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Favor when God is with You
by Manuel Vargas 
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Favor when God is with U

There’s a secret in the Kingdom of God that every Christian should know…they say God works in mysterious ways…but the secret is very clear. It’s called the Favor of God. Are you kidding me? No, the secret to how God works is, “His Favor on our lives” motivating us to do the right thing no matter what we go through or what we are up against. Yes, we will go in and out of troubles, trials, tests, temptations, and a lot of heartache for some of the poor choices we made, or God may allow tests in our lives to teach and mature us. But remember all of it is designed to take us to the place God called us to be in on the earth in the Kingdom of God.

What may have been mysterious to Joseph (Jacob’s son), was written and recorded for our learning of how God actually works in the life of a FAITH BELIEVER. When we take the time to read the account of what Joseph had to endure to get to the High Calling that God had upon his personal life, we can clearly understand why we are going through hell-and-high water. We can easily zero in and narrow down why do we find ourselves going thru tough times and see God’s Hand in all the troubles we will encounter and witness how HE turns it around for our good, if we remain faithful and true to Him. Hi Faith-writers, I’m grateful to be back to share the second part of the Topic of “Grace and Favor when God is with U”.

The Recap of Part 1

We learned several things in the last article titled, “Grace and Favor when God is with U”. We learned that;

1. The 1st Phase of Training for Joseph was…
2. Working in his family business (Genesis 37:1-4 NKJV)
3. Working with lazy and sloppy co-workers and family members
4. Joseph worked with integrity and was highly Favored by his father Jacob
5. Jacob rewarded Joseph and trusted him more than his brothers
6. Joseph was mistreated by his co-workers and brothers
7. Joseph learned to mature during the persecution and mistreatment
8. God finally revealed His Plan for Joseph’s life (Genesis 37:7-11 NKJV)
9. The persecution increased in Joseph’s life
10. Joseph was rejected, separated and he lost contact with his family (Genesis 37:12-36 NKJV)

We also learned that God was with Joseph through all this heartache and painful experiences. God allowed Joseph to go through all this trouble to take him to the next training ground. The training was in Egypt;

1. The 2nd Phase of Training for Joseph was…Egypt.
2. Joseph was sold as a slave and started out as a slave (Genesis 39:1-6 NKJV)
3. Potipher noticed the Favor of God upon Joseph and promoted him to rule his house.
4. God blessed Potipher’s household because of Joseph.
5. Potipher’s wife kept a lustful eye on Joseph until she became bold and aggressive enough to grab him and force him to have sex with her. She was rejected and she turned on Joseph and said he tried to rape her (Genesis 39:4-7 NKJV)
6. Joseph was then placed in prison when Potipher came home that night.

Now, we are going to continue to share the story of Joseph and how the Grace and Favor of God was upon him despite the challenges, the trials, and the hardships that he had to endure. Although Joseph was mistreated, he remained faithful to God. And God was with him.

Teacher’s Note: I want to remind everyone reading this article that the teaching found here is a practical and very real account of what happened to a faithful believer in God. We should read it with the frame of mind that to some degree we may experience some of these same challenges in our lives to groom us into mature believers knowing that God has a great Plan for our lives despite all the troubles we may encounter. If we live it thru like Joseph, we will be Highly Rewarded and placed in a high position of honor, authority, and responsibility on earth in the Kingdom of God.

The Third Social Circle—The 3rd Phase of Joseph’s Training

And Joseph’s master took him, and put him into the prison, a place where the king’s prisoners were bound: and he was there in the prison (Genesis 39:20 KJV)

But the LORD was with Joseph, and showed him mercy, and gave him Favor in the sight of the keeper of the prison (Genesis 39:21 KJV)

And the warden of the prison committed to Joseph’s care all the prisoner’s who were in the prison; and whatsoever was done there, he was in charge of it (Genesis 39:22 AMP)

The prison warden paid no attention to anything that was in [Joseph’s] charge, for the Lord was with him and made whatever he did to prosper (Genesis 39:23 AMP)

In Prison with God

I believe that the first night in the prison Joseph began to reflect on his past as he sat in that cold dark damp cell chained to the wall with mice running all over the place and a foul odor in the air of men who haven’t bathed in days…he remembered when he was in the land of Canaan since his youth learning the family business and being a faithful son and worker in the family Business. He was bless by his father and hated by his brother’s, until God spoke to him in a Dream when he was only 17 years old. The Dream confirmed that he will be a Leader. Then he was thrown in the pit and sold as a slave. Here it is a few years later he went from the Pit-to-Potipher’s house and became a chief Servant. Now he finds himself in a Prison being falsely accused of rape (Genesis 39:20 KJV)

I believe Joseph began to pray, “Why is this happening to me? What am I going to encounter next? A beating, more mistreatment, maybe I may get raped in prison? Oh yes, I heard all those horror stories of what goes on behind the prison walls to those prisoners who are in for rape! Oh God, where are you? Whatever happened to those Dreams you showed me? Why are you doing this to me? Why have you placed me here? I didn’t sleep with her she grabbed me! Each and every day she continued desiring to sleep with me, but I avoided her until she became bold and aggressive!” Oh Lord, deliver me! Take me out of this dungeon!

I believe that the very next morning when the Warden came to work and found out that he had a new prisoner, he immediately had him brought to his office to find out why was Joseph in his prison. And when he heard the story of what had happened, the Favor of God came right into that office and Joseph surely thought he was going back to the prison cell. However, the warden considered the whole story focusing on Joseph’s capability to run this prison like he ran Potipher’s house and appointed him as a inmate deputy Warden with special privileges (Genesis 39:21 AMP).

This Scripture in Genesis 39:21 in the Amplified Bible, teaches us to never give up hope. Like Joseph we may think that we are lunch meat for the rest of the prisoners. But when God is in the picture you can reassure that you will be granted Favor even if (God forbid) we find ourselves in Prison. This should be a wake-up call for us to believe in the impossible. God made a prisoner into a deputy Warden. God can make a job-seeker into an assistant Manager…A man into a husband…a woman into a wife…a Deacon into an Evangelist…and a fisherman into an Apostle.Glory Hallelujah! Praise the Lord!

The Social Training and Ministry Gift of Mercy

God has a training camp that Bible College could never teach us…those courses are Mercy 101, 201, 301, and 401 workshop experiences. The practical way we can learn Mercy is by becoming a shepherd to a flock of sheep like Joseph, Moses and David encountered in their past. Or come into a Prison, Senior Citizen Home, Hospice, or Homeless Shelter type of setting to acquire the spiritual gift of Mercy and develop it into a mature level of Ministry. God was grooming Joseph to be compassionate to the condemned and outcasts of Society. The Prison training session was designed by God to care for the forgotten, the incarcerated, the people who made a bad choice and ended up in 6x8 prison cell with so many regrets and wishes of second chance at life. Strong godly leaders are Merciful. They know how to deal with the rich, the poor and everyone in-between.

Divine Connections to the Next Level

It only takes one person that God will connect us with that can be the channel to our High Calling. In prison God begins to set the stage for Joseph to be released and enter into the fulfillment of the Dreams He had given him. Something happened in the Palace and Pharaoh had the Butler and Baker placed in prison. God gave them both a Dream each and they did not understand the meaning of their Dreams (Genesis 40:3-5 NKJV). Joseph serves them their meal and over hears their conversation about the Dreams they had. They told Joseph their Dreams and Joseph interpreted each Dream clearly by God’s wisdom and 3 days later the Dreams came true (Genesis 40:6-19 NKJV). The Baker was hung and the Butler was restored to his original position being Pharaoh’s cup bearer (Genesis 40:20-22 NKJV). Joseph told the Butler to talk to Pharaoh about him so he can get out of Prison. The Butler forgot Joseph (Genesis 40:23 NKJV).

Two years passed by and Joseph really hoped that the Butler would have put in a good word about him to Pharaoh so he can be brought out of prison (Genesis 41:1 NKJV). However, we see that God’s plan is greater than our plans. Joseph may have thought that he can score a gig working at the palace for Pharaoh as another servant after all he served as a chief servant for Potipher and a deputy warden in prison why couldn’t he be a great servant in the Palace? Well, God’s thoughts, ways, and plans for our lives are far greater than we can ask, imagine or think (Isaiah 55:8-9 NAS/ Ephesians 3:20 AMP).

God’s thoughts and plans for Joseph were not to run the Palace of another wealthy man, No! It was to run a nation (Egypt) and the entire known world that would come to Egypt for help, support and food. This Old Testament story should teach us to always think bigger about God’s plan for our lives.

The Fourth Social Circle—The 4th Phase of Joseph’s Training Permanent Position

God gave Pharaoh 2 Dreams and no one could interpret the Dreams. The Butler finally speaks up and told Pharaoh about Joseph and Pharaoh had Joseph come to him. Notice that the Scriptures said that Joseph cleaned up and shaved before he came before Pharaoh, (Protocols of being in a dignitary setting). We should be mindful and respectful to follow protocols when needed (Gen. 41:14 NKJV).

Joseph listened carefully as Pharaoh shared the Dreams (Gen. 41:15-24 NKJV). Joseph clearly interpreted the Dreams (Gen. 41:25-32 NKJV). Joseph suggested that Pharaoh appoint someone to manage the nation throughout the 7 year abundant period and through the 7 year of famine. Pharaoh realized that he doesn’t have anyone on staff that could take on such a important role but the Joseph and Joseph lands the long awaited position that God had planned for him 13 years ago (Genesis 41:33-39 NKJV).

Finally, 9 years passed by and Joseph was 39 years old and on the top of the world’s greatest food distribution program wondering about his family and hoping that their alive and well. Suddenly Joseph looks at the long line of people seeking grain and sees his brothers and they didn’t recognized him because he looks like Egyptian royalty, so he questions them about their business being in Egypt. Joseph decides to teach them a lesson of betrayal and treason so they can get a taste of their own medicine. But after they connected what was going on with them was because of what they did to Joseph, Joseph couldn’t take it any longer and he reveals himself to them. He assured them that this wasn’t their plan it was God’s plan and it was to save all their lives.

Joseph told them to get all their families and come to Egypt and live in the land. Joseph even provided job placement for them working for Pharaoh raising Pharaoh’s livestock. (See Genesis Chapters 42-45).

God told Jacob in the Dream that it was true Joseph is alive and to go and live out his days in Egypt (Genesis 46:1-7 NKJV). Joseph did the right thing thru out his entire life being in charge of Egypt everyone survived and went thru the storm of famine with ease. When God’s Grace and Favor is working in our lives we will go thru thick and thin—good and bad times but reassured God will take us thru anything on the earth and bring us out as shining examples of His Glory. Amen! So enjoy the Grace and Favor of God on your life it will take you places you never even Dream of.

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