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What REALLY tempted Eve? Part 2
by Julie Michaelson
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Sin crouches
at the door.
[Genesis 4:7]
Time: Right before The Fall.
Place: In front of...The Tree
in the Garden.
Characters: Satan (Lucifer),
and Eve.
Eve, who was leaning against
graceful trunk of the willow tree,
and feeling the cool evening breeze
in her long, reddish-gold hair, stirred
restlessly at the unfamiliar male voice
that was coming from somewhere nearby.

Eve's silky tresses gently moved this
way and that as she searched through
the early twilight for the source of
that strange, yet tantilizing voice:
it was melodious, and quite dramatic.

And, it tickled her ears: sending
a delicate shiver down her velvety
smooth neck, and bare back.

Adam's voice was....well...flat:
he grunted a lot, and spoke mostly
in monosyllables.
He also belched out loud.
Eve sighed.
She called out, softly.
"Who ARE.....you?

A deep-throated laugh pierced through
the twilight stillness. The laugh was low,
and full of secret knowledge.
"No.....my lovely Eve......"
A rough-sounding chuckle permeated
the air.
"We haven't.....MET....yet."

Eve chewed thoughtfully on a strand of silky golden
hair; she gently frowned. So far,
life in The Garden had been fairly serene;
no mysteries had clouded
her smooth, young brow......so far.
"Where......ARE....you? The sun is setting....
and the foliage in this part of The Garden
is quite DENSE......are you.....out THERE?"

The deep, low, throaty voice spoke;
it held a rough manliness that Eve's
help-mate Adam seemed to be lacking.
The voice said, quietly,
and commandingly.
"Look UP,
lovely Eve.....

Eve stared curiously at The Tree: the
One that had been forbidden to her and
her hapless help-mate, Adam. The Lord had
told them specifically never to eat from
this particular Tree; it stood out because
of its especially lushful-looking leaves,
and its richly colored purple, and dark
red plums. They were so ripe-looking,
and sweetly bulging.

Eve never would have given a thought
to The Tree.

Except for one thing: an exqusitely handsome man who happened to be sitting perched atop one of its tree limbs.......bare-chested and bare-foot, wearing very tight, ancient-looking blue jeans, and a tan, slightly tilted cowboy hat: playing softly on an acoustic guitar.....plucking its vibrating strings with long, dark, slim, tapered fingers. The fingers gently strummed; suprisingly fine hands attached to such powerfully muscular arms.

He had chestnut-colored long, straight
hair that fell carelessly down his bare back;
the breadth and width of his wide chest,
and tight belly muscles, were covered in slightly matted,
dark curly hair.

Adam didn't HAVE... any chest hair, and
his head was finely covered in some mousy-
brown mess that resembled a crow's nest.
Adam was....on the skinny side, and
he didn't have any muscles at all......or much
to speak of, at least. His arms were limp,
and pale: dotted with freckles and sparsely
covered hair.

Eve's lusciously damp, rosy lips parted
for one breathless moment.
"You're......hm, not......ADAM,
ARE..... you?"

"No, m'am."
The young man smiled, and stopped strumming on his musical
instrument for a moment. He stared
instensely at Eve with huge, lioned-colored
eyes, and flicked a long mane of chestnut-colored hair over
one very muscular, bare shoulder.

The moon was beginning to come out.
Fire-flies danced in the heavily-scented
Garden: the flirtation dance of giddy
romance. Their tiny wings were taut
and erect, yet graceful.

Eve could smell his musky sweat in the still,
encroaching night air. Her small, finely-
made nostrils flared out just the tiniest bit.

Adam never sweated: even when he jogged
clumsily about the Eastern Edge of the forest.
He never worked besides calling out ridiculous
names for the roaming birds and beasts,
and The Garden was never hot or uncomfortable,

Adam was really dull.

So Eve had never smelled a man's sweat, before.
She licked her lips, once more.
Her breasts began to rise and fall, very
slowly, with a rather shallow, soft breathing:
a sensation she hadn't experienced....
"What's, eh........YOUR NAME....then?"

The young man stared at her
as if she were his whole world,
and it began, and ended, only with her.
He whispered.
"You can call me........

Eve's lips moved slowly as she mouthed
each syllable of her new friend's name.
"Where.....did....YOU come from.....Lucifer?
Eve's voice was sweet, and innocent.
Were YOU....just created, too?"

The young man smiled; he had a dimpled
square chin, and a beautifully sculptured
mouth. He set his guitar upon his
blue-jeaned legs, but showed no desire
to jump down from The Tree branch. He
seemed quite comfortable there: all stretched out
along the sturdy limb. In the waxing
moonlight, Lucifer seemed almost......inhuman.
"Hm........a little longer ago, I think......
I've come down......from the Heavens....
just to.....see YOU,.....Eve."

Eve shivered a bit; her lovely pale skin
felt a bit chilly for the first time since
she had been created, and her big, blue
eyes swept over Lucifer's wide chest,
and arms: they looked warm, and so...

Lucifer seemed to read Eve's mind.
He began strumming once more on his
polished, wooden guitar.
"Come over here, Eve.......and keep

For the first time, at least since she could
remember, Eve also felt the first flutterings of .......unease. Where was
ADAM? And......wasn't he supposed to be
at her SIDE? Where had that help-mate
of hers......gone OFF...to? Eve sighed;
Adam seemed to spend most of his days
running about The Garden in his big, bare feet, and stopping only to admire, and name the various beasts which traversed their leafy home.

Eve thought all that running around for
hours was quite boring......and just a bunch of
nonsense. And, who CARED.....what those
dumb animals were NAMED? She wished
Adam would spend just as much time
admiring HER.....and giving little pet-names...
to HER.

Lucifer's deep, masculine, melodious voice
interrupted Eve's restless thoughts.
"I've......made up a little song about you.....
come closer.......so I may sing it.....in your
lovely, sweet ear......"

Eve glanced about the darkening
sky inside their Garden terrain;
she had never seen it so dark before: even in the
wee hours of the night. And, where was
The LORD? Perhaps, He was off talking
with Adam, somewhere.

Lucifer's voice became more intense,
and seductive; it blended perfectly
with the strumming of his long fingers
against the guitar strings.
"Eve........I have something to show you...."

Eve stepped lightly across the path that
separated the willow tree from The Forbidden Tree of the forest: she was completely unaware of her voluptuous
nakedness, and its creamy roundedness
in the brightening moonlight.

Lucifer, however, wasn't the least bit
interested in Eve's shapeliness....or
in her deep woman scent.

For Lucifer wasn't human, at all.
He was a fallen angel, and
his name was now Satan.

And, Satan only lusted after Eve's innocent soul.
He longed for her human soul like a dying
man painfully aches for a cup of water in the
desert: with sunburnt-slit lips, and
a parched, swollen tongue. Eve's soul
would be a sweet feast of honey, and wine:
something to feed Satan's eternal emptiness.

And, when he was finished devouring Eve,
he would move on to her mate, and then on to
their children: devouring them: one, by one.
The fruit of humanity would be Satan's fruit
of the vine.

In the cool darkness, Lucifer licked his lips
hungrily. He was salivating with anticipated

Eve continued stepping lightly across
the damp, dewy grass. Tentatively,
she reached out to steady herself
on the heavy, dark trunk of The Tree.
She whispered: glancing around again
for any sight of The Lord, or her help-mate.
"What IS it? I'm not....eh, REALLY
supposed to get near this TREE,
Lucifer. The Lord has forbidden us........"

Lucifer reached out and touched Eve's
bare forearm with cool, gentle long fingers.
"Why would the Lord wish to ......DEPRIVE...
you, Eve.......of any.....PLEASURE.....that
He had created....just for you, in The Garden?"

Eve's skin tingled at Lucifer's touch. The
fine golden hairs on her skin stood erect,
and the rest of her body seemed to suddenly come.....alive. Lucifer bent forward, and let his smooth, sculptured
lips press against the rounded firmness
of Eve's back, and finely made shoulders.

Eve's eyes seemed to fall back into her
head as she let out a long-breathed sigh.

"Before you let me RAVISH.....you, Eve.....
let me offer you some lovely FOOD....
from this Tree; it's quite delectible.....not
like any other food in The Garden....."

Eve's eyes were still closed. Her bare back
now arched against Lucifer, who was still
sitting comfortably in the lower branch of
this Forbidden Tree. The soft curly chest
hairs were gently scratching the baby-soft
smoothness of Eve's dimpled lower back, and
rounded hips. She licked her lips;
they were usually moist,
but now at this very moment,
they felt strangely dry.

Lucifer gently lifted the rope of Eve's
heavy red-gold hair from the nape of her
swan-like neck, and bending forward,
pressed a slightly more forceful, wet kiss
against the creamy softness of Eve's
pale, damp skin.

Breathlessly, Eve tried to open her lovely,
thick-lashed eyes, but merely gave up:
letting out a long, helpless sigh of surrender.
She said.

Lucifer let his lips move gently up Eve's
neck, and onto the soft, pouty lobe of
her small, left ear. Very gently, and
slowly, he pressed his teeth into the lobe.
He growled.

Eve leaned back against Lucifer's softly
muscular, hairy chest, and held out one palm.
"GIVE it to me......Lucifer!
Let me......eat....of your....PLEASURE!"

Satan plucked one of the ripened,
juicy-red and purplish, sweet plums
from an overhanging branch of his Tree,
and presented it to Eve's waiting, enclasped
open palms. He bent forward to give
another gentle bite on the lobe of her left
and, then.....
watching Eve take a big, lustful bite
of the juicy, red and purple fruit......
his man shape disappeared.....
and suddenly,
the dark, slithery figure of a long
golden-flecked snake appeared....
just for a moment.....
among the shadows....
at the base,
The Forbidden Tree.
And the
Lord God
said to
the woman,
What is this
that thou
hast done?
[Genesis 3:13]

Copyright 2013.


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