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The Assurance of Wholeness
by Cen Lintz
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There are so many Christians living in despair, restlessness and disappointment. For most, the reasons are none other than what they believe to be "the hand life has dealt for them"; causing them to live in constant futility while enduring pain from the lack of fulfillment. And although many believe the Gospel of Jesus Christ, such hard, extensive experiences cause them to become victims of circumstance as they began to settle for a life of passivity and mediocrity.

Why is this commonly, (often) visible thread of experience and lifestyle so prominent amongst many Believers' who represent the Body of Christ... especially those of who believe, pray, decree and declare?

Is this what God had in mind when He established covenant or what Peter was referring to when he legislated us as being: "... a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for possession, so that (we) might speak of the praises of Him who has called (us) out of darkness into His marvelous light?

More over, was this the reason for Christ's coming... the reason He Who was sinless endured the many inflictions of affliction; the scourging of such brutal, corporal punishment on the whipping post- only to later be nailed to a cross and die?!?

Surely NOT!

Understand that God calling us out of darkness into His light not only speaks of transition spiritually, but also literally. Consider a blackout and what you are able to accomplish in the absolute darkness. Familiar with the phrase: 'things that go bump in the night'? Well, that's exactly what happens during a blackout as we find ourselves bumping and stumbling around things and into furniture, walls and people while cautiously, yet reluctantly in pursuit of trying to 'find our way'.

On the other hand, operating in His light renders us mobile, effective, efficient, useful and productive (just to name a few) as it offers the assurance and confidence needed and necessary for following directions.

Jesus tells me through the model prayer that God's will (aka His Word) for my life shall be done on earth as it is in heaven! Now this, I am certain about-- that in my Father's House, there is absolutely NO lack whatsoever and the commonwealth of His Economic Kingdom is just that... common!

Members of the Body of Christ who experience unshakeable conditions of inability and instability should step back and analyze the situation they're faced with. Particularly more so when one finds that they are unable to afford their livelihood. Jesus tells us in John 10:10-11 {Voice Bible} that: "The thief approaches with malicious intent, looking to steal, slaughter, and destroy; I came to give life with joy and abundance" because "I AM the good shepherd...".

The inability to provide for your family, pay your bills or simply partake in the necessities of day to day life is a total violation of the joy and abundance that Jesus not only speaks of, but guaranteed as living in this form of poverty is completely contrary to God's plan, will, purpose and intent!

Please allow me to challenge your thinking for a moment and ponder as to why this may be.

Although we will have seasons or moments of sufferance, it should not be our lifestyle. And when you consider the multitude of us that fast, pray and sacrifice; the tithers and givers who believe God and remain faithful; declaring His Word over our situations only to reach no avail- I have to wonder if the issue is obedience. I'm not just referring to 'not' doing things we shouldn't be doing, but in doing that which we ought to do.

Never to imply that you can earn anything God gives freely, but to qualify for it is something different. Even though He gives grace to whom He will and mercy to whom He will, He still requires our active obedience.

I have discovered that there are certain prerequisites that must be meet in order to obtain or claim a particular benefit. Yes, it's true that we serve an unconditional God, however, it is also true that there are certain conditions that need to be met in order to reap the fruition of His promises and blessings for our lives.

We know this to be true as we take into account the plan of salvation because although salvation is available for all, not everyone benefits from it. In order to reap the benefits of salvation, one must first meet the prerequisites/conditions which are: believing in your heart and confessing with your mouth that Jesus is Lord {Acts 16:31 & Romans 10:9}.

When such conditions are met with understanding, we are able to operate in a synchronous flow that moves in harmony with the rhythms of God. In other words- we can march to the beat of His drum!

However, to understand the things of God, one must first discover and learn how He operates. Every Believer in the Body of Christ wants the fulfillment of God's best manifested in their lives. Yet, wanting God's best means that you would have to know what His best is as well as knowing that it's available for you!

Upon doing such, you must also then set yourself in the proper alignment to receive His best in order that you may reap the very things that have been preordained for your life; the total abundance that He's called for you to live and operate in!

I've mention before that God is a God of pattern, cycle, rhythm and order. We know this to be true when we consider all that He has created and ascertain one of the greatest examples He's modeled in the earth realm...


With that being said, everyone called by God's name should be aware of where we are seasonally. Yes, we have entered into the Autumn/Fall Season, but understand that this isn't just a time in which leaves fall from trees (as my dictionary defines it), rather a time to harvest and the best part about the harvest is the harvesting of fruit!

God appointed specific seasons throughout the year for His people to observe, honor and celebrate as holy ordinances permanently... forever!

Three times a year we are called to stand before Him in observance of the appointed festivals/feasts {Deut. 16 & Lev. 23}. Such appointments are the Feast of Tabernacles (Sukkot), Feast of Passover (Pesach) and Feast of Pentecost (Shavuot). Right now we are coming to the close of Sukkot (aka Feast of Booths, Ingathering or Shelters) as today (September 25th) marks the last day. This festival is to be celebrated five days after the Day of Atonement and lasts for seven days.

As New Testament Believers, it is a time where we celebrate the Lord's indwelling as we are His temple. Since this feast is immediately followed by Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement), it also represents a time of renewed and restored fellowship with God as we remember His divine provision and care for us.

Though the observance of this festival concludes this evening, we have however entered into the season of harvesting and viewing this from God's perspective enables us to comprehend the relational significance of this season as it is both prophetic and literal.

Harvesting is the gathering of 'ripened' crop and to be ripened means that the crop has reached a desired or final condition. From an agricultural perspective, Pesach (Passover) corresponds with the planting season, Shavuot (Pentecost) corresponds to the harvesting of grain and Sukkot corresponds to the harvesting of fruit. Sukkot became know as the Sukkot of Joy then ultimately referred to as the 'Season of Joy' as God affirmed in {Deut.16:15} that: "... this festival will be a great time of joy for all."

During this time, crops were planted in spring, but because there was uncertainty of how the crops would grow- there was no rejoicing. When grain was harvested during the beginning of summer, there would be some rejoicing as you now had bread to eat, yet, there was still uncertainty about the success of fruit crops. Total joy would only come after all the crops had been harvested during the fall- as the Lord had provided sustenance and provision for the coming year.

The following are some words that I discovered the translation and meaning for in hebrew...

season= kairos- meaning: an occasion, set or proper time; opportunity, convenient, due time.

fruit= karpos- meaning: an effect, result work, act, deed advantage, profit, reaped harvest, praises to God

harvest= qatsiyr- meaning: severed, harvest (as reaped) the crop, the time

fruitful= para- meaning: bear, bring forth (fruit), (be, cause to be, make) fruitful, grow, increase. Fruitful is also defined as: productive or conducive to producing in abundance.

Throughout the Word, we can find where God often gives the command to be fruitful and multiply. Your fruitfulness is contingent upon your fruit and your fruit is contingent upon the seeds you sow. The bible tells us in {Genesis 8:22} that: "While the earth remains, seedtime and harvest... shall not cease." These are spiritual laws, spoken by God, set in place and are still in operation as they not only will occur... they MUST!

Those that might wrestle with this information should know and be reminded of the truth that God did NOT establish Himself with mankind using the english language- He spoke Hebrew. Might I also add that Jesus was born Jewish and too, openly observed the Feast Seasons and ultimately presented Himself as our Passover Lamb.

When we take into account the command of Ephesians 5:1 that tells us to: "Therefore be imitators of God as dear children", then it becomes imperative to know and understand that if it's important to God, then it must be of absolute significance, importance and priority to us!

Understand that when God schedules an appointment to meet with you in the earth realm- you absolutely do NOT want to miss your opportunity to meet with the King as your obedience in honoring Him is a key factor that will take you far beyond 'naming and claiming it'!

In keeping along with the encouragement to motivate to you in honoring God with your substance- know that you should NEVER stand before a holy and righteous God empty-handed when He's clearly given the command to observe His ordinances for EVER! The sowing of seed is the only assurance we have for a return harvest! Sow while there's still time!


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