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All Scripture is Given for
by Manuel Vargas 
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All Scripture is Given for

Why do we have the Bible? Why did God give us an Old Testament and a New Testament? Which part of the Bible am I to believe and apply? Are Christians required to apply the Old Testament being New Testament believers? What parts of the Old Testament do we actually apply? The questions are sincere and the thoughts about which part of the Bible we are to apply seem to be on every believerís mind. The controversies that currently exist in Christianity are due to lack of proper teaching that holds back the Hand of God from blessing us further and taking us to new heights in our walk of faith.

Hi Faith-writers, Iím grateful to be back to continue sharing the Topic God placed in my heart to teachó(that is, The Word of God). Yes, we need to gain greater insight to this topic in order for us to go further into the Greater Blessings that are available to us in the Kingdom of God. Paul gave us clear instructions that will silence the critics, the slackers, the excuse makers and every other Bible teacher that fails to comprehend and apprehend the Power of God by believing the entire Word of God. Paul wrote a letter to Timothy and said;

16. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness:

17. That the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good works. (2 Timothy 3:16-17 KJV).

The 7 Points Paul made

Paul made 7 good points that gives us a clear understanding of how to be a great man of God.

Point #1: The first point we need to see is where did Scripture come from? All Scripture is given by Inspiration of God. God Breathed--Divine Revelation and Inspiration into the hearts of every author that wrote every book in the Holy Bible throughout the ages. Man could not have written it alone and get all the prophecies right, all the stories to match and have an ongoing theme from the beginning of the book of Genesis to end of the book of Revelation and be right on target from cover-to-cover. Mankind on its own could not dream up or come up with such an ideal plot or storyline that can touch so many lives and transform them Super-naturally it had to be Divinely Inspired.

Point #2: The second point we need to catch a great Revelation of is that All Scripture (NOT JUST SOMEó OR JUST THE NEW TESTAMENT) is profitable for doctrine. In other words, All Scripture is profitable for instruction or teaching (as the Amplified and New American Standard Bibles states it).

For example, Tattoos which is a controversial topic most Bible teachers leave alone and avoid talking about it is one that God dealt with in the Old Testament with the children of Israel. Now, the balance in this teaching which is needed to be understood is that God did not want the Israelites to copy the other nations by cutting themselves or marking themselves in memory of dead loved ones (Leviticus 19:28/ 21:5 and Deut. 14:1 KJV).

So young teens and adults who read the Old Testament say ah, thatís the Old Testament Iím a New Testament believer Iím under Grace not the Law and so onÖas a justification for them being able to get Body Art done. Other Christians would say man Iím just getting a cross to represent Jesus Christ and try to identify with the lost souls and win them to Jesus. Others get Jesusí face with a crown of thorns with blood drops dripping from His face, while others get other religious symbols to declare that they have some connection with God by having a Tattoo that God told us not to get in the first place. However, because the Scripture about getting Body Art done is prohibited in the Old Testament, Christians make all sorts of excuses to justify their desire to get tattooed.

In the New Testament we donít have it spelled out like the Old Testament where Scripture is saying donít mark yourselves, but we do have Paul saying to do something with our physical bodies;

Paul said, do you not know that your body is the temple of the Holy Spirit who is in you, whom you have from God, and you are not your own? (1 Corinthians 6:19 NKJV)

For you were bought at a price; therefore glorify God in your body and in your spirit, which are Godís (1 Corinthians 6:20 NKJV).

We are to GLORIFY GOD in our bodies!!! Now, think about this for a moment did God created us with tattoos already printed on our bodies? No! So why do we think we can Glorify God by placing Body Art on us and then try to Glorify Him with the tattoo? (Meditate on this and let it sink in to your human Born-again spirit).

Being Balanced and Obedient

If you had a Tattoo before you became a Born-again Christian you should not let haters or religious people bring condemnation upon you. Having a Tattoo before you were saved is not going to stop you from getting blessed by God to grow spiritually. Just donít continue to tag yourself again and again now that you are aware that Scripture prohibits us from getting tattooed.

On the other hand, if you are a Christian and you still desire to get a Tattoo despite what Scripture is saying then you will hinder yourself from Greater Blessings. You will still go to heaven but because you want to disobey the WORD OF GOD in this area of Christian living then God will deal with you according to His rules of Righteousness that are violated and hold back His Divine Blessing in some area because of your disobedience. Paul said ALL SCRIPTURE IS PROFITABLE FOR DOCTRINE (TEACHING AND INSTRUCTION), for reproof, for correction, for instruction in RIGHTEOUSNESS (2 Timothy 3:16 KJV).

Notice how Paul said All ScriptureÖNotice how he said, for instruction in Righteousness. So the Old Testament part of the Bible that teaches us how to be Righteous Godís way is telling us DO NOT MARK YOURSELVES (Leviticus 19:28 KJV).

Known Facts about Tattooís and the Down-falls

Some of the Blessings that will be held back from God are already known to us. It is reported that people and Christians alike all encountered the negative effects of getting tattooed. Some of these experiences are;

1. In the Job or Career world: Some employers wonít hire you because you seem to be unfit (trashy-looking in their eyes) for their upscale office or corporate setting. Last summer I went to the park to work-out on my lunch hour with my rubber resistance bands and this 23 year old young man saw me setting up my equipment and taking my shirt off and I started to work out. He asked me about my equipment, then he asked me how old I was, 45 I told him; he said, you look like youíre 32, I said thanks for the compliment, then he asked me if my company was hiring I said yes. Then he said, man I wish I were like you with no tattoos I said why? Because every time I go on a job interview they look at my tattoos and asked me why did I get them and right there at that moment I know they are not going to hire me. I felt bad for the guy.

You see, God may have called you to be in a corporate setting and being clean cut and professional lookingóand that is what will seal the deal of you being hired for that position. But by getting a tattoo thatís obvious may have shut the door of opportunity for you to be a corporate CEO or a Judge, or a Public official or some position of importance that was design for you.

2. In the Social World: People will think youíre some aimless young teen or adult trying to find your identity. Also, family will begin to worry that you are into drugs, sex and all sorts of evil things. They will begin to be suspicious and hide their money from you and begin to treat you differently which will make you react differently to them and then comes the distance in your relationship to them.

3. In Christian Circles: you will be deemed as an outcast by religious folks who can think about Godís Grace. Holier than thou people will walk pass you and it will give you a bad taste in your mouth about them and you may just stop going to that church and begin to back-slide in your walk of faith.

4. In Body Changes: weight gained or lost will ruin the Body Artónot to mention wrinkles because old age.

5. Then we have the serious medical conditions that may result in infection and diseases; Hepatitis C, HIV and skin rashes to name a few. Would you believe a stranger who wants to charge you a lot of money that the needle is clean and sterile?

I remember my son came to see me in the summer of 1999, on the previous visit he didnít have any piercings then during his next visit he had a piercing everywhere eye-brow, lip, ears, tongue I said dude was that painful? He said at first but you get use to it. I said man you look like a Christmas tree (I have a big mouth Iím still working on). I said its over-kill! You kind-of over did it! The following month he caught a serious infection and took it all off that was the end of the piercings for my son. So he decided to get a tattoo. Why? He wrote his name on his chest??? I said donít you know your name so you placed it as a label on your chest? I canít understand it!

6. Personality clashes: every 5, 10, or 15 years we evolve with a level of Maturity and wish we did not get the Tattoo in the first place. Itís really uncomfortable to be with Tina while Mary your ex is tattooed on your arm; or when Tina has the name Mike her ex on her breast and your name is Tommy. (Meditate on that!)

Notice that in all reality God is sparing us all this negative heartache and headache we can experience all because we decided to get tattooed in an obvious area. Even in unseen areas it will bring some kind of negative remark or stigma upon us if we decide to get tattooed. Some people we see us as bad boys, or girls whoís been around the block a few times (If you know what I mean) and it will spoil the opportunities to meet someone special or be affiliated with a certain group of people that may propel us to the next level of blessing God has for us.

Iím married so I donít play the field but let me say this very humbly with an inspiring purpose, when I walk around in a tank-top or go to the beach without a shirt on many men and women look at me with that sense of Wow! Because I donít have any tattoos and Iím muscular built I look 10 to 12 years younger than I am. I say this to tell you that you donít need piercings and tattoos to make a statement! Being the way God designed you to be is enough to--get the job you want, the opposite sex you desire, and the attention of other people. Just take care of yourself, eat right, work out and be happy in Jesus.

In my next article, we will continue with the All Scripture teaching God willing, Amen. May God bless you to make the right choices in life, in Jesusí Mighty name Glory Hallelujah!

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