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by Margery Wolfe
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Psalm 36:2 for he flattereth himself in his own eyes, until his iniquity be found to be hateful.

What is man, that thou are mindful of him? Many say Jesus was just a man. But what they miss is that Jesus took on flesh and became a man. He wasnít born through the lineage of a man but a woman gave him his lineage (Matthew 1:18). Jesus is real and He is coming back again. Will we be ready when He come back is what we should be working on.

Flattery is excessive, untrue, or insincere praise; exaggerated compliment or attention; blandishment. It means to praise too much untruly or insincerely, as in order to win favor, to try to please or ingratiate oneself with through praise and attention. A person that uses flattery makes things seem better or more attractive than it is so. They say what needs to be said to make one feel pleased or honored to gratify the vanity of, to be remembered. Flattery is also used to please or gratify the eye, ear, or senses to encourage by false pretenses. Judas was a flatterer. He flattered the Sanhedrin into giving him thirty pieces of silver; the price of a slave to give them Jesus. He had to bluff it out to put through his hellish bargain.

The spirit of Judas is back also and is alive in the Church of Jesus Christ. Here we are talking about a spirit of a person partaking more of a dependent relationship. Judas had the spirit of a thief. This spirit was a deed of the flesh and was in direct contrast of the fruit of the spirit and the Ten Commandments that said thou shall not steal. Judas played a role in getting Jesus to the cross and it was because of the spirit Jesus recognized in him. Not only was he a thief, he was a traitor. Judas was the son of Simon Iscariot. John 6:67-71 then said Jesus unto the twelve, will ye also go away? (After Jesus told the disciples that followed Him what would happen to Him many turned away and left). Then Simon Peter answered him, Lord to whom shall we go? Thou hast the words of eternal life. And we believe and are sure that thou art that Christ, the Son of the living God. Jesus answered them, Have not I chosen you twelve and one of you is a devil? He spake of Judas Iscariot the son of Simon: for he it was that should betray him, being one of the twelve.

What is betrayal and why would Judas betray the Lord? Betrayal means to be disloyal or unfaithful, to lead astray, charmed, or bewitched. The undercover tradeoff came about because someone failed to keep the Word close in the heart. Why would Jesus choose a thief and traitor to be among him; He was the Son of God? He had need of a Devil that would sell him out that loved money. The gifts Judas had to steal were one Jesus needed to get his work finished in the earth. God can use whoever, whenever, and however He so please; He is the Creator. Jesus knew His future traitor.

Jesus told the twelve that one would betray him but none of them took it to themselves. Jesus saying this had to be disturbing to the Apostles. Judas had been called to be an Apostle of Jesus Christ. Judas in the book of St. John is described as a thief while treasurer of the funds of the Apostles, as the explanation of the indignation against the waste of money by Mary of Bethany at the feast in the house of Simon the leper in St. John 12:5. Why would Judas betray Jesus, he loved him? Look at his father Simon, a liar. None of the twelve Apostles was sinless. They had issues as we do today. If we think we are something when we are not then we are flattering our self. Many motives probably combined to make a traitor out of Judas. Judas loved money. Many of us love money we donít trust God as we think. Anyone that seems to be a threat to the ministry, we turn them away no matter how true they are to the work of the ministry. Fear is another reason. We are so fearful of people walking away with our members that we destroy the reputation of that other person usually through flattery. Fear causes many to be a flattering agent of harm. Many have harmed the work of Jesus Christ through vain flattery unbeknown to us.

Judas failed because of yielding to ambition for power, to greed for money, to selfish interest, to the desire to save what he could out of the wreck of the fortune of Jesus, to resentment at the public rebuke given him by Jesus. So he left the house of Simon in a rage and went to the Sanhedrin with the offer to betray Jesus while the feast was going on. How was he able to pull this off? Judas knew the habits of prayer that Jesus had in going out to Gethsemane at night. The devil entered Judas then, as before and later. He took the price of a slave for Jesus and probably had glee in the fact.

He did what he did but didnít fully understand the repercussion until after it happened. Flattery is a spirit that is still alive today. The Church is trading Jesus today for money by means of flattery. For the love of money men are selling their souls. Jesus died for the sin of the world and we put him back on that cross over and over again with our acts of flattery to get what we want, not necessarily what is needed. We use flattery and make vain promises, fake prayers, strong words, and undue lies to frame ourselves up in the world as wonders. We are wonders alright; lying wonders! When a man fears that someone in the church body is being loved more than him, he will divulge himself in this same manner. He is no better than Judas. He will trade off a soul for another one with more money to bring into the ministry. He will lie on God and will plan to just to rise in ministry.

A person that practices flattery will make a point to point out the ills of a personís past although God have already forgiven that past. He will tell all of the secrets and dirty laundry that God has already forgiven in anotherís life. He will keep the work of God at bay because of his own failures. Why did Judas fail? Judas had his own plan of how he thought things would turn out. Jesus could not have meant what He said to them; He was the Christ. Surely Jesus could escape these people as He had always done. Well it didnít happen like Judas thought but the way God had intended it to be. Judas was caught up in a death trap.

Many of us are guilty to tearing down the work of God because of our own personal reasons. God forbid! When Jesus pointed out at the last Passover meal that one of the twelve would betray him, they all looked at one another in amazement and asked Jesus: ďsurely not I?Ē Even Judas asked that question. Curiously enough when Jesus gave the sop to Judas, no one else seemed to notice it because of the excitement. Jesus had answered them saying in Matthew 26:23-25 that he that dippeth his hand with me in the dish the same shall betray me. The rest misunderstood the command of Jesus, but Judas knew full well what Jesus meant and got up and went out into the night. The Devil had Judas in his grasp at last.

Leaders have a spirit of persuasion to make the people think what they want them to and they will lie to do it. When things donít go as they plan, they throw people down to the ground as the Sanhedrin did Jesus after the kiss from Judas. Jesus had the power to throw all of the soldiers down and the other Disciples were ready for war but they would war the wrong warfare. This is spiritual warfare we are in. We cut each other down at the first threat of someone else rising up in ministry. The flatterer will destroy a personís life to keep theirs alive. This spirit of Judas is alive and active in the Church of Jesus Christ today.

What happen though after Judas betrayed Jesus? Judas has a spell of remorse and went to the Sanhedrin and flung the money at the feet of the chief priest to their disgust. Suicide was his fate, due not to real repentance, but to anguish and remorse for his horrible sin. The spirit of suicide is raging today because somebody flattered someone and they found out that they lied. Itís a trade-off, if you do me, I will do you. Itís God way or no way. Itís holiness or hell. The choice is put out today and when the choice is made; make sure that the choice is one of Jesus Christ. Death is waiting on the answer. Death waited on Judas. And when death got its chance it made Judas feel so low, he felt he was worthy of death. How could he face his daddy, Simon? Simon was the one that God used to reveal who Jesus was. Simon was the one that always spoke first. Simon also was just as guilty as his son was because he was also a liar. He lied and denied Jesus three times before the cock crowed as Jesus had said he would.

Judas died a horrible death falling headlong and bursting his bowels open. He hanged himself and burst asunder as he fell. Peter said that Judas at his own death went to his own place in Acts 1:25. He was clearly saying that Judas made his bed in hell and he went there. Judas walked with Jesus the Son of God but he didnít realize that he was given repentance. Peter and the rest would say that Judas got what he deserved and that he had purchased by his sin. Many will die without fulfilling their purpose at the hands of men, but woe unto that man that stands in the way of sinners and cause them to sin. If we think we are right and God is wrong, woe be unto us. Godís ways and thoughts are so much higher than ours, He is the God of all Creation; who are we that we rise above God? God will stop the way of the flatterer.

We too in our own righteous indignation think we know how God will operate; but we better be sure that what we do is God. We have traded God in so many times to fulfill our own dreams. Many even say they are doing what God called them to do or what God told them to do but without any manifestation. Job said in Job 32:21-22 neither let me give flattering titles unto man. For I know not to give flattering titles; in so doing my maker would soon take me away. If God send us to do a work there will be manifestation. We allow our own ideologies to come and take center front and put God on the back burner to us; and we began to flatter to get our way. We are as guilty of kissing Jesus as Judas was.

When we plant seeds of discord against our brothers and sisters itís usually done by flattery. It is an abomination unto the Lord. Seeds of discord contain lies. Speak the truth as it is and stop lying to our self. We are just as guilty of murder as Judas was. He lied, stole, killed, deceived and destroyed after all the time he spent with Jesus; we are no different. After Satan uses us he first wants us to destroy ourselves because it mocks God and all that God is. Why flatter our self for a monster Devil? Itís not about us but God. Repent our flattering ways and be restored. Make that thing right that we have messed over. God is waiting and He is giving us a chance to repent. Act now, tomorrow may be too late. Woe to us when all men speak well of us great swelling words!

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