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The Creative Need
by Robert Allwright
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The Creative Need

There is no doubt about it; we live in a scientific age. Science can explain, or at least theorise about many things so why do some Christians feel the need to cling on to creation as an explanation about the universe. Why is it so important that some Christian parents would rather home school instead of allow their children to learn about evolution?

There are a number of reasons why many Christians choose to believe in creation rather than evolution, and not all of them are immediately obvious. As we look at this I don’t want to argue creation versus evolution from a competitive point of view, merely to follow the ultimate consequences the belief and morality of a society that holds either belief. Indeed that is what they both are, we have no witnesses, and while the Christian would say that God is the witness and the Bible is his book, the scientist can still say that it was only written by men. Both approaches to the creation need us to take a leap of faith.

Christians need creation because it shows that God exists. When you have a being like God who is totally ‘other’ it is hard to understand what he could possibly be like. He is not a provable force, Science cannot determine whether there is a God, because He does not run through mazes like so many laboratory rats have done! God chooses to reveal Himself in the extraordinary to certain individuals, but reveals Himself in the ordinary to all. The beauty, complexity and absolute precision that the natural order has, shows Christians that a higher power, or creator must exist. It certainly has some grounding because the apostle Paul used it.

From one person God made all nations who live on earth, and he decided when and where every nation would be. God has done all this, so that we will look for him and reach out and find him. He isn't far from any of us, and he gives us the power to live, to move, and to be who we are. "We are his children," just as some of your poets have said.
(Act 17:26-28)

The argument that there is intelligent design, therefore there must be a designer is called the Teleological Argument in philosophical circles. If we reject literal creation in six days as recorded in Genesis what are the alternatives? There is a theory that is worth considering. A theistic evolutionist would feel that the days represented in Genesis are simply pictures. God began creation and set in motion evolution as the method by which it was accomplished. This allows for a balance to be brought about, a tightrope between the fundamental Christian and the evolutionist. Of course this actually pleases neither party. The fundamentalist would argue that it wouldn’t exactly be a paradise in the world with billions of years of living and dying to get to the stage where humanity comes about. At the same time the evolutionist would argue that there is no need for God to be in the explanation at all.

The last group we have is the evolutionist scientists who are looking for away to explain what they see around them. This does not necessarily mean that all of them reject that there is a God, but they are looking for an explanation that doesn’t rely on the mystical or a specific creator. Within this field there are a number of theories about how the world came about. Let no one tell you that there is just one view and that is a fact. As will all science each idea is a hypothesis that must either be proved or disproved.

There are plenty of other theories including a ‘seeding’ race of aliens that come through the galaxy and while this was on an episode of “Star Trek: The Next Generation” called “The Chase” it is also a view that is devoutly held by some. Of course the question is if that explains how the human race came about, then who created the aliens?

So what are the effects of scientific evolution when taken to the logical conclusion?
The first effect is what we currently call postmodernism; by this I mean that there is no ultimate truth. From creation accounts God is the ultimate truth, from later passages of the Bible it is clear that He will also be the ultimate judge. Despite the fact that the statement “there is no ultimate truth” would have to be seen as an ultimate truth there are many other big problems.

There would be no grounds for the law. For the Creationist and even the theistic evolutionist, God has set the initial law that most nations follow. Under evolution there is no higher power to answer to, and that allows me to do whatever ‘feels’ right to me. I have the perfect ability to live my life in whatever way I see fit with no recriminations whatsoever. The only law would be a basic human morality, and we all know what that is like! As human beings we look out for our own interests and objectives, and without that higher power we live to fulfill our own dreams and we forget about everyone else. Not everybody would be like this of course, but those who act in this way would have the freedom to monopolize and terrorize those that choose not to.

There would be no value to human life. The one theory that stands highest on the list, and in many ways began the interest in evolution is the survival of the fittest. This theory is all well and good in the animal kingdom and actually makes a lot of sense. However human beings are a special creation, under the Biblical view they are set apart as being in the image of God. Under the evolution system there is no moral reason to help the elderly, the sick or the permanently disabled. Unwanted babies would be aborted simply because of the inconvenience to the mother, because that unborn life is in evolution standards only an animal. As far as the evolutionist theory is concerned, these people should be killed, or left to fend for themselves thus dying out in the process and not placing a burden on society any longer. Remember that I am talking about the ultimate logical conclusion of following the theory; I am not saying that today doctors or scientists would wish to do that.

There would be genocide. Why should the evolutionist accept that all races are as good as one another? In the western world we are considerably more advanced technologically than those in the third-world. We have weapons of mass destruction, computers and supersonic jet fighters. The ultimate evolution based conclusion is that the western world is more advanced, therefore for our species to evolve to what it should be then we should remove the races that are slowing us down. Trouble is each race that remains will think that they are better, until we are left with the super-evolved human, possibly something like Nietzsche’s view of the Uberman. So you are left with the race of ultimate human beings. Don’t believe that it could happen in the world of rational human beings, it nearly did with Hitler!

This portrait of the world without God sounds so much like the one that is painted in the bleak science fiction worlds of Terminator, Blade Runner and the like. From there it gets worse, because there is only one possible conclusion, extinction of humanity. Why do I say that? If we are evolving up then we have to reach the pinnacle, it’s logical conclusion is that the ultimate human being will be the last alive; the survival of the absolute fittest.

It sounds absurd, too far fetched, but remember it is only a theory, just like evolution itself. This is why we need creation to be true. It is why Christians cling to the notion of an ultimate being that designed us for the simple purpose of praise. He gave the law as a pattern for human life and the knowledge that He would be the judge of actions and morality. He gives us a reason to respect, if not actually love one another.

Human life has tremendous value for the Christian, it was a gift from God, and we are made in the image of God, the ultimate holy being! He saw fit to create people in his own pattern. That means that every unborn life has the essence of God about it, every disabled person has value beyond what their medication costs, they have God’s pattern, to disrespect that is to disrespect God.

God made us all in His image. Unfortunately Christians in the west have made the big mistake in assuming we have everything right in our society, and we have bullied our ways into other societies, and we haven’t always respected other races as we should. Christians should be the least racist of all people, because although the races and cultures are different we were created by the same hand, and come from a shared ancestry in the original couple, Adam and Eve.

The Bible says that “God considers the wisdom of this world to be foolishness.” (1 Cor 3v19) If there is no creation then there is no hope. There is nothing beyond what we experience through this life. Where there is God there is hope, the hope of Heaven. God took 6 days to create the world in its beauty and splendor; Jesus has been preparing our mansions in Heaven for 2000 years. Our minds cannot begin to imagine what is in store there. For now we just have to show a little bit of Heaven, a little of ourselves and a lot of Jesus as we live our daily lives.

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