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What is so wrong with same sex marriage?
by Nick Turner
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For some time now, I have listened to the debate that is raging in our nation about allowing homosexuals to marry. In fact, if you listen to the agenda put forth by most same-sex couples, they make a great argument on the topic. After all, they just want to be recognized by society that their marriage is just as fine as a marriage between a male and female. For me, I can totally see their side of the argument. They simply want to live their life according to what they feel is right, and in reality, since their arguments seem very true, then what right do I have to oppose them?

On the surface, America, and the world for that matter, has allowed the issue of same-sex marriage to be reduced to a civil rights argument. After all, when a couple is married, they have to go to the courthouse and get a document that certifies their union. In our nation, not only do the people who attend a wedding ceremony recognize that a couple has joined into marriage, but also, the government itself makes the same recognition. So then, this raises the argument as to why it would be such a big deal for the government to start recognizing same-sex marriages. It seems harmless.

As stated before, one of the main reasons the issue of same-sex marriage is so big is because it is mainly argued from a civil rights point of view. Well, it doesn’t take much understanding for one to know that America is the nation of equality. Equal rights for everyone are at the foundation of our conception as a nation. So, it only seems fair that we would award the same equality to two men or two women who want to join to holy matrimony. But wait, that’s just it. What about these specific types of union are a representation of holy matrimony?

The issue of same-sex marriage is more than civil rights. The topic of marriage itself is rooted in the principle of what is sanctioned by God. Marriage at its core is supposed to be both holy and godly. Without God, there is not a standard of what is holy and what is not. For holiness is not defined by a set of prescribed standards, it is revealed as the very essence of God’s character. God is the embodiment of holiness. Based on that, it doesn’t matter if a government or nation legalizes same-sex marriage, the holiness of God will not allow Him to accept, certify, or approve any definition of marriage that falls short of what He initially sanctioned for man.

In Genesis 2:18, we find that God took notice that man (Adam) was alone. In fact, He said, “It is NOT good that man is alone.” In all of my research, I have discovered that this is the first time that God ever spoke about something either being good or not good. In other words, when God created the heavens and the earth, each time when God looked upon what He had created, the bible states, “and God SAW that it was good.” But, it never once says that He said it was “good.” It doesn’t take much for one to notice that there is a difference between seeing and speaking.

So, when God created everything, He saw that it was good. That word “good” could be translated as functional. In other words, God saw that what He had created was functional and would serve the true delight of His prized creation, which was man.

But, in Genesis 2:18, we see where God is now concerned (not in the same sense of how human’s worry) about the man (Adam) that He had just created. In fact, He sees that every animal has someone to share life with, but man is alone or separated from relationship with someone like him. God is so moved by the aloneness of man that He literally speaks and says, “this is NOT good.” So, God is left who two options. He could leave man in this state of aloneness, or He could do something about it.

Before we go on, it would be beneficial to point out that God saw something in Adam’s life that could potentially be considered something that was not good. However, He (God) refused to focus on what the negative reality of that situation could do. Since God was God, He had the ability to change the situation from what looked like a negative into something that would benefit both Him and Adam. Too many times in life people focus on the negative realities of a situation without leaving much room for God to be able to bring a creative change. God said that this particular situation in Adam’s life wasn’t good, but He said that knowing He had the ability to change the status quo. In fact, the latter part of Genesis 2:18 God says, “I will make a suitable helper for the man (Adam). In other words, God was saying, I possess the ability to help Adam, so I will not withhold anything good from him.

For the sake of not writing a book, I want to concentrate on what God did for man’s sake. In Genesis 2:21, we see that God caused a deep sleep to fall on Adam, and then God made an incision somewhere into the chest part of Adam and removed a rib. As many people know, from this rib, He fashioned a suitable helper for Adam, which was the woman (Eve). However, it is important to note what God was doing as He performed surgery on Adam when He put him to sleep.

In Israel, one of the meanings of the word covenant is to “pass through the pieces.” In other words, when two men or parties were entering into a covenant, they would take at least one animal and cut it into pieces. The two parties would then divide the pieces into two halves and pass through the middle to signify they were coming into an agreement or covenant. This is what happened in the story of Abraham in Genesis 15. He placed the pieces of the animals on the altar, and God passed through the middle to signify that He was making a covenant with Abraham.

Using this understanding as a background, it sheds some light on what God did with Adam. In the case of both Abraham and Adam, it says that he caused a deep sleep to fall on them (Gen 2:21, Gen 15:12). The word deep sleep in both of these cases is the same Hebrew word. In other words, when God was confirming His covenant with Abraham, we can also see that He was doing the same thing with Adam in the Garden of Eden.

When the deep sleep fell on Adam, it was then that God removed the rib. But how did God remove the rib? The bible says, “He cut Adam open (made an incision).” Think about this, when God made an incision, it would have divided the flesh on Adam’s chest (where the cut was made) into two pieces (just like in the case of Abraham or when two parties make a covenant). After the cut was made, God himself passed through the middle of the divided flesh and removed the rib. In other words, when God removed the rib, He was confirming to man (Adam) that I am making a suitable helper for you from your bone (rib). After all, we see that when Adam woke up from his surgery that he recognized that Eve was for him, but also, that she was the result of the covenant between Adam and God in making a suitable helper for him.

As a result of what God did with Adam’s rib, the covenant of marriage was presented forth. Adam recognized that Eve was bone of his bones and flesh of his flesh. In other words, she was of the same substance as him. She was not as the beast of the field of the fowl of the air.

The incision that God made into Adam’s chest was for his purpose as well as ours. If you think about it, covenants are also confirmed by blood. When Adam was opened up by God, the incision would have drawn some blood. So, with the blood, and the fact that God passed through the incision to remove the rib, we have two solid witnesses as to the purpose of the covenant of marriage. The third witness to this covenant is Eve. When the bible records that God said it was not good for man to be alone, it could be said like this. God seeing man alone said this is dysfunctional (not good). So then, the result of what God did so that there would be no dysfunction was that He created a woman (Eve) from rib of man. In other words, Eve (woman) was the first fruits of God’s covenant with Adam.

When God created every beast and fowl of the air, the bible says that He brought them to Adam to name. However, when God created Eve, He also brought her to Adam, but Adam realized her purpose and function was different from all other creatures he had previously named or came into contact with. With Eve, Adam realized that he was to be joined with her, and they were to become one flesh. And, what God has joined together, let no man put asunder or separate.

The covenant of marriage came as a result of God giving that which was good to Adam. When Eve was created, God could do as He did with the rest of His creation. He saw that it was good; that this was functional as He intended it. To remove God from the equation of same-sex marriage is truly unholy. The definition of transgression deals with someone who willingly steps across a line they know they shouldn’t. Is it truly worth stepping over the covenant of marriage to ordain same-sex marriage? Is it truly worth taking what God ordained as a holy relationship lived out in His presence and perverting it?

God is not the one who suffers when we legalize abominations such as sodomy and homosexual marriage. If same-sex marriage becomes “legal” in this society, it will never pervert, profane, discredit, or hurt the holiness of God. But, it will pervert this society and remove us from the only sanctioned marriage that God approves, which is between one man and one woman.

The homosexual agenda on same-sex marriage is unbiblical, deceitful, and evil. Yet, it is promoted in such a way that people become sympathetic to this movement. They use emotional tools to captivate the hearts of people.

I have never once said that I hate gay people. I refuse to be grouped with the Westboro “Baptist Church.” They spread a message of hate, and I do not believe that God recognizes them as a true “church.” However, I will not condone the act of homosexuality, for God said, it is not natural. If it is not natural, then baby you were not born this way. I know there are “ministers” who preach that homosexuality is okay, and there are people who say,” how can you hate sin but love a person?” The answer to that question is simple. God is love, and His love is unconditional. I can love a person who is a homosexual because this love is shed abroad in my heart. The homosexual agenda is rooted in conditional love. If you are not for them, then watch out. My love from them is not conditional. I want those who believe in this perversion to know the truth, but I will speak it to them from the view point of unconditional love.

History is clear what happens to nations who go down the track of perversion like homosexuality. In reality, there were three major things that led Israel to be punished by God in the Old Testament, with the final judgment being the destruction of the first temple, and the nation being dispersed around the world. Those three things were: idolatry, abortion (the people of Israel allowed their children to be sacrificed to Molech), and perversion (such as sodomy). America is a nation wholly given to idols. Even in the church, men of God are given celebrity status. America has legalized abortion. If we legalize same-sex marriage, then who are we (America) to escape the judgment of God?

What is so wrong with same-sex marriage? According to the authority of the written word of God, what isn’t?

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