazed at the rapid turn-around we have been experiencing in this country. I believe in prosperity but Joseph’s prosperity was by Divine design that was rationed and shared among the world that had to endure a period of famine throughout the entire world. The same thing that Joseph encountered is going to play out again, this time in America and around the world. God will set up a food distribution program, God will provide for us during these tough times and we must get back in the Word to develop our faith in the miraculous working power of God to be able to survive this end-time trial before we experience the rapture.

End-Time Realities

Whatever Jesus spoke about in Matthew 24, is all going to play out right here in America and around the world, Christians will encounter all the effects of the beginning of sorrows (See Matthew 24:4-14 NKJV).

I believe in the Rapture (the Church being caught up to meet the Lord in the air) (See 1 Thessalonians 4:13-18 NKJV). But we will first experience the Beginning of Sorrows before the Rapture. The Financial Meltdown is a great part of the Beginning of Sorrows along with the long list of troubles Jesus outlined for us in Matthew 24:4-14 NKJV. When Jesus spoke about this remember He was in Israel. However, Jesus said all these Sorrows will happen world-wide—not just in Israel. If we continue to read on in Matthew Chapter 24, right after Jesus spoke about the Beginning of Sorrows happening world-wide, Jesus went on to speak about the Rapture (One taken and the other left behind) (Matthew 24:36-50 NKJV).

I’m going to teach at length about End-time Prophecy as the Lord is placing it in my heart at this hour in the next few articles so we can have a more up-dated perspective and practical application. So we may know how to live during these End-time Sorrows, Amen. We were Called at this hour according to His Purpose that will play out in these End-times, the Biblical idea is to know where we belong and how to flow thru the Beginning of Sorrows that’s coming upon the earth.

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