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God Prunes His Garden
by Patricia Backora
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I the LORD am presently pruning My Garden the Church, which has become overgrown with nettles and noxious weeds of every sort. Apostasy and a general falling away from the fruits and teachings of the true Spirit of God has occurred over a wide area of the earth.

Instead of love among the brethren, I see selfishness, snobbery, pride, and egotism. Instead of consecration and single-mindedness, lo and behold, I see doctrinal confusion and double-mindedness. Thieves in My pastures are happily filling their bags with gold and silver while the world is perishing for want of the Bread of Life. People need to see a LIVING Christ in and through My Body the Church, instead of thinking Jesus is just another myth like the false gods of other cultures. People need healing for both bodies and souls. But My church has degenerated into a glitzy self-motivational success seminar for self-obsessed saints, taught by rich teachers who butcher My Holy Word for carnal gain.

At the other end of the spectrum My Word isn’t just mutilated and quoted out of context, it’s ignored altogether. Because some deluded “teacher” convinces Christians they should “let go and let ‘god’ in the service” some people bark like dogs and bray like donkeys in the name of ‘Christian’ liberty. But that’s not My Spirit causing such chaos in these religious meetings. It’s some deceiving spirit of darkness which drives these spellbound saints to act this way. This devilish heresy is taught by popular teachers who lead the blind off a cliff to hell, as they fall away from the true Christ of the Bible.

Even if a lot of you haven’t swallowed every single iota of deception going around, some have ingested enough bad doctrine over the years to end up badly conditioned to believe that every creature in a fancy suit standing behind a fancy podium must be of the Lord and should be believed and slavishly obeyed. The more expensive the man’s clothes and jewelry, the smoother his handshake, the more arrogant his air, the more people worship such a false sheep-hustler and lay their gifts at his feet.

I have had to give many a deceived saint a rude awakening about this notion that My Kingdom is a giant gambling casino. Some of you have been so brainwashed that whenever I tried to bless you with a little extra money, you’d immediately RUSH My gift to you off to Preacherland, USA to “sow a seed” to get some mythical “hundred-fold harvest”. You’d mail away ten or twenty, expecting to get back thousands to get you on Easy Street. But instead of rolling in clover, you turned out to be one sheep rolling in thorns and thistles! Things didn’t get better after those hasty, ill-advised “sacrifices of faith”, they often fell apart totally. Instead of gaining many thousands, you lost thousands of dollars’ worth of rest and peace in your circumstances, when fiery trials came to flatten you on your face. These miserable chastenings I allowed to come in order to deliver you from deception.

I warned in My Word that whatever isn’t of faith is sin (I Cor.14:23). Solomon, a rich man, penned this warning: Those who give gifts to the rich shall fall into deep poverty (Prov.22:16). Worse still is the sheer implication of what rich preachers say: “Give GOD money but bring it and lay it at MY feet, and it’s up to ME to decide what to do with it.”

Such a wicked preacher demonstrates the spirit of Antichrist by that vile attitude! He plays games with your mind until you think that giving to God=giving to the TV preacher, and no other kind of giving will bring you the so-called “harvest” you lust after. Antichrist means “in place of Christ”. Those thieving rats infesting My grain field, they dare to sit in MY Son’s Throne and implicitly claim to BE Christ by demanding your “tithes” and your “sacrificial gifts”! I CANNOT justly give you good things to reward you for blessing an Antichrist deceiver who shoves ME aside and grabs your money! Money I’ve given you as a GIFT of love to feed your family with and meet YOUR personal needs with! You parents, how would YOU feel if you gave your child an expensive toy, and that child hocked it to get money to gamble it away on slot machines in Vegas? That’s the way I feel when you don’t freely ENJOY with thanksgiving what I freely give you (I Tim.6:17) and view it only as “seed to sow” to get more MONEY by activating some mythical force of faith in My Name. Money is worshipped by so many instead of Me! I am often viewed only as a means to an end.

All those miserable years you cried and struggled and wondered why things fell apart after PAYING THE PREACHER, that was the curse of broken law at work (Deut.28:38). When you fall away from faith in the FINISHED work of Christ alone and substitute “sacrificial gifts” to the preacher to try and win more favor from Me, that is legalism instead of the grace of God at work. It is then your eyes are upon man and you wait at home, pacing the floor and wondering if the PREACHER has even bothered to read your letter or email yet, and so many of My children SUBSTITUTE prayers to preachers for praying DIRECTLY IN FAITH TO ME, YOUR FAITHFUL HEAVENLY DAD, WITH CONFIDENCE THAT I’VE ALREADY HEARD YOU AND THE ANSWER IS ON ITS WAY (Matt.6:8;32).

Those who do put their confidence in Big Name Preachers tend to wonder: Will his magical miracle prayer work to deliver me out of poverty and make me richer?

Did you pay him (the antichrist usurper who greedily snatches your cash in MY Name AS Me) enough to earn your miracle? That is a blatant form of idolatry, even if you don’t fully recognize it as such! It’s a repudiation of FAITH IN CHRIST ALONE as the ONLY One Who has purchased your place as a son or daughter to whom I freely give ALL things (Rom.8:32). That’s why giving to rich greedy preachers causes negative consequences in your life instead of beneficial ones.

Paul prophesied that Antichrist, the man of sin, would appear in the Temple of the Lord to seize the glory due to Me alone (2 Thes.2:3-4). In like manner, men of greed covet not only the gold and silver but the glory due Me alone. They just don’t care that they’re leading many of My lambs and sheep into deep spiritual adultery and idolatry against Jesus Christ their Redeemer. It doesn’t faze them one bit that they have lured so many souls out from under the covering of My redeeming Blood and led them back under Law and all its curses for idolatry against the living God.

I am pruning off the dead branches of deceit in my vineyard. They produce stinging nettles and thorns instead of sweet grapes to nourish My people. My pastures are fouled by the feet of those who have trampled underfoot the weaker souls in their rush to grab the money and run before anybody’s the wiser.

Some of these devious, foul, crafty foxes in sheep’s clothing, they’re going to die premature deaths and have to face the Living God for leading My sheep astray. Others will gamble away all their ill-gotten gains and lose all their perks and privileges gained from being celebrity preachers.

I will deal harshly with preachers who have much to gain from teaching crazy, bizarre doctrines which make a mockery of the meaning of worship and pervert the holy Gospel of Jesus Christ. It is an insult to My dignity and honor for people to associate Me with donkey braying, chicken clucking, wild shouting and bizarre, seductive dancing, zapping “in the spirit”, “angel feathers” grown by silly turkeys, trinkets made in China, greasy anointing oil for sale in the lobby, bad books on how to get Me to answer your prayers by next Friday, hypnotic “worship” choruses, and all sorts of insipid sermons about My unconditional love for everybody under the sun.

There has been a gradual but steady “dumbing down” of so-called worship in church. My people barely know how to pray an intelligent, coherent prayer anymore. They’re barely aware of the fact that I am the Great King of all the earth, worthy of reverence and worship. They talk AT Me just like they might talk to a cloud up in the sky, demanding more and more to keep them happy. Yes, I am your dearest Friend if you know My Son as Savior, but I am also to be held in Reverence (Psalms 89:7). Church people of past generations may not have been as enlightened as you about the infilling and gifts of the Holy Spirit; but many of their beautiful hymns showed more awareness of the vital truths of scripture than the syrupy, infantile choruses which are endlessly sung today to induce a passive, receptive state of mind in the congregation so wolves can get your money.

Some of you have had to leave the institutional church altogether so I could begin to purge all this brainwashing out of your system. Far better for you to abide in the wilderness for a season than to continue to “sit under” (get squashed by) “ministries” which warp your very concept of Who I am and exalt themselves to sit in My seat. So many of you left the institutional church not to forsake your faith, but to try to SAVE it!

The fiery trials in My church have served only to purge out the dross of irreverence, unbelief, coldness, lovelessness and idolatry. I see so much of human tradition and abominable modern innovations in the typical ninety-minute “worship service”. In many places, attendance has plunged, along with monetary gifts to sustain the life of the religious organization. I am pulling the life-support plug which feeds MONEY into these white elephant institutions OF MEN to keep them alive and breathing; these religious institutions which go on spreading their lies which kill the faith of saints in My miracle-working power.

When man is exalted I am demoted in the eyes of My people. So many times people physically leave what men call “the church”, but the false traditions OF MEN live on in their heart. Where two or three are gathered together, there I am in the midst of them (Matt.18:20). You don’t need a pulpit and an offering bag to worship the Living God or to learn His ways. Nor do you need a professional preacher up front getting paid to expound on all the reasons I can’t work miracles in your day and age. You don’t need carnal church LITTER-ature which exalts some celebrity preacher and warns you to “submit” to him and send him YOUR hard-earned money to “prove your faith”. Nor do you need all the “programs” churchmen come up with to try to make Christ relevant to your daily life. These things hinder people from recognizing the CHRIST IN THEM (Col.1:27) Who alone is able to lead them into all truth (John 16:13).

Just like green mold and fungus can grow and grow and grow on a tree until it completely takes over, so satanic deception has been infiltrating My church till My own life is completely choked out. For every true doctrine satan has his own counterfeit doctrine of devils. Satan causes his evil ministers of darkness to force false interpretations of scripture onto My people (2 Pet.3:16). These sacks of sin appeal to secondary and tertiary interpretations distilled from mutilated scripture passages to IMPLY that I meant so-and-so. They exert emotional peer pressure on simple, unquestioning childlike faces out in the pew to swallow “the word of the Lord” coming forth from their pulpits or else they’re “in rebellion against My Spirit”.

Deceived Christians will point at the ugly, fungus-covered thing called “church” and say, “Look at the growth we’re experiencing!” Instead of the fruits of the Spirit abounding, in so many locations all I see are the fruits of sin. There is so much hatred, bigotry, selfishness, materialism, carnality, idolatry, and coldness in these ice box morgues that those who really mean business with the REAL God of the Bible must clear out and look for fellowship elsewhere.

Not only am I doing a thorough house-cleaning in these last days, I am fumigating the fouled atmosphere by sending down a fresh breath of My Holy Spirit to quicken My people with My very life. But so many couldn’t care less whether they get this blessing or not. They just want to keep on going to their dead religious clubs, fellowshipping in their same old closed cliques, talking about their same old dead lives, whoreshipping at the feet of the same arrogant deceivers who take their money in My name.

These places are as hopeless as a tree that’s been totally eaten alive by a spreading fungus. So I am calling many of My people out of these dead tombs so they can BE My House (I Cor.6:19). I have planted a vineyard and I will cut away all the dead leaves of deception hanging off the branches (John 15) , so that more of My life can flow through those branches and nourish them, to the end that they may bring forth fruit unto the Kingdom of God, saith the Lord your God.

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