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by Margery Wolfe
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Lying is telling an untruth or leaning someone to believe something that is not true. If you say you will do something and donít do it then you lied no matter the excuse. If you say something is when it is not itís a lie. If I say I make one hundred thousand dollars on an application and only make eighty thousand; I lied. We as the people of God must be sure we donít lie, mislead, or deceive ourselves or anyone else in no way whatsoever. We cannot misrepresent the facts in no way and think it is okay. They that tell lies are a liar!

Proverbs 12:19 the lip of truth shall be established for ever; but a lying tongue is but for a moment. John 8:32 Jesus says and we shall know the truth and the truth shall make us free.

Jeremiah 27:10 for they prophesy a lie unto you, to remove you far from your land; and that I should drive you out, and ye should perish.

When we mislead with a lie we are prophesying a lie. We are foretelling or predicting something that is not true. If I ask you for twenty dollars and you say I donít have no money itís a difference in saying I donít have twenty dollars to give to you. When we say soothing truths just to make someone feel good; we lie. We delude (mislead, deceive), beguile (charm, deceive), and play tricks (deception, artifice, ruse); this is also a misrepresentation of the truth. Lying bring forth a treacherous spirit. We deceive ourselves and it makes us unfaithful to the truth. Our ways become deceptive and our actions disloyal. After a while we become unstable in our spirit and it is difficult to hear truth. Rather than accept the truth and repent we devise up more untruths that can only be detrimental to us. It is traumatic, alarming, upsetting, and frightful the spirits that roam around us each day that we do not rebuke.

The things we lie about are trivial, insignificant and they have consequential and relevant results to our Spirit Man. We lose the power to prevail and conquer over the lies we tell. We sometime never recover from the consequences of that lie. Lies have wrecked many marriages, tore up Churches and the harmony once shared in the relationships we may have had. I have been taught that if you lie you will steal; if you steal you will kill. One piggybacks off of the other. In other words if you lie to get a church you have to keep lying to keep it. If God didnít have anything to do with it from the beginning it is a lie. Many are called, few are chosen and some just went. A lie is the truth distorted. We falsify the truth just like our daddy the Devil. The Devil is the father of lies because he conceived in his heart to take over the throne of heaven from the one that he was created to serve.

He blundered when he allowed covetousness to get in his heart. He coveted Godís position and so to the point that he envied Him. He devised up a plan in his heart because by this time he had gotten so jealous of the one he served to overthrow the Kingdom of God. One step at a time he will mislead us. He piggybacks off what we say, see, hear, or do. He watches over man to bring accusations against us. Watch out if a lie so fervently (enthusiastically) comes out of your mouth.
After a while when we have acquired a spirit of lying, it just so easily come out without us even thinking about it. Do we realize what we have allowed to happen to us? We have become a spiritual felon; a criminal, outlaw, convict, and delinquent for the kingdom of the Devil. We caress his thoughts as true. We ponder on the thoughts until we grasp it as true. We perceive in our senses that we are right and everybody else is wrong because we lack the same experience with God as they do. We believe them to be a liar because of what they are going through and consider them to be unsaved. We think something to be true and itís hard to break into the truth to find out if it is or not. Some things we hold true to us are not of God at all. We move on feelings just as Satan did in heaven. He had a feeling that he one day would be the Father of Heaven and so now he desires to be King in the earth when he is only a prince of the air. We need to be made aware of these spirits and respond positively to making a change if we are found to be guilty.

We become liars and pretend we know truth. If we know truth then we must do the truth. We are guilty of dissembling Godís house just as Satan did in heaven because we have lied, misled, and conjured up our opinions on a matter. We feign through it and say others have fabricated the truth. We have thrown a lie around and gotten others to believe it that they lean towards what we want them to think. The truth is; a person of a trashy character is sneaky and deceitful. All of his ways are judgment but not the judgment of God that is of truth and without iniquity for God is just and right. God has redeemed us with the truth coming forth, for when truth comes forth it makes man free. When truth doesnít come forth it stirs trouble. David said in Psalm 33:4 that the Word of the Lord is right and all his works are done in truth. Donít we know that God will destroy the works of the enemy? Mercy and truth are met together; righteousness and peace have kissed earth other. Truth shall spring out of the earth; and righteousness shall look down from heaven and we pray that the Lord will have mercy upon those that speak not the truth, except it, or practice it.

The truth should be revealed abundantly to all people and abide continually with us. Truth should be loved and diminish trash talked. Truth should be manifested and rightly divided but the wicked turns away from truth and loves lying. A LEADER or hope to be LEADER must be one that desires a good work, be blameless, sober, vigilant, of good behavior, given to hospitality and apt to teach in truth. Truth or Trash, you choose. I speak directly and firmly to make known the truth of the Spirit; we live in a time when man does not fear God. They give heed to seducing spirits that come to take them away into a world that will put them in bondage forever. We know that in the latter times that we live in right now man believe the doctrines of devils that speak lies in hypocrisy and their brains is dead to truth. My writings are hard to those that donít want to obey the truth of the Word; itís not me. Who am I? I would not dare steal Godís glory and get in trouble with God. Many have and is in trouble with God now so they despise the truth. They are no longer examples of the believers in word, in conversation, in love, in spirit, in faith, or purity. We are accountable for the truth and the trash.

Remember God does not deviate from His Order, man does though. One thinks they are more than the other when we are all dirt. I have never seen white or black dirt. WE are all colored people. Take a long look in the mirror. We are getting in trouble with God and will continue on this downward spiral that God had once delivered us from. LORD THE HELP! TRUTH OR TRASH! There are many unruly and vain talkers and deceivers whose mouths subvert the truth.

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