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Shame And Confusion
by Margery Wolfe
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Shame And Confusion

Many times we allow Satan to run rampant in our sanctified lives and we are made ashamed by this same evil defeated foe. He uses us then he exposes the sin we have done to bring shame on the name of the Lord God. Itís not about us at all. We are just simply caught up in the middle. What are we going to do? Trust God!

Confusion is turmoil and God is not the author of it. I Corinthians 14:33 for God is not the author of confusion, but of peace as in all churches of the saints. When confusion is present disobedience is prevalent. We mix ourselves in things not godly and find every evil work at work. Leviticus 18 speaks to the children of Israel from the Lord by the mouth of Moses concerning things they are to stay away from. After they had dwelled in Egypt and began to do the things the Egyptians were doing God brought them out and told them of things they were not to do. They were not to walk in their ordinances nor keep the doings of their land but keep Godís statutes and judgments. If they would keep them they shall live in them. Disobedience breathes death, shame and confusion. They found themselves facing turmoil time and time again as they failed to do what God had commanded them. It still holds true of us today!

The land we live in today has been defiled. There is much confusion among men and women today because they lie anywhere and with anything. Man is confused even about whom they are and what they are. They donít know if they want to be what God made them. Godís statutes are hardly kept nor; his judgments and man bring shame upon Him because of the abominable acts they commit one with another. Man live strange shameful lives and think it is ok, God forbid. They deny that they are who God made them to be. Itís blasphemy! They have defiled the sanctity of life and the land is ready to spue us out of it. God said he would we be hot or cold; if we are lukewarm he too would spue us out of his sight. The land was created by the same God that created and made man from the dust of the earth. Look around us and see the anger of the earth, how much more God!

Man have brought shame and confusion not only to man and the earth but brought it also to heaven as Satan had once done. Satan has confused the mind of men and women that they can be something other than what their DNA says they are naturally. They cause envying and strife among one another because of their doings. There is confusion and every evil work. But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits without partiality and without hypocrisy and the fruit of righteousness are sown in peace of them that make peace. The lusts and desires of men cause wars and fighting among them. Man desire to have and have not nor can they contain what they want because sin and disobedience is present. Sin keeps Godís best from us.

Shame and confusion is the result of us being friends with the world. Whosoever is a friend of the world is the enemy of God. God gives grace to the humble and obedient one but resist the proud. When we submit our ways to God, resist the Devil then he will flee from us. When we draw close to God he takes away our shame and we are no longer confused about who we are or what we are. We are no longer confused about our purpose for living. We are not confused about who it is that have made us. No longer do confusion cover us, God will take it away. Isaiah 45:16-17 they shall be ashamed, and also confounded, all of them; they shall go to confusion together that are makers of idols. But Israel shall be saved in the Lord with an everlasting Salvation: ye shall not be ashamed nor confounded world without end. We are to assemble ourselves together and do Godís Will. The sin that once had us bound that would only bring shame to our name and God is washed away. When we come to Christ we should not be confused about what our life is to be; for the Word that we accept and the Christ that we follow have laid the foundation of the life we are to live for Him. If we follow the Word and be led by the Spirit we cannot be confused.

He made us and knows all about us, in Him we live, move and have our being. There is no way around God. We may as well make the choice to submit to His Will. The choice is individual and a personal determination to every man, woman, and child. We are so hell bent on doing what we want to do we put God on the back burner. Many times when we donít make it back to the burner to pick Him up again so donít put Him down. Intend to do His Will, purpose in our hearts to do right. Our intents and motives can make us do right or do wrong. We deliberately intend to do some of the stuff we do rather its Godís Will or not. We voluntarily commit offences, that takes us away from God rather than bring us closer to Him. Itís nothing confusing about our walk with God, either we are for him or against him.

Stubbornness makes us obstinate, headstrong, inflexible, adamant and resolute where we will neither hear, nor obey anything else that is not a part of our agendas. God makes it so clear, obvious and plain in his Word that if we do not obey that we will lift our eyes in hell. Our lifestyles are decaying, rotten to the core. Man is decomposing in sin, corrupt and disintegrating because of the trash, silliness and foolishness we involve ourselves in. God wants us to be sanctified that He be glorified. Godís Ways are pure. God reigns in a state or quality of being holy; perfect moral integrity or purity; freedom from sin. We the people of God is expected to reign in that same state. We have been gifted of God through the mediation of Christ to be holy once again without excuse. Everything dedicated to God, partakes in a certain manner of Godís holiness. Holiness signifies that every thought of man, every emotion, every act, every deed, yes all that combines to make up oneís life, is determined by the will of God and thus the old man who has been burdened by worldly lust and shackled with the chains of the flesh, is cast off and the new man is fully put on. This is both the work of God and man.

Godís way is a holy way. Our salvation is put at stake every time we go away from God. There is a way that seem right to man but the end thereof are the ways of death. Salvation is the underlying thought of deliverance from sin, oppression of any kind, and safety from danger and ultimately welfare, peace, and happiness. We have deliverance for sin and forgiveness by the mediation of Christ. We escaped eternal punishment for our sin so why do we err there any longer knowingly? When we put down our weapons of warfare against sin we find ourselves yielding therein. We forget that the Lord is our strength and song and has become our salvation it is not of our self. Man has forsaken God and forgot that it is God that is our salvation, it belongs to him. Great is his mercy towards us for with it He has delivered our souls from the lowest hell. God wants the use of us, for if we lift him up He will draw all men unto him not us. Repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all nations. We must learn to abide in Godís Ways for He is the author of eternal salvation. He is able to save to the uttermost.

There is no need to be confused for we have been redeemed with a great price from sin. Jesus was made to us wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. What more can God do? Itís up to us now to follow on to know Him. We have be justified freely by his grace through this great redemption afforded us through Christ Jesus. He gave himself for our sins that He might deliver us from this present evil world according to the will of God. We have been washed thoroughly from our iniquities, sins, and transgressions. We have been cleansed, purged, and washed in the blood. A clean heart we possess, why would we look back to sin? What more do God have to do to show his divine love toward man? Whatís the confusion about? Sin!

If we as Christians want to be deep about something; it should be the Word of the Living God that will take us into the depth of His Spirit and cause us to fall in love with God. The Word in us is Christ resurrected and the Spirit of God coming alive in us. Once God comes alive in us His Word and His Spirit will take us by the hand and lead us on to glory. We have to give up our own means of living and except what the Word says about Godís Way. We are a people caught up in a triangle and the two entities that battles for the soul of man is; God and Satan. We are caught up in a fight that we donít have to fight; just obey the Master.

We cannot serve God and Satan; we have a choice. Itís Holiness or hell! Itís Heaven or hell! We can choose Godís love, peace, eternal life and righteousness in the Holy Ghost or eternal damnation Satan offers us in hell. If we want to be deep; think on these things every day, get in the Word every day, praise and worship God in Spirit and in Truth every day, and Pray until heaven comes down to us; meaning the Spirit in us yield to the Spirit of God and He intercedes on our behalf.

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