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Deliverance Godís Way
by Margery Wolfe
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Deliverance Godís Way

Spirit filled, Spirit led, Spirit controlled.

Deliverance Godís way, there is a way that seem right but the end thereof are the ways of death. Very attentively we must hear the instructions and directions of God that we may live and the nation. The very way God say go may be to deliver us from death. Only God knows where death lies; not Satan and definitely not man. We read previously that God delivered Noah and his family when the floods came because he followed specific instructions. The Ark would withstand the storms and winds that would come to destroy the world for the inhabitants of the earth made God sick to his stomach because they were lukewarm in their lifestyles and disobeyed God continuously. God gave them a time of repentance; they missed it. Will we too miss that time? God gives us a way we are to come to him, before him, and with him.

In Mark 4 the people heard of Jesus, looked for him and found him; and they were waiting on him to hear what thus said the Lord. They attentively listened for they wanted what he had to offer. He taught them many things by parables and said to them in his doctrine and sowed the Word in their lives. He was teaching that in this way we have to be more careful to hear and understand than to run fast and lose what we have received. He taught us that it is unprofitable for us to sow into bad ground for our yield will be zero. He taught them that the Word when planted down in our hearts will produce fruit of righteousness. He taught that God wants to increase in our lives and we must decrease; yielding our members to God and denying ungodliness. He that has ears let us hear what the Word is saying to us. To know the mystery of the Kingdom of God he gave in parables for our understanding that we to may come into the Kingdom of God. Get wisdom, get knowledge, but in all our getting get understanding. To work a principle of God we must know them. How do we know them? Read, Hear, and Understand the Word. Jesus made plain the Word that He is! He is our deliverance!

Make a joyful noise or sound the alarm but do it at the call of God. Numbers 10:1-7 tells us how that the Lord spoke to Moses to make two trumpets; how they were to be made, what they were to be made of and what they were to be used for. Specific instructions again with a purpose; He told Moses when they shall blow with them all the assembly shall assemble themselves to thee at the door of the tabernacle of the congregation. We must be careful how we call an assembly together and in calling one together we must be careful how we enter in it. We come into Godís house any kind of way; God forbid (Eccl. 5:1-2). Keep thy foot when thou go to the house of God, and be more ready to hear than to give sacrifice of fools; for they consider not that they do evil. Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thine heart be hasty to utter anything before God; for God is in heaven, and thou upon earth; therefore let thy words be few. We need to listen to know the difference in the sounds very attentively. Everybody that comes in the midst of us is not there with the right reasons and neither are they with us. If they make a noise like a duck, then they are a duck; not a person of praise and worship. There is a reverential call for man and there is a call for God; we must know the difference. Give honor to whom honor is due.

When we hear an alarm of warning and are told to go forward, go. When we hear an alarm a second time and it says take a journey, take the journey for itís probably for our own safety. People we must know the difference in what we hear rather it be of God or not! Know who it is that speaks the Word of God to us. We must study and know the Word, know the sound God makes. There is a sound that God makes for peace and for war. Know the motives and intents of the heart of man through the spirit of discernment. Follow the leading of the Holy Ghost. Know what to do, when to do it, how to do it, who to do it with and why you must do it; this is wisdom, Godís wisdom. We have a Holy Ghost hook up with Christ.

Moses and the children of Israel had to learn to know the difference in the sounds that they be directed towards deliverance from Pharaohís captivity. There is a way to do anything that pertains to life; a right way and a wrong way. Godís way is perfect and entire and leaves us wanting nothing. We choose the way we take. We can obey and live or disobey and die. Who are we willing to follow? Who will we tell what thus said the Lord? Whose horn will we blow, when and where He says to blow it?

Esther and her people (these same Jews, Godís chosen people in the book of Esther) would be delivered from mass death later on because of her obedience to God and man. She did things Godís way and respected the King and laws of the land; thereby gaining the favor needed to get their deliverance.

Abraham and Sarah were delivered from famine. Lot and his family were delivered out of Sodom and Gomorrah that wicked City of immorality and sin. We have a set way that we think God should move and Moses probably did too but he chose to do things Godís way and we must too. Our ways must conform to God and not the worldís way of doing things. The King set laws for the land as leaders do today, but does that mean God canít intervene on our behalf and change their minds?

We set goals in our life does that mean God want change them? God can even change his mind because he is God. When he thought to destroy the earth and man, he reached down to one man to not destroy mankind. In our lives we expect to get to point A and point B but sometimes we donít make it; why? Our ways and thoughts are not always Godís plan. We have to totally submit our will to his and He will deliver us to his Will!

Traditions of men are not necessarily God. Traditions are made to be broken and some need to be broken. God breaks protocol all the time after all He is the Creator of all things and he holds the strings of our arms and feet. He held the strings of Pharaohís hands, arms, ears and mouth and it was he that also hardened Pharaohís heart when Moses came to him. He knows what he wants done, when, where, and how; he doesnít want us asking him why; just do it!

Man sets traps but God deliver us out of them but it totally depends upon how well we obey his instructions when he warns us. Haman in the book of Esther thought to get rid of Mordecai because Mordecai didnít give him the self-glory he desired. God gave Moses this position to bring his people out of captivity. Moses was reared in Pharaohís house, a princeís right he had but he stayed humble at the call of God. He didnít overstep any boundaries to get higher. Haman on the other hand did the opposite; his position went to his head. He encouraged the King to set laws to benefit his agenda. He ended up falling in the trap himself and took his sons with him. They were all hung on the gallows that he built to hand Mordecai on.

In the book of Daniel the King could not interpret the handwriting on the wall because he was not spiritually apt. He sent for everyone in the kingdom that he thought could tell him of its meaning but he found that none could; but there is a man, one that could and that man what he revealed to him brought forth death to him. He had been weighed in the balance and found wanting. He had touched of the things of God and handled them wrong. Moses was careful to handle the things God told him with reverential awe. He touched of the sacred things of God and didnít defy God in any way.

Moses listened attentively and moved at Godís orders! Esther and Mordecai did too! God always have a man he will use. We must submit everything to God and donít cross God up in any area of life. Godís deliverance is in abundance. If God blessed us is it worth his effort? Are we worthy of his blessing? What have we done with previous blessings and have we learned to obey God in them? Can God trust us to bless us again? Do we know what is true or do we believe what God says? God is true, the Devil is a lie. What do we want to hear; truth, fact, or fiction? Deliverance Godís way will bring sure results!
We Need the Power Source

Paul was knocked down, something happened. The sun was shining bright it was not hid in the noon day. Paul saw the light not knowing that this power source would take his eyesight. As hot as it was in this noon day heat, the Holy Ghost moved on the inside and was contagious. The fire of the Holy Ghost arrested Paul as he had done Godís chosen people. Jesus also gives us the power source to lead us and guide us through the terrains of life. Jesus had come as the redeemer of men of all life. He revived faith and hope before His ascension. He urged that the disciples wait for the Holy Spirit who would give them insight and power for the world conquest which He had laid on them. We too need the power source.

Talk about deliverance God's Way! Even the angels don't determine you will live or die, only God can deliver us to heaven. We take ourselves to hell!

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