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by Ubwiza Chiyungi
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Written by Ubwiza Chiyungi

Hello there!
I want to talk you about the impact music makes in your life. Some of you might not realise the level of impact music
has on your lives. I AM A EXAMPLE of how far music can take you. Before I became so close to GOD I never realised
the mistakes I was making through my choice of music. I honestly didnít see anything wrong with my music, I just thought it
was okay and there was nothing wrong with it after all, there were no insults in my songs. I was okay I was cool.

Until then I realised the devil blinded me and I was in the dark without knowing I was there. Luckily finally I was bought
to the LIGHT; I could see clearly, what was wrong with the perception of my life of music. You are also probably sitting in the
dark convincing yourself there is nothing wrong with your choice of music but there is.
I will give you one example of one song I used to listen to although am not going to mention artistís names or titles of
songs but am pretty sure the lyrics will speak for themselves.
These are popular ones you probably know their names and heard or hearing them.

Let me just start by talking about a song I used to listen to when I was really young maybe I was eight or younger, not
really sure the exact age. At that I didnít even know what it meant but the song was playing all around me so I picked it
and began singing it. It goes like

ĎOne night stand I donít think sheís coming back no moreí

I never understood it at all just sang it but even when I grow olderand I found out what it meant. I couldnít stop,
I was already used to listening to it so I downloaded and had it on my phone.
Music has a large impact in such way that if you listen to certain things
when you are younger even when you are older. You wonít see the harm because you listened to it when you were younger.
When I look at that song with GODís presence I realise that, that song spreads a message of casual sex; saying itís okay to go to a club
and meet a random stranger and have sex with them without knowing anything about them.
Which is so wrong in so many ways and plenty of these types of songs are like that for instance?

ĎI will be the best you ever had.í

YouYou only see the problem when viewed from this angle, the Godly way. Although there some Christians who listen to this music and
no one would suspect them and think there are doing it in the dark but GOD sees everything so you better just change your act NOW.
In the bible music was used as hymn and a form of praises to GOD and appreciation for all his done as written in
Psalms 105:2
Sing praise to LORD; tell of the wonderful things his done.

You probably give yourself lame excuses why you cannot change, I used to give myself excuses too, mine was my music has no insults so itís okay,
as long as its talking about Love and other stuff ,then its fine. I never realised most of my music didnít even talk about love drama.
Or the love we have with my Mighty Father and sweet fragrance that comes from having his presence or the love I will have with my future
companion who I will marry. It mostly talks about crazy or dysfunctional relationships, toxic love and you are busy there singing:

Ď Just gonna stand there and hear me cry thatís alright because I love the way you lieí or

ĎIn the middle of Hollywood boulevard Screaming at each otherí
Ďyou told you were gonna leave her for me long ago.í

Some of the songs are centred on sex. You may think itís romantic because they put it in a bright rainbow VIDEO and
there a girl or guy who seems sweet and innocent, does not make it RIGHT.
Music shapes your character without even realising, right now its forming and moulding you to what it wants you to be.
Sometimes you use words like I RELATE or ITS JUST GETS WHAT I FEEL or READ MY MIND or these are signs you have became more
like the characters in the songs. On my part I listened to a lot of Break songs I didnít realise it was shaping me into a person that thought all

Music shapes your character without even realising, right now its forming and moulding you to what it wants you to be.
Sometimes you use words like I RELATE or ITS JUST GETS WHAT I FEEL or READ MY MIND or these are signs you have became more
like the characters in the songs. On my part I listened to a lot of Break songs I didnít realise it was shaping me into a person that thought
all relationships are doomed and bound to fail no matter what. I used to download an entire album that just talked about break ups.
Music can shape your character or some in future but for some of you it has already succeeded in changing you.
For example if you listen to songs that always say

ĎFind me in the club.í You will find yourself in a club.

ĎYou want me naked.í You find yourself naked with someone.

Sometimes you dance to songs in your house, school and everything but never taken time to listen to the lyrics that if someone had to ask
you what the song means it will take you a while sometimes you even have to listen to the song backwards to tell what it means.
Letís be REAL here some of these songs are just plain mean less. You know this even if you probably not ready to admit that.
These same musicians; when asked what their song means, they just say itís a song; sometimes they give a pointless meaning.
You tell yourself that everybody is listening to it and that it is in at the moment & its number one on the billboard chart but sometimes
itís good to be UNIQUE and do your own thing, some people may never get you but they donít know you so it donít matter what they think.

Ephesians 5:19
Speak to one another with words of psalms, hymns and sacred songs; sing hymns and psalms to the Lord with praise in your hearts.

People listen to music according to moods, but for all kinds of moods I recommend Gospel music because imagine you are angry with someone
and you listen to an angry, aggressive song about revenge, you will feel the age to revenge. Imagine if half of the gospel music was played in clubs
none of the immoral activities, which take place wouldnít happen and not because people say gospel music is boring but because the of power of
GODís words , would flow through and stop all the crazy or lust ideas popping in people heads. I want you to look closely at what you listen to or
even watch.
You may try to convince yourself when the video is nasty and there is certain darkness about it, so tell yourself, am only going to listen to the audio.
I used to do that with some videos just listen to audio and never the video, I was even scared of tuning in when my parents were home because
if they walked in, they would say what you are watching. My parents are very religious people but surprise, surprise that never changed
my character towards anything; I can now say its TRUTH you find JESUS on your own not because your parents are religious.

I would go as far as listening to that particular song on my headphones so that I am the only one listening. You probably have music videos
you would never tune in when your parents are around or sitting next you while you hold the TV remote. Some of you say that you only listen
for the beats not the words. All these excuses are words that the devil tries to use to influence you into believe that itís all fine, He whispers them.
He is probably whispering to you while you read this article telling you, you are wasting your time just stop and go listen to some track, this article
is pointless and your music taste is fine. I want you to know GOD wants you keep reading and reflect on this entire message.

Ecclesiastes 7:5
It is better for man to hear the rebuke of the wise than to hear the songs of fools.

I used to get frustrated when people said anything bad about my music, I would go as far as yelling and shouting to get them to stop,
that angry you feel is not from you, itís that hold devilís music has on you. I do now know they were RIGHT it was poisoning me and I didnít know it.
It took a long time for me to pick my laptop and delete all the dirty music. It took the grace of GOD for me to still be strong and not go back to my bad habit.
Knowing that I had few gospel tracks, there were very few. I could easily count them and wondering what will I listen to if I donít have this music .
I pretty sure you ask yourself the same thing,
What will I listen to? I was Christian by name but listened to Gospel music only when I was at church, which was also rare. Sometimes the Pastor would be
preaching & a song would pop in my head and disturb the church message and would start humping it. It was the devil working and making sure I heard
nothing so that I left the church the way I went.
These musician lives are messed up that you wonder how they sing about love but they have so many divorces and break ups, you question whether
that makes sense.

ĎRomeo save me will could be alone, you will be the prince and I will be the princess, it is a love storyí

they sing about falling love is magic and beautiful when their love life, donít even look or resemble their songs which shows them as hypocrites.
Sometimes they write just to sell records so you also shouldnít be so passionate about it. I am going to ask you one question whatís the number one
most played song on your playlist? you probably play it a lot because itís a little bit like you or donít know that song already moulding you into whatever
it talks about and in the end you even say this song gets me and this is so me. If the song is not like you, you are so close to be corrupted, so get out quick
before you are damaged.

Most Christians feel guilty afterwards because you know itís wrong, one can never feel guilty when something is right. If you experience the love,
Christ has for you and you get closer to him not because you want to be religious. A lot of religious people play the role of hypo Christians but you
shouldnít think about being religious and religion, think about getting connected to GOD and the love he has for you. Which brings a burning desire to
want to be close to GOD & make a new life with him? You will want to praise him every day and you do this through songs that appreciate his grace and
thank him for all his done for us. Itís up to us to use the tools GOD has given us, to praise his name. These include dancing and sing along to worship songs.

We were born to praise to GOD.

I deleted about 23 albums of artists at time I adored but after encountering the power of GOD: He helped me do that without skipping a beat. Some people
after they maybe learn of how satanic the music is, will delete the tracks but some time later go back and re-download them and some even after self knowing
what they are listening to is bad they still never stop because they donít have strength from FATHER to help them through, so pray that you hear the whispers
of GOD that will bring you to the LIGHT and remove the stuff drawing you back from getting closer to him. The Holy Spirit will help you remove the music
from your Ipads, IPods and cell phones.

Colossians 3;16
Christ's message in all its rchness must live in your hearts,Teach and intruct each other with wisdom .Sing psalms, hymns, and scared songs;
sing God with thankgiving in your hearts.

I hope I have written this for someone to read who is going through the same or similar motions about GOD and music. Someone whoís been debating with
themselves about what they are listening to. In spite being able see some darkness about their videos; I would only say these are talented people expressing
their artistic value to the world, there is nothing wrong with that, so I thought. If itís not of GOD, for GOD, itís not GOD, itís the devil at work. He uses to music
to get our clothes off, get naked and have sex with all sorts of people. Music never goes out of date; you can still listen to an album from the 90ís now as long
you like it.

So a toxic song can go on playing in your life for a long time, you will be unconsciously praising the devil for the rest of your life.
There is a wall spreading between you and GOD because of this. And you will continually be asking yourself is this right or is it not, should I stop or
should I not. Eventually you got to pick a side and stick to it. Today for me I feel FREE and I feel I could walk on water. I sure many born again Christians
say this lot YOU CHANGED AND NEVER BE THE SAME. You probably wonder what it means can only fully understand when you reconnect with GOD and
praise him not just because itís Sunday but praise him the whole week.So that song you listen to, is it making you a better or worse person. Therfore;

James 1:21
So get rid of eveery filthy habit and wicked conduct.Submit to GOD and accept the word that he plants
in your hearts, which is able to save you.

I am honestly not the same girl, I changed and in no hurry to go back to the old.
I donít like the person I used be. I love the brand new me, more focused on GOD and having his presence in my life and following my goals.
You can stop and by starting to listen to GOD: the devil is only whispering but GOD is shouting out for you, GOD is louder but you canít hear
because you are letting the devil win. I hope this helps someone out there. Just say a simple prayer to yourself and ask for strength to do what is required.
End this crazy roll coaster with the life of music.
May you be blessed and remember this verse.

Ecclesiastes 11:9
Young people enjoy your youth .Be happy while you still young.

Do what you want to do, and follow your Heartís desire. But remember that GOD is going to judge you for whatever you do.
Remember this bible verse but do not mistranslate it, by saying itís okay to do all the wrongs because you are young, this has been done by many
youths who abuse the true meaning of this bible verse. Live and enjoy your youth but the GODLY WAY.


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