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by Jesse Hilliard
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Jesse Hilliard "LIFE MANAGEMENT GOD'S WAY" I was born 3 months early and I wasn't Breathing at birth. That's why I got a unique bond with God. I believe That with faith we can do anything, I always live by faith, I dont live by sighth. I live by God's will. I believe with God guiding us we can do anything. If you stay humbled at Heart God will rise you high in life. If you live according to God's will you will have more sucess then normal people. And you would have God's spirit guiding you your entire life. You would fill His love pouring in you when you are praying. And sometimes it would make you burst into tears. Because God's love Hits your heart hard. It makes you relize why he does everything that he does in your life.He loves every individual soul so much that God sent His only son Jesus christ to shed his blood on the cross for our sins. And he Rose him from the dead on the 3rd day all for us. I Believe we all need to do God's will. Because that is what we can at least do for Him. Because He had His only beloved son Jesus Christ shed his blood on the cross for our sins. To make it to heaven we must repent when ever we fall into sin. Which should be every day and every night before we go to sleep. Because some sins we are not aware of. Like Negitive thoughts are the Thoughts of the devil so you can't do God's will. The devil dont want you to hear The little voice of the holy spirit speak to your heart. He wants your mind to be always wondering. Always think positive, Keep the Lord close to your heart, Let the holy spirit thrive in you. With the holy spirit living in you you can do anything. But To let the holy spirit Talk to your heart to let you know it's will for you. You must give up The Negitive thoughts of satan. God wants you to give your life completly to him. To let him be in controle of your life. He is perfect with his hand guiding you in your life you cant fail. Sucess will find you, When you let his hand guide you. And Because of your obedience to God you would be blessed. All through my life I had dreams with angels talking to me. and One time I saw God's Image. He is taller then the sky and His voice travels like thunder. I saw Jesus in one of my dreams, He told me to Love God with all my heart,mind and soul and strength. And one time an angel said to me in a dream. (Guard your heart above all else for it determines the course of your life). God has ways to help make sure You know how to do His will. The Lord told me to one day preach in Israel. It's a very special calling. I always pray and worship. and praise God all day long to keep his will strong in me. It's a must for me. And in the bible. Matthew 7:21 Not everyone who says to me, Lord,Lord! will enter the kingdom of heaven,but (only) the one who does the will of my father in heaven.22 on that day many will say to me, Lord,Lord,didn't We prophey in your name, drive out demons in your name, and do many miracles in your name? 23 then I will annnounce to them, ' I never knew you! Depart from me, you lawbreakers!' That is Jesus words saying in order for us to Get into heaven we must do the will of His father that is in Heaven. We can't just be christians, We gotta be His faithful servents. Keeping His commands Means everything to Jesus. It shows Jesus we really love him. Actions speak better then Words. As christians we need to make decisions that will change our entire life. These decisions are threefold: when we decide to give our lives totally to christ. When we decide to be all we can be in life. This is when we refuse to settle for less then we can be. When we decide to raise standards,our values and our expectations in life.This will be the beginning of an very exciting journey towards our destiny, a journey that could take us to many nations around the world. it's our destiny that could enable us to meet new people who can help change us and bring new adventure and excitement into our lives.We have to learn to deal with today to shape our destiny. we must learn to exspand,grow,learn new things, aks the right questions, and spend our today with the right people. We must be willing to change ,The right kind of change.Knowing what we can do in life is not good enough. We must take action and action upon our own knowledge. We can create lasting improvements in shaping our destiny. To shape our destiny we must have a goal or a dream of what we would like our future to be like. for example what would we like to see happening in our lives? What we can do today,this month,this year, that would help in changing our future. Is there a person we should meet or get to know who will be a postive influnce and help us redirect our lives?To shape our destiny we must learn to take appropriate actions in the appropriate time. We need to set our standards, according to the word of God. We have to know what to expect from ourselves. we have to discover the things or the habits we can no longer entertain in our lives. This process is coming to believe in God's power in our lives.The standards we set will limit or release our possibilities. They will shape our thoughts and actions. Be sure to increase our knowledge,being innovative and creative. And the conditions we face do not matter. always remember, it is not the conditon of our lives that matters, but the decisions we make. Excuses can be destructive and will limit our productivity. Through the power of the holyspirit and making the right decisionns, one can rise above the misfortunes of the past. And it is not where we start in life that matters, but where we are determined to end up. our decisions matter. We should always be commited to long term results.We should always avoid short- term fixes. It is good to reconize that God's delays are not God's denials. When God does something in our lives, it affects our entire life. Some things are possible in the long term that are not possible in the short-term. To be sucessful in life you must have right thinking. It may take years to develop new thought patterns. Try to avoide negative people and negative environments. we have to lose our life for chirst in order to find it. we must learn to give ourselves and to others before we truly receive God's blessings. We have to become a child in order to inherit the kingdom of God. Spiritual management demands time,energy,resources.And a dedicated spirit which is commited to pursuing spiritual growth, the only way to tranquility of soul. We then learn how to set our spirits free from greed and the unnecessary accumulation of false wealth. We enter a life of serenity,of silence,solitude and inner prayer where the shackles of bondage are cast off, and we pass through the prison walls to a deeper life with christ where intimacy with God is established. Through growing spiritual exsperiences we learn to overcome the despair and meaninglessness of life, which we are brought about by the complexity and boundless weariness in our society today. To make Christ our lord, we must learn to walk in obedience to His word. We must stay in fellowship. staying in fellowship with other belivers will give us spritual strength. The spiritual diet is important. God uses His word to transmit His thoughts, to illuminate our minds, to reveal His will and wisdom to us, and to give life,healing and power to us. Through His Word, we learn to trust him as the father. Let God revive our spirit to His way of living and Thinking according to his word. We will see things differently if our minds is tuned to God's wave length. We keep God's word because we love him. We have to let God's Word shape our lives. And the only way of God's faith, is by hearing God's Word. God's Word will build us up, not only spiritually, but also in every other area of life. God has promised True success to those Who will faithfully observe and meditate upon the wisdom of God. Remenber all men's Ideas come and go, but God's Word shall live forever. If ourl ife is in line with the Word of God, God's spirit will quicken our minds and give us great insights,principles, and great discoveries which will amaze people. And we must let God be our teacher. (Let God do the guideing and you do the following). When we do that all things are possible. Faith is that invisible force that links us to God and the supernatural. it is that eye that sees and believes in God. it is that hand that clings to Him and receives His promises.It's that foot that treads in the narrow way to meet the Master on the other side of the dark alley. each one of us has a certain measure of faith, and it is upon this faith that more faith is built. We should allow our faith to be fully born Within us and, like a precious child, we should protect it,feed it, and let it grow into maturity.We must program our mind with God's Word. WE must learn to use the power of our imagination. It is necessary for us to put our faith into practice. meditaiton is a good diet for our spirit. always meditate on the Word of God. It renews our mind when we meditate. We will bear fruit in season, our leaf will not wither, and all we will do will prosper when we meditate on the word of God. The method of meditation are first, we should find a place where we will not be distrubed or hurried. second we should relax, shut out all worries. thirdly, we must invite God's presence and His spirit to watch over us and help us in meditation. It is necessary to calm down. And choose a scripture to mediate on. the inner prayer comes from withhin us, born of the spirit and and an expression of a total life that has been poured out before the Lord on the alter of sacrifice. It begins with yelding and laying down all defenses and barriers that separate our rational consciousness from the debt of our inner self. it is not an activity,but a life that is silently adjusting itself to the symphony of the Father,son and the holy spirit, pulling off masks that have stolen our true idenitity and filled our lives with unnecessary fears and struggles that we don't need to bear.We let the silence and quietness of God speak to our soul when we have inner prayer. we are to seek God with our whole heart. when we seek God's ways, we are to do it with our whole heart. It is our rightful positon to humble ourselves. We must turn away from wicked deeds. We are to seek to find the true treasures of life, and avoid seeking useless things in life.when we seek forgiveness,healing will be administered. We are to pray in the spirit on all occasions.We are to be alert and always keep on praying. We are to never give up. We are to depend on His strength. We are to always seek His face. our weaknesses are many, but the spirit helps us through them all. The spirit intercedes for us in accordance with God's Will. God searches our hearts often because that is where His Kingdom is. Our body is God's temple, our mind spirit and body is all part of His temple. If we let God work Through us He will let Help us take care of our body mind and spirit. He will help us learn how to Feed our soul what it wants which its the Word of God. We desire to be fed the word of God because we are made from God. We are His children and part of His family. And you must eat right to take care of God's temple. Physical exercise Helps us take care of God's temple. When you do physical exercise, you will enjoy it more when you get old. The husband is to love his wife in such a manner as Christ loves the chruch. This is laying down his life for his own wife. It is giving up totally of ones self to his wife. it is to love that goes far beyond" I will love you if you love me." It is a loving of that wife even when she is unlovable. The husband is never to think nor treat his wife as if she were inferior.He is to respect her, to esteem her, to Highly dignify and protect her. Only by this treatment is the husband assured his prayers will not be hindered in that marriage relationship. The wife by submitting to her husband, puts Godly principles into action that will win over the husband to christ. It will not be by her dicussion, but by her actions of a right marriage relationship that the husband will turn to God. Actions always speak louder than words! childeren are given to us from the lord. Discipline is required in the home. A father who refuses to discipline his children will find society disciplining them after they are grown. correction children is a proof of our love as parents. Children are placed in our hands to be trained up to be good citizens and followers of God. Contiuous punishment for mistakes without consoling and loving and restoration will cause a child to be driven from us instead of to us and the Kingdom of God.We must accept children for who they are, not who we might want them to be. There shall be a great blessings upon the man who fears God and seeks after him. The man, his wife, and his children shall be blessed. Always walk by faith not by sight. Doing that will help God bless you ,Because then His will will be in your heart.


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